How to Choose String Trimmer for Home Lawn?

Updated September 5th, 2020

Modern garden and yard maintenance utilities have changed their design and functions drastically. Nowadays, a string trimmer can offer a whole variety of highly functioning features that used to come only with heavy-duty lawnmowers. These machines have proven useful for small and medium-sized yards, as well as large-scale farmlands. Though it’s easy to find one online, the question remains — how to choose the right walk behind string trimmer for your purpose?

What to Look for in a String Trimmer?

Among all the features and functions it can offer, the determining factor is always the characteristics. If you manage to realize what properties you want to see in your grass-cutting machine, it will be much easier for you to narrow down your search options. Let’s take a look at the things that make up a good string trimmer!


To cut the grass smoothly and efficiently, a string trimmer uses a nylon cord that chops down everything on its way. A good string should be completely made of tough polymers to be able to withstand high power input. When rotated, the cord creates high-speed revolutions that clear the way for the utility. You need to make sure that the cord is easy to change, doesn’t wear off easily, and possess increased peel-off resistance.


There can be different trimmers run by a variety of power sources. Normally, you’d get yourself a gas-driven machine that is initiated with a little ignition to bring the string into motion. However, you should also consider a good-old electric trimmer that requires a direct power input. This way, your maintenance is rather efficient and less time-consuming.


When choosing the design of your utility, think a little ahead and mind what purpose you’ve got for it. A classic string trimmer is a ‘bare’ string connected to an elongated handle, which provides enough freedom of movement. You can also get a lawnmower trimmer, which is a little bulkier. It has wider coverage but limits your movement. In case you need a more versatile utility, consider a hybrid trimmer. It has a string enclosed with a round frame that prevents the grass from slinging around, making it safe and swift.


Depending on the power and design you’ve found interesting, the coverage area can vary as well. Bulkier products, of course, are more space-covering, thus cutting a larger amount of vegetation and grass with a single ride. However, you might want to acquire a more compact machine for local use only. Then, you can reach the most inaccessible areas with too much difficulty.

Choose a String Trimmer That Works for You

When choosing a utility, always think ahead and try to model what kind of situations you will use it for. Buying a portable spring trimmer might be a good option only if you have a limited maintenance area, whereas using it for large-scale farmlands might be a little burdening. Therefore, find a machine that will fulfill its purpose while causing you the least trouble by considering its pros and cons.

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