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Updated March 17th, 2020
gas weed eater
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With 2019 already a month in and spring just around the corner, we’ve got new challenges ahead of us. If you’re like me and need to be prepared for anything that may come your way, weeds in the yard included… you will likely need a weed eater.

As a fellow homeowner, I know that it can be quite difficult to take care of an entire household. However, with the proper tools, these tasks get a lot easier. One of those examples would be knowing that you have the best gas weed eater in your home. One that saves time and energy is definitely a plus. Although 2019 is already here, we are yet to see a lot of new options on the gas weed eater market. That’s why this article will mostly focus on the best gas weed eaters of 2018.

Anyway, if you want to learn what those are and don’t end up with a weird, or worse, unusable weed eater, here’s what we think are the top options you can get.

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Our List of Best Gas Weed Eaters

1. Husqvarna 128CD Curved Shaft String Trimmer

On the first place, as the best overall gas weed eater we have the Husqvarna 128CD. This weed trimmer was the hit after 2017, and it is almost a commercial string trimmer. The value is definitely worth for the money as this weed eater has the performance like you cannot imagine. Although it is often compared to Echo weed eaters, it is still one of the best gas string trimmers in the world. It features a four-stroke 25cc powerful engine. You don’t even have to mix the fuel with oils. However, you should be cautious because as a string trimmer, it is very powerful and it should be used by people with experience.

If we compare battery operated weed whackers with it, we’d notice that this one exceeds the expectations of performance. Although a not very lightweight weed eater, it still has great features like the auto rerun stop switch and the air purge. It even has a Smart Start tech which would save you a lot of energy. It is also probably the best cordless weed eater, and it is quite convenient for such a powerful tool. We are amazed by what it can do. You should know that the loop handle is the most comfortable one we’ve ever tested, even for the best split shaft trimmers.

Pros Cons
Smart Start Tech

 Extremely powerful engine

 Uses gas as fuel

 Excellent performance due to Bevel gear

 A bit pricey

2. Echo SRM-266 String Trimmer

Although not from 2018, this weed eater kept its reputation at the highest levels, so it was still a trend in 2018 as it was at the moment it was first aired to the public. The Echo SRM-266 can surely make up for a commercial weed eater as well, as it is insanely powerful. However, with great power comes good weight, so it isn’t the lightweight trimmer that you get for easy weed-trimming. In the same manner, it has a big engine, so it consumes a lot of gas, but it is definitely worth its value.

There are a lot of attachments you can use on it, and compared to the SRM 225, the Echo SRM-2620T or the GT 225, this Echo is simply more powerful and better. So, we suggest not going into Walmart or Home Depot to shop weed eaters for larger yards. Instead, getting a powerful machine like the Echo SRM 226 will do the trick for you. This weed eater is definitely a worthy investment. The parts are very powerful, and just like the previous models, even the SRM 210, the Echo SRM 266 has the best manual you can possibly need. It will walk you through the process and maintenance of the unit. And it will surely help you keep your large yard tidy.

Pros Cons
Very powerful

 Fast and efficient

 Good ergonomics


 Handy user manual


 Bigger gas consumption than other similarly priced units

3. Hitachi CG22EAP2SL Weed Eater

When it comes to finding a nice gas powered weed wacker, you know that Hitachi is one of the brands to go. We red thousands of weed eater reviews, from Stihl to Ryobi and Troybilt, but this tool simply had a sparkle that we had to discover. The Hitachi CG22EAP2SL just like the Hitachi CG23ECPSL is a very strong gas trimmer, and it is budget friendly for a surprise. Its main feature is that it is a straight shaft gas trimmer with length of 60 inches. This will surely save you a lot of time. Although it isn’t a 4 cycle gas trimmer like most, this 2-cycle weed eater has a lot to offer. For instance, as a gas lawn edger, it is one of the best rated amongst people who value convenience.

It is of high quality too, as the solid steel drive shaft ensures longevity and durability of the tool. Also, it has a handy anti-vibration system, which adds to the overall comfort of this tool. Still, what had our attention from the first moment was the Walbro carburetor and the purge bulb, adding to the easy start of this tool. As a budget weed eater, it is light, but it also is the best and most powerful gas string trimmer we tested with this size. As one of the most common gas powered weed trimmers, it is definitely a handy unit to have for a medium sized yard.

Pros Cons
Anti-vibration system


 Budget friendly


 Not for larger yards

 The shaft is 60 inches long and it can be a problem for shorter people


4. Weed Eater Tap ‘N Go Trimmer

When choosing the right weed eater for your yard, you are probably looking at a homelite weed eater, thinking between electric vs gas weed eater, thinking about a battery operated one, and eventually, trying to find the best trimmer edger combo you possibly can. Of course, this takes up energy and time. This is completely normal, but sometimes, you should do the research and you will find your answers. The positive things of all types of string trimmers can be found in one, and we found an all-in-one gas string trimmer in the Tap ‘n Go trimmer. This is not a commercial gas string trimmer, but it has the results that you can find in the best electric string trimmer.

As far as gas weed eaters go, the Tap ‘n Go trimmer can show you that tidying up the lawn can be easy and simple. As a 2-cycle tool, it is quite powerful. It has a straight shaft and it cuts about 16 inches of weed. It is perfect for smaller yards as it doesn’t have a large reservoir. Still, what amazed us about it is the fact that it can be used by anyone. It is very easy and simple to use, and it is very light.

Pros Cons
Incredibly light

 Low gas consumption

 A very fast tool

 Durable and sturdy construction, made of high-quality materials

 Can only be used for small or medium-sized yards

5. Tanaka TCG27EBSP weed eater

As a commercial best gas weed eater, this unit caught our attention with its powerful engine, even for a 2-stroke one. It is said that it is very powerful by the people who use it for years, and it is why it has some brilliant reviews on it. It is so powerful, it can even be used to run a business with, not just for your home yard. The Tanaka TCG26EBSP is very convenient due to the comfortable handle and the small weight highlight. In addition to all this, it is very budget friendly, and it is probably the best commercial grade trimmer you can possibly find on today’s market.

Also, it features an aluminum clutch housing. This feature ensures that the clutch won’t overheat and get damaged. In addition to these amazing features, it has a built-in spindle lock. As a feature, this one ensures that you won’t need to use any tools when you change the cutting attachments and parts. Most importantly, the Tanaka is extremely easy to use. It features a padded front and rear handle. This makes sure that you can operate it for hours without feeling pain or discomfort.

Pros Cons
Great ergonomics

 Of high-quality materials, making it durable

 Powerful 2-stroke engine

 Can be used commercially

 Might overheat if not maintained

 Significant gas consumption

6. Ryobi ZRRY253SS weed edger

The last but not least on our list is the Ryobi gas weed eater, and not just any, the ZRRY253SS one. We chose this one out of all others as it has the highest potential of being amongst the bestselling string trimmers. Although it is not a 4cycle gas trimmer, it still is very powerful for a 2-cycle one. It is great because all the parts of this weed eater are made of highest-quality materials, making the unit quite durable and sturdy. Also, it features a full-crank engine. This ensures that the motor life is at least doubled. In addition to all this, there is an option for adding attachments from universal brand fits. Basically, this means that you can make a beast out of a very cheap string trimmer.

Another thing that came to our attention was the ZipStart carburetor. This part ensures that the starting of this unit is constant and quite easy, even for beginners. The Reel-Easy bump-feed string head ensures fast reloads and adds to the overall convenience of the Ryobi. Lastly, we should give kudos to the dual 0.095-inch line cutter style, it has proven to be very efficient and effective too.

Pros Cons
Cutting width of 1,700 inches

 Very responsive throttle

 Powerful 2-cycle engine

 Attachments can be added from other brands

 Significantly durable tool

 Body can easily be scratched

 Very basic design

 Hard to use by taller people


Buying Guide

Before making the ultimate purchase, we have some tips to share with you on how to be completely satisfied with your buy.

Battery VS gas weed eater – what about an electric one?

First of all, you need to choose between the battery operated vs gas operated weed eater, as there is a significant difference between them. The main difference is that the battery string trimmers are significantly quieter and they are eco-friendly. With a battery operated string trimmer, you aren’t likely to have problems with your neighbors. A gas weed eater on the other hand, is louder and isn’t as eco-friendly as the previous one, however, it does have its own benefits. For instance, a gas weed trimmer is significantly more powerful, and has a longer run time as well. So, if your yard is larger, we cannot possibly suggest that you get a battery operated string trimmer.

Also getting an electric string trimmer is an option as well. The best electric string trimmer for your needs will have to have a very long cord. Just like the battery operated ones, the electric weed eaters are only good for smaller yards. You are limited to the range of the cord and this can be very frustrating.

So, the general conclusion is that you should consider a battery operated or an electric string trimmer if your yard isn’t demanding. On the other hand, if your yard is large or has a lot of weed in it, only a gas powered weedeater will be of help.


How to mix gas for weedeater

The Fuel/gas ratio for a weedeater is not a very complicated issue, however, you should be careful. Just put 3.2 ounces of oil and 1 gallon of regular gas. However, note that the gas should be 87 octane and that it shouldn’t have more than 10% alcohol.

What kind of oil to mix with gas for weedeater

It is also important that you use the proper oil for your weed eater. Specifically, make sure that the oil you are using is suitable for a 2-cycle engine. Make sure to read the instructions on the manual, because some oils can really damage the engine. For instance, don’t use automotive or boat engine oil – these aren’t properly formulated. In order to prevent damage to the engine, make sure that you aren’t using an old mixture too.

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