How to Add a Traditional Feel to Your Contemporary Home Using Area Rugs

Updated January 26th, 2023
Traditional Home Area Rugs

When you think about how to beautify your home, your eyes often turn to the walls. The paradox is that you feel that painting the walls a different color is enough to breathe more life into your home. But your rugs can also have a significant impact on your home. Every homeowner in the modern era aspires to have a traditional home with a dash of exciting modern flair.

Adding an area rug to your home creates an inviting atmosphere. But, even if you invest a lot of time and effort in decorating the walls, you should also take care of the flooring so that you feel comfortable.

Choosing a rug is an important decorating decision. You should choose a rug that suits your style and helps you achieve your desired look. If you want to add a rug to a traditional or classic interior style, you need to have some knowledge before you start looking for the ideal rug.

Traditional Rug

Traditional rugs are a popular choice because they match various interior styles. As your interior design concept evolves, these rugs can continue to be used in the area and appeal to different customers. Plus, this type of rug adds depth to the room.

Traditional rugs are beautiful and have the unique potential to add personality to a room. Choosing the ideal woven carpet for your space is crucial, as it is an investment you are likely to make for a significant time. If you prefer a classic style, choosing the ideal rug is essential to the interaction of the room. There is the Isabella Traditional rug by Momeni that can give a traditional look.

Interior designers often use traditional rugs to decorate formal dining rooms, living rooms, and sitting areas because they make the room appear larger. Traditional rugs come in various designs, including Persian and Oriental ones. To unify the room, rugs are placed under different pieces of furniture.

There are some reasons to put a classic rug in your home if you want to give it a luxurious and sophisticated look.

The Existing Colors of the Room

First, make a comprehensive assessment of your living area’s color scheme. Then, pick a rug that complements at least two or three of the room’s most striking hues to unify the design. Bring a movable piece of furniture, such as a pillow, and a color swatch of your main furniture or wall colors, with you when you go shopping. It’s easier to visualize how these color swatches will work together if there are references. Staying within a color scheme is the best way to decorate your living room with traditional rugs.

Persian bright rugs and cushions

Ambiance with Traditional Rugs

The advantage of having a classic rug in your home is that it can enlarge a small space or shrink a large area to make it a little cozier. Among the things that drew people to oriental carpets was that they were affordable. They were used to cover huge areas in the palaces of Persian Sultans. A large carpet, especially if it also covers a large area, gives the impression that the room is more prominent.

Choose Right Design

The furniture arrangement and the finishing touches of interior design determine whether a room looks classic or modern. Add a handmade wool rug to a room that already has modern furnishings, with lots of clean, straight lines and a few subtle details. The room will feel warmer and cozier as a result. A fine Pakistani wool rug could be a great option. That’s because Pakistani rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns, making it easy to choose one that fits your current decor exactly.

Go with a Theme

Remember that personal expression is the main goal of decoration. To make everything feel like you, there are no rigid rules to follow.

However, to maintain balance, it’s essential to stick to a theme and make sure the room does not feel cluttered and the decor items are not disjointed. If you use the same type of fabric, a common pattern, or anything that matches the color scheme, it will be easy to tie the room’s components together.


Once you understand how classic rugs give living rooms a rich look, you’ll feel more confident using them in other areas of your home. The stunning and detailed look of the rug will draw attention to the room, and you’ll feel comfortable displaying it. So whether you’re looking for modern traditional rugs or the best rugs for your bedroom remodel, you can find your next rug now.

Experiment with your surroundings to see what is most effective. And if that seems too difficult, try the simple trick of adding an eye-catching rug to create a distinctive style!

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