What You Should Know About AC Services

Updated March 17th, 2020

Air Conditioning is one of the many wonderful modern inventions that have become so common in households that we hardly notice it’s there. Until it stops working, that is. The cost of owning and running an air conditioning system can be something of a burden if you are not prepared. The invention of AC dates back to 1902 when Willis H. Carrier designed an improvement for a printing plant, and the industry has gained substantial knowledge since then on how to care for and maintain your AC system. We all know clean air is important for health so, here are six tips on how you can keep your air conditioning system running smoothly.

Regular Filter Changes

Nothing makes your AC work harder than a clogged up filter. During dry seasons, when dust levels are higher, running costs and airflow efficiency can be affected by dirty filters. You don’t need to pay anyone to do this simple task, besides it needs to be done regularly. Some manufacturers have designed their units with easy to clean outer filters, reducing the cost of replacing the inner filter.

Maintenance Is Crucial

There is no substitute for professional work. Regardless of your skill at home improvement, if you need a professional that’s who you call. Getting qualified and certified AC services for an annual checkup will ensure that your system runs at peak performance. Getting the pros to check on your system, can ensure that small problems like leaks, don’t become major issues. They have knowledge of all the parts of the system and are better qualified to do the job, especially in regards to the electrical functions.

Ensure Ducts Are Insulated

When your AC system was installed, given it was done by professionals, it would have been and is standard practice to insulate all the ducts throughout their entire length, especially in the hidden spots like attics and crawl spaces. Making sure it’s all covered in foam housing or spray will help cut costs and reduce strain on the system.

Compressor Should Be Clean

Always keep at least two feet of space cleared around the exterior unit, the compressor. This unit, with its big fan either on top or facing away from the wall, is the work-horse of your system. Professional AC services are needed to maintain this unit.

Prevent Heat In General

There are ways to cut the costs of running your AC. Reducing the amount of direct sunlight flooding in through the windows, using blinds or switching to energy-efficient windows, will help your general home temperature to stay lower. Ceiling or floor fans are great for keeping air circulating and this reduces the energy your AC needs to cool each room.

Programmable Thermostats

These handy little controllers allow you to set the desired temperature throughout your whole home. Not only when you’re there, but also when no one’s home and the temperature can be allowed to go up a little and then quickly restored to optimal temperatures when needed. Thereby reducing the running costs of cooling the house while it’s empty.

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