How Animals Make a Home

Updated September 26th, 2022
How Animals Make a Home

Thinking of getting a pet? Reviewing the delightful ways that they make a house into a home can help you make the correct decision.

Recent statistics show that 70% of all American households have at least one pet. Not only are the numbers of pet owners high, but the extent which US citizens will go to in order to spoil those pets is world famous. Americans provide their pets with bedrooms, build them play areas, and spend as much on their haircare as they do on their own. Why? Because pets turn an empty house into a place to live. They are the true heart of the home.

Thinking of Getting a Dog or Cat?

There are lots of types of pets to choose from, but most people favor the dog or the cat. They are friendly, fun-loving, and easy to care for. The American Veterinary Medical Association records an impressive 76.8 million dogs and 58.3 million cats… and counting.

If you are a first time pet owner, you should see our guide on bringing home your new puppy or kitten. Those first few days will be wonderful but frantic. You will deal with challenges you never encountered before. Pet odor carpet cleaning services can help transform your home if they have too many accidents in those first few weeks.

So, although it is frantic, and although your house might smell a little funny for a few days, pets will change your life. They make your home what it is. They unlock the potential for you to create a family in any given space.

How Animals Make a Home

Animals make a home in many ways. Here are the frontrunners.

They Boost Mental Wellbeing

A 2019 controlled study proved that house trained dogs benefited the mood and anxiety levels of university students. This is one in an extensive line of animal studies which teach us that dogs and cats are great for our mental health. Psychiatrists can even recommend which type of pet can improve which type of mental health symptoms you have.

They Boost Physical Wellbeing

Whether you like it or not, whether it is raining or thundering outside, that dog will need a walk. That cat will need feeding or entertainment. Even a lizard requires a clean enclosure and a bit of work. Pets keep us active and that keeps us healthy. Everybody wins.

Dogs and Cats Welcome You Home

When the kids ignore you and your spouse rushes out as soon as you get home, who else is there to welcome you? A dog will make such a huge fuss of your arrival that you will feel like a VIP. A cat will mewl at you and rush to the food bowl, but at least it is participating.

They Love Attention

Dog, cat, alligator, hedgehog – all pets thrive on your attention. They will never tell you that you are embarrassing them in front of their friends, either.

The House is Never Empty Again

The most important reason to get a pet is that they help combat the loneliness of the human condition. They are our eternal companions. We cater for their every need and in return we get company. It’s not such a bad deal when you get to watch their paws twitch while they sleep.

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