The Ultimate Guide to First Time Pet Owners

Updated August 30th, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to First Time Pet Owners

Congratulations on your new pet! As a first-time pet owner, you may feel unprepared or unsure of what to expect. We’ve done the work for you in our ultimate guide and listed out some things to prioritize for taking care of your new furry friend.

Keep Things Fresh

The first thing you might notice in your home is a dozen new smells. Whether it be a pet dander, a potty accident, drool-soaked toys, or a number of other things—you will soon be introduced to a world of new stenches. Not to worry, though! There are smart ways to take care of any odors that may come from your tiny new roommate. A device we love is the Pura smart home diffuser because it makes it easy to schedule and control the fragrance level at the touch of a button. The smart device connects to an app that lets you set the time and intensity of scent release. You can schedule the device to release a stronger amount of fragrance right before you get home or whenever you have guests coming over to see your new friend.

Keep in mind, pet experts say that it can take a few months if not longer for a new puppy to be fully potty trained. That’s a long time to have to remember to check on your fragrance diffuser. A smart device that you can set and stop worrying about is exactly what a first-time pet owner needs on their shopping list. Forget about the stench and get back to loving your new fluffy baby.

Wrangle The Stray Hairs

Another thing you’ll start to notice is the hair. Hair everywhere. On your clothes, on the couch, all over the place. Helpful hair pick-up tools like lint rollers and handheld vacuums will become your best friend (well, your other best friend). We recommend stashing them around the house in every room so there is always one nearby. Don’t forget to do an outfit check before you head out because chances are you’ll have some strands of your new pet’s fur accessorizing your look!

Homesick app on the phone

Pet-Friendly Decor

The ultimate life hack for first-time pet owners is to make your home decor pet-friendly or helpful with pet owner concerns whenever possible. When you choose pieces that blend seamlessly into your aesthetic but have a hidden purpose, your life will get a lot easier. We’re talking about items like an essential oil reed diffuser that looks beautiful on a tabletop or bookcase shelf yet lasts for weeks to help you keep the air freshly scented.

Other helpful items we like are storage baskets to keep easily chewable items (like shoes) out of reach and cabinet handles that are not easily opened (we’re looking at you, cats). It’s also necessary to take notice of how tall your pet is and how high they are able to jump. In some cases, keeping food on the countertop may be a no-no. Think through the concerns in your space and get intentional with the pieces you choose to fill it up. The most helpful thing you can do for yourself is to find products that help keep your home fresh and clean with the least amount of effort.

Give Them Their Own Pet Zone

To help you organize your space, it’s best to create a pet zone where your new fluffy besties will spend most of their time. This helps you keep non-pet areas cleaner so you can focus on the parts that need your attention the most. Be sure to choose the area that will be your pet zone in a room with plenty of airflow that can easily be gated off when needed. This will help you limit the spread of bad smells in your home as well as prevent them from accumulating in the first place. It’s also helpful to keep a few candles that can be lit whenever there is a potty training “oopsy” for instant odor elimination. Dog grass for balconies is another great natural solution to potty training.

Fill up your pet’s zone with a comfortable bed, blankets, toys, and, of course, a water bowl. If possible, choose somewhere with hardwood or tile flooring to make clean-ups as easy as possible. When you give your new little roommate a spot to call their own, they’ll feel loved, and you’ll get to keep the rest of your home clean.

Dog, Bed, Basket

Ask Your Vet to Send You Reminders

Always remember that veterinarians are there to help you. They understand that being a new pet owner may leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are so many shots, scans, check-ups, and other appointments to remember to make—especially if you’ve got a young pet.

Communicate with your vet’s office and let them know you would like some help understanding everything that needs to get done. Sign up for email or call reminders so you can be sure to stay on top of it all. A little communication goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to ask a local vet for help if you find yourself needing it.

Being a first-time pet owner is not as scary as you may think. Choose smart items that help you keep your home beautiful, fresh, and ready for guests at a moment’s notice. Designate a special area for your pet to call their own, and never hesitate to ask professionals for help when you need it.

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