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Updated March 13th, 2020
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Some may say that there are far too many people that are pampering their dog or cat, but the truth is why not? Is there really a good reason why you should not want to go out of your way to make the life of your pet a little easier? If you really sit down and think about it, the answer to this is no. If you are in a situation where you can help your pet to feel more comfortable, then why not do it. But if you are allergic to pets but still love them, you can read about some tips on buying the best air purifier for pets here.
One way that many pet owners are finding a means to be able to improve the life of their pet is by getting a pet stroller. There is no doubt that many people are rolling their eyes at the thought of this, but a pet stroller makes a lot of sense in many ways. Depending on where you would like to take your animal, this product not only allows you to take your pet with you when you go out to a park or to the beach, but also allows you to be able to take your dog or cat while you are out on a jog. They need fresh air as well, and this is the ideal way to do it.

What Is the Best Pet Stroller?

Now that you know some of the factors to consider when making your choice, it is a good idea to show you some of the very best pet strollers available on the market for you and to give you an idea why these ones work so well. If you are wanting to know what are the five best pet strollers, here’s a good list for you.

Outward Hound Walk N Roll [ Amazon Link ]B-$$
Original DoggyRide [ Amazon Link ]A$$$
Gen7Pets Promenade [ Amazon Link ]A+$$
OxGord PTST03-BK [ Amazon Link ]B$
Vivo Cart [ Amazon Link ]B+$

Outward Hound Walk N Roll

This pet stroller comes with a padded bottom so that whatever pet that you have can comfortably lay down while you walk around. There are many features about the stroller that make it ideal, including the fact that the travel area is removable, making it so that you can wash this and keep it from getting a bad smell on it. There is a lockable parking brake that comes with it, to ensure the stroller does not get away from you, and comes with a large mesh that provides big windows and ensures that your animal will not get overheated.

The stroller easily folds down for you, making it easy to put away, and ways just 11.6 pounds, so it does not become overbearing or too difficult for you to be able to control or move. Your pet easily slides in to the travel area, and the wheels are made to handle a little bit more rugged kinds of terrain.

Large mesh ventilation area keeps your pet cool

Folds down easily for storing

Durable and lightweight

Can only handle pets up to 10 pounds

No storage space for you to carry items with you

Original DoggyRide

For those who are expecting to get out and have a more active life while still taking their dog or cat with them, then this is the ideal stroller for you. This DoggyRide product comes with larger back wheels and a smaller front wheel that is ideal for those that want to get out and run while pushing their dog or cat along with them. These wheel sizes not only role well, but allow you to be able to work over any kind of terrain.

You will also find that there is an optional conversion kit, that allows you to hook this to your bicycle as a trailer. This makes it so that you can take your animal on any kind of ride with you, and still feel that it will not cause you any kind of challenge while you are writing or running.

The travel area has a large mesh and windows to ensure that your pet does not become overheated. In addition, it has EUV resistant panels to keep out excess heat, and a frame that ensures that your dog or cat is well protected. This also prevents the stroller from tipping over.

Built to ensure that your animal does not become overheated

Several safety features ensure the protection of your pet

Allows for great flexibility in terms of use

A lot heavier in terms of strollers

Not a fold-down stroller

Gen7Pets Promenade

This Stroller is designed for you to use in a variety of ways. It does not come with an enclosed mesh area, but comes with a great safety harness to keep your dog or cat securely fastened within the stroller. As long as your animal is not a rambunctious one, then you will have no difficultly controlling the stroller while walking or running.

This is a very popular stroller, because it is built to handle a wide variety of terrains. You can use this while walking or jogging, and the stroller is built to absorb the shock of the different terrain you would be traveling on. This will make the ride for your pet awfully smooth.

The stroller comes with a cargo area underneath, and also has a covering that can be moved out over your pet while it is hot, or retracted to allow the sun or heat onto your animal. It easily folds up to slide into your car making it the ideal option.

Durable stroller that can handle many kinds of terrains

Easily fits into your trunk or backseat, and ways just 18.8 pounds

Cargo area underneath allows you to take items with you

Not built for handling pets that don’t ride peacefully

Not as easily maneuverable as many would like

OxGord PTST03-BK

If you are looking for one of the very best pet strollers, which gives you a lot of value for your dollar, then this is the option for you. This is an extremely well-made stroller, that has a great deal of durability and provides comfort for your pet.

The stroller is built with an enclosed mesh area, ensuring that your pet is unable to get out while you’re out walking, and comes with zippered access in the rear ensuring that you have greater ability to control your pet. There is both a three and four wheel mode available, which allows you to be able to use this stroller in a wide variety of circumstances, including a simple stroll along the street or out for a jog.

It comes with a cargo area for you to be able to store items, as well as to cupholders. The stroller is easily maneuverable with just one hand.

Three and four wheel modes

Easy to steer and maintain control of your pet

Weighs just 13.2 pounds

Does not handle well on rough terrain

A top-heavy stroller

Vivo Cart

This is a pet stroller that many owners are liking because it comes with three different zippered access points. This makes getting your dog or cat out a lot easier, but the zippers are made to ensure that your pet is not going to dig its way out using its nose or paw.

The bottom comes with a foam padding that makes it comfortable for your pet while you are out. It even is geared to handle cold weather situations so that your animal remains warm. The mesh area keeps your pet from getting too hot during the summer time, but can be enclosed in the winter or during a rainy so that your animal remains warm and dry.

This is the perfect stroller for either cat or dog, and comes with a cup holder, tray, and cargo area underneath. A great purchase for sure.

Great for any kind of pet

Perfect for cold weather conditions

Comes with great storage space

Warmer in the transport area

Small wheels are built only for smooth sidewalks

How Does One Use a Pet Stroller

While many may be laughing at this idea, there is no doubt that some are trying to figure out how they can use a stroller for their pet. The truth is that there are many benefits in getting a pet stroller. Many would love to give their cat a lot more time out in the fresh air, but are concerned that the animal may become injured or lost because of the neighborhood or area in which they live. There are many different kinds of pet strollers that allow you to easily take a cat with you without having to worry about it getaway.
Dogs can pose the same kind of situation. A smaller dog may find it difficult to go on long walks with you, but still needs to have the fresh air. This is where a pet stroller can really be beneficial. There is also the fact that many pet owners have dogs that have been injured and can’t go out on long walks. They still want their dog to get out, and the stroller is the perfect option.
Depending upon the kind of stroller that you buy, they come with an enclosed area that ensures that your cat or dog is not able to escape, but is easily accessible to you to get in and out of the stroller.
For the most part, the strollers look just like ones that people would use for their infant or toddler. The primary difference is that there is an enclosed area that doesn’t allow the animal to get out. Some strollers even bypass this enclosure, and add a harness that you can attach to your dog so that it cannot get out of the stroller. These can work just as well.

How to Find the Right Pet Stroller

After reading these introductory paragraphs, you may have decided that this sounds like the perfect solution for you. You would like to take your pet out more and see the great benefits of getting such a stroller, but now you want to know what kind of things to look for so that you get the right one for your pet. If you are wanting to know some key ideas that can assist you in finding the best pet stroller for your animal, then here are a few things to consider.

Size of Your Pet

Where to begin is with the size of your pet. Obviously, some of the strollers are built for much smaller animals. If you are one that has a larger size dog, or you are expecting to take on more than one pet at a time, then you may need to consider getting a larger size stroller.
There is also the concern that if the stroller is too large for your pet that it may jostle around and get injured. You want to ensure that whatever option you go with provides the greatest amount of safety for your animal as well.
Before making any decision, check with the pet weight limitation is on the stroller before deciding if it is right for you. Also, make sure you know the weight of your pet before making a decision.

Number of Pets

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, there are those that have more than one pet. You may have a couple of cats or dogs and would like to take them out at the same time. If this is the case, then you are likely going to need a larger size pet stroller.
What you may also find is that there are some strollers that are built with more than one safety harness. These are the kinds that you need when you have a situation where you have more than one pet.
If you have more than one pet you also need to consider that there is going to be greater wear and tear on the stroller. Durability becomes an issue which will be talked about more later on.

Where, How Will You Use Stroller

An important factor to keep in mind is that not every stroller is built for every situation. What is meant by this is that you may decide to take your pets along pathways and trails that are not paved, which can become rocky or even difficult to maneuver through. If you have had a child and used a stroller in a situation like this then you are probably aware of how difficult this can be.
What this tells you is that you need to find a stroller that is more suited to the kind of conditions you are going to be moving through. If you believe that you are going to be on regular city streets or paved walkways then maybe a standard pet stroller is the answer for you. However, if you can see that you will be going “off road” then you need something more durable.
The other consideration is how you will use to stroller. Just as there are special strollers for people who want to take their kids with them while they are out jogging, the same is true for the pet stroller. Make sure you’re getting one that allows you to be as active as you need.

The Behavior of Your Pet

An important factor that people don’t spend enough time thinking about when making this purchase is how well behaved your pet is. If you have an animal that is going to sit quietly and enjoy the ride, then using a simple harness stroller may be the perfect option for you.
However, we all know that there are pets that can be quite rambunctious wherever they are. They may be jumping up and down or even trying to get out of the stroller, making it so that the harness can be more work than it’s worth. Keep in mind how well behaved your pet will be when you are determining what kind of stroller would suit your needs.


Something that you need to pay attention to as well is the design of the stroller. The specific area that we are looking at here is in terms of how the mesh is built and how this allows proper airflow.
With the standard harness stroller this is not much of a concern, but when you are talking about a mesh style, some provide better air circulation than others. This is a big concern when you are taking your dog out on hot days where the humidity and heat buildup can become quite oppressive. You want to make sure that air can circulate well so that your dog does not get overheated.


We had mentioned durability before, so we will return back to this to discuss it a bit more thoroughly. While durability covers how well the stroller can handle the weight and number of pets that you have, it also relates to how you will use the stroller.
Like any product that you would find, some strollers are made to be more durable than others. This is a big deal for one primary reason. While the stroller for your child may only be used for a few years until he or she is able to walk, you may likely use the stroller for your pet for seven, eight, nine years or more. This means that you want to ensure that it can handle the daily wear and tear that it indoors so you get maximum value out of it.


If you are a person who wants to take your pet out with you while you go for a walk or jog, then a pet stroller may be the perfect option for you. You may really love the idea of taking your pet out with you, but it may not be able to keep up with you or even walk so it can enjoy the outdoors. Now you have the perfect option available to you, so find the best pet stroller that fits you, and let you and your pet hit the road.

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