How to Choose The 5 Best Rooflights for Your Home

Updated September 16th, 2022
Choosing Rooflights

Ceiling lights are any lights installed directly on the ceiling to provide ambient lighting or localized illumination.

Lighting plays a crucial role in determining the overall aesthetic of your house. In fact, without enough illumination, your interiors would go unnoticed. And the correct ceiling lights may assist in brightening your interiors without sacrificing floor space, no matter how small or large your house may be.

Contemporary ceiling lighting is considered aesthetically significant in addition to its practical value. You may get plenty of light from white fluorescent tubes and utility lighting, but you should give your home some character by installing decorative lighting instead. In the bedroom, for instance, recessed ceiling lighting may help provide a soothing tone. On the other hand, a pair of delicate pendant lights might work wonders for creating an atmosphere conducive to private chats when hung at a lower height. It’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the variety of choices.

Top 5 rooflights for your home

1. Chandeliers

There are many different kinds of chandeliers on the market to choose from. Depending on the style of your furnishings, you may choose from a wide variety of decorative and modern ceiling rooflights without a false ceiling for the living room. A chandelier’s power usage is different for every set of lamps inside it. Select the ideal chandelier for your space from the many available sizes, styles, and materials.

Retail: $2,000 and above

Helpful Hint: Make sure your ceiling is above 10 feet if you want to hang a chandelier there.

2. Flush mount lights

When it comes to illuminating a vast space with minimum visual impact, flush mount ceiling rooflights are the way to go. These lights are a good choice for households with low ceilings and those with curious children or dogs that like to pull on the cords of hanging lights.

In addition, this kind of illumination may be employed in any space, regardless of foot traffic or ceiling height. You may choose from various designs and materials, including copper, glass, and plastic. You may use whatever kind of light bulb, from incandescent to compact fluorescent to LED to halogen in them. Go green with your purchase!

Sale Price: $800 and above

Helpful Hint: We suggest this adaptable lighting design for any space with a ceiling height of fewer than 8 feet, including but not limited to closets, bedrooms, corridors, entryways, and bathrooms.

3. Semi-flush mount fixtures

These lights are a cross between a chandelier and a flush mount and dangle just around 4 to 8 inches from the ceiling. A flush-mount ceiling light is a great option when you don’t have the ceiling height for a chandelier but still want a distinctive light fixture. These would look great in the lobby or common areas for making a bold statement.

Ceiling rooflights fixtures like these are cost-effective and versatile, much like flush mount lighting. However, depending on the area’s lighting needs, you may choose from 15-watt to 100-watt bulbs.

Prices on the market start at around $800

Helpful Hint: Fits well with 9-foot or 10-foot ceilings. These lights are ideal for a kitchen, dining area, or breakfast nook.

4. Pendant lights

A pendant lamp is a ceiling rooflights that provides ambient lighting by suspending a single light bulb from the ceiling. These lights give a narrow beam of illumination that may be adjusted in intensity. The lamp’s size, shape, and material may be customized to suit your needs. The beauty of a place may be enhanced by installing several lights rather than just one.

Prices on the market start at about 70 Japanese yen.

Helpful Hint: The ideal ceiling height for this is more than 10 feet.

5. Inverted pendant lights

Often known as up-lights, shine upward and are thus ideal for ambient lighting. It’s almost identical to the semi-flush light. However, it suspends from the ceiling rather than being placed flush. It is customary to put one of these lights over a kitchen island, but they are also great for use in an entrance or hallway. This is an excellent illustration of installing LED lights without a fake ceiling.

Available on the market for $1000 and up

Helpful Hint: Pendant lights hung upside down may be used to diffuse intense overhead illumination. This might be a great option if you want to make your house more inviting to visitors and have more opportunities for meaningful discussion.

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