Outdoor Living Trends in 2022

Updated October 25th, 2023

Most homeowners have realized that as time progresses, something that was once considered “in” is now “out.” Outdoor trends change as quickly as the fashion industry. It is challenging to try and keep up with what styles are popular and which are not. The information below provides readers with insight regarding 2022 trends to consider.


More and more businesses and individuals alike desire to go “green.” A recent study states that more than three-quarters of American citizens are concerned with living more sustainably. There are endless ways to make your outdoor space more eco-friendly. For example, you can make sure that the different features in your yard come from recycled materials. Another way is to take advantage of reclaimed wood. Or you can create a garden. Gardens are great because they are a sustainable way to source food and produce oxygen. And they are aesthetically pleasing.


Adding levels to your landscaping can kick your outdoor area up a notch. A flat yard is plain and less practical. Think of things like a  concrete sleeper retaining wall or a deck. These sorts of additions create texture within blank space. Adding levels should be done carefully to ensure that your outdoor living space is safe. A retaining wall is generally something that you can do yourself, but building a deck is better left to professionals — like deck builders in Newtown, PA.

Climate Control

Adding some form of climate control can ensure that you can spend more time outdoors. Adding a heat source like insulated walls or a fireplace, you can enjoy your space during cold weather. Adding a cooling source like a covered pergola or a ceiling fan can help you remain comfortable during the hot summer months.

The climate control that works best will likely depend on where you live. Notoriously hot states like Florida may benefit from a swamp cooler, and places like Alaska that are cold year-round may need multiple heat sources.


Minimalism has taken the world by storm as of late (and for a good reason too). From the emergence of tiny living to more recent concerns about reducing our carbon footprint, many are choosing to work towards minimalist designs.

Aside from environmental reasoning, minimalism is also aesthetically pleasing. When you throw too many things into a small outdoor space, it can look cluttered, disorderly, and smaller than it is. You can make a small place appear much bigger by going simple.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Forbes predicts that more and more Americans plan to improve outdoor spaces to spend additional time in their backyards. Outdoor living rooms are an optimal place for countless hours spent under the open sky. Staple outdoor living rooms features include fire pits, outdoor seating, outdoor rugs, decorative pillows, blankets, and sometimes even TVs. By creating an additional living room outdoors, you create the perfect entertainment space to get your family and any guests outside.

Vertical Gardens

If you have a small space or you want to maximize your space for other plans, vertical gardens are a great outdoor addition. They are practical in the sense that you are creating a source of food. They offer natural decor opportunities. And they have environmental benefits.

You can purchase pre-made vertical gardens, hire someone to make one custom for you, or you can choose to do it yourself (DIY).

Outdoor Kitchens

If cooking is a big part of your lifestyle, the outdoor kitchen trend may be a great option for your home. The options for outdoor cooking are endless. You can add a perfectly crafted wood-fired oven to avoid turning on the stove indoors on hot summer days. There are countless bar options. Or you can go all out and add a fridge, sink, countertop prep space, and even dedicated seating.


As more houses are built closer together, privacy has become more important. Many people are around others all day long, and when they get home, they just want some time to themselves or time with their family.

Adding a tall privacy fence can make a world of difference. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, consider planting shrubs or trees that will close off your space. Adding drapes or curtains to an outdoor pergola can be a great way to add variance and offer privacy — without breaking the bank.

Moreover, adding a gate to your outdoor space is a great way to add privacy and security to your home. The average cost of a gate will depend on the size, materials, and style you choose. Generally, a primary wood gate will cost around $350, while a more ornate metal gate could cost up to $3,000. Aside from providing privacy and security, a gate can also add a touch of style to the exterior of your home. It can be a great way to make a statement and create a more inviting outdoor space.

Detached Living Space

Detached living space is a trend that generally has a great return on investment. Extra livable space means more square footage. Additional square footage means a higher home value.

You can add a mother-in-law sweet for those extended family visits. Or you can create an additional income by renting the space out to a tenant. This can also be a great place for children that come back from college with a newfound love for independence.

Final Thoughts

Remember. Trends are continually changing, and it is nearly impossible to keep your outdoor space “in.” The most important thing is to create a space that works for you.

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