Here is all you need to know about the 2020 Trend of Home Automation

Updated January 7th, 2021

With everything getting digital, homes keep getting smarter too. The rise of 2020 witnessed some big automation improvements within homes. You might have seen for yourself how the inclusion of IoT devices, such as Apple Homepod and Alexa, have made it easier to maneuver smart home appliances. According to the latest market research, it has been estimated that automation will be on the rise by the year 2022. That said, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that smart home technology is just gearing up for the full show.

Smart homes are all about integrated smart technology. Any home appliance that features smart technology can be connected to anything else, such as your smartphone. Such technological integrations have been made more effective with the help of artificial intelligence. With the use of AI, your home is more energy and task-efficient concerning our everyday needs.

The Rise of AI integration in Smart Homes

Home automation is made better with the help of artificial intelligence and IoT (internet of things). With the predictive capability of AI, the dwellers of automated homes can maintain healthy life habits. The integration of smart home devices with AI assists in real-time health monitoring. By including AI in homes, we can identify all early warning signs of certain illnesses, which is beneficial for timely medical intervention. You might have heard about smart wellness, which is also a vital part of future home automation. Smart wellness works to balance one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being while living a connected lifestyle.

Smart Furniture and Smart Bedrooms

Many features are part of the automated home, such as smart furniture and smart bedroom. The arrival of new software claims to improve sleep quality. This is obtained by inducing an ideal environment that is perfect for a good night’s sleep. In case you are wondering how this works, let me tell you that the smart home devices are constantly monitored by AI. The smart devices keep monitoring you while asleep and keep adjusting the temperature. There are also other AI apps connected to smart devices, such as a smart pillow or mattress. These apps track your sleeping pattern and keep reminding you about helpful sleeping habits.

The arrival of smart furniture has increased the popularity of automated homes. For instance, a smart mattress can be adjusted to your comfort level. You might be surprised to learn about the inventions of smart dressing tables and even smart wardrobes. The “smart” and intelligent versions of classic furniture help have your clothes organized.

Home Security

AI and automated homes have raised the bars for home security. You should know that AI is deeply integrated with systems of home security. In fact, home security is an integral part of smart home automation. With the help of advanced AI apps and smart devices, you can apply facial algorithms for identifying who is entering your home. This is a sure way to keep intruders at bay while letting in trusted friends and family only. The AI system can accurately differentiate whether someone is an intruder, trespasser, guest, or a family member. This aspect will help you curb the instances of false alarms. Suppose your home security is powered by AI. In that case, all sorts of sensors, cameras, and other monitoring devices will be used to keep you and your family safe.

Final Thoughts…

Automated homes are an effective way to sophisticate and smarten up one’s lifestyle. Plus, no one minds additional help from AI and smart devices. Smart home automation is a sure way to improve the quality of life. Contact an expert like Absolute Automation to learn more!

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