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Updated March 17th, 2020
single serve blenders
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In today’s dynamic era, it is almost impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are always running around, trying to catch a bus, get in time somewhere, and we often eat junk food. Luckily for all of us, there are certain appliances, gadgets and items that can help us maintain a healthy diet. For instance, having a bullet or a blender can save you a lot of time, and in one cup, you can get all of the vitamins your body needs. When we get a regular supply of fiber and micronutrients, we stay focused, energized and our immune system boosts up.

Instead of taking a lot of time to prepare meals and salads, with a blender you can get a nutritious, healthy drink with the push of a button. This makes quite a different, especially for those of us who are always in a hurry. So, in order to find the best single serve blenders of 2018, the latest series, we have a list of some which might satisfy your personal needs.

Our List of the Best Single Serve Blenders

1. Nutri Ninja BL580 blender

In order to prepare a nice smoothie to get your day started, a blender like the Nutri Ninja is a must. The reason why this one is the first on our list is because it is somewhat budget-friendly, functional, handy and ultimately – durable. With its 1100 Watts, this is one of the most powerful single serve blenders on the market. Luckily for you, you don’t have to wait for an online coupon to get 20% off, the Nutri Ninja is quite reasonably-priced and offers features which are rarely found in this price range. No wonder there are a lot of great reviews about it.

The best thing about it is the FreshVac Technology because it makes it one of the user-friendliest blenders. The FreshVac pump preserves all the vitamins and flavors from the ingredients on your recipes. It does this by removing oxygen and your fruits and veggies stay fresh for a longer time. Compared to other blenders, the Nutri Ninja is also great because it makes drinks, shakes and smoothies with less foam, also preserving their freshness.

It is very important to note the cool Auto-iQ tech used in it. This feature means that there is programming which combines unique blending, pulsing and pausing patterns that extract the juice the best. Basically, the Nutri Ninja single serve blender is a very high-end blender, especially for the price. It even has a digital timer with a cool countdown display. So, yeah, this blender tells you when your drink will be ready. It is basically the best blender under 200 that you can possibly need!

Very cool high-end features

 Auto iQ-tech lets you choose between preset programs

 Thorough nutrient and flavor extraction

 Very fast function

 Limited warranty

 Replacement parts are hard to find

2. Cuisinart CPB-300 Single-Serve Blender

The second blender on our list is the Cuisinart CPB-300, respectfully. The Cuisinart blender is great for smoothies and it is quite compact, so you can also use it for travel, or even take it in a bag with you. It isn’t a cordless blender, but it still is quite reasonably-sized. Regardless of the size, it is very powerful with the 350-Watt motor which ultimately, results in very smooth drinks. If you don’t like lumps in your smoothies, or if you want your drinks to look like those professional Instagram smoothies, the Cuisinart is the way to get them.

This blender comes with a 32-ounce blender jar which is great to take to work. Also, you get four 16-ounce travel cups and an 8-ounce chopping cup for salads. Each of these cups has its own lid for travelling which comes in quite handy for the days you don’t have time to drink your smoothie at home. These lids seal off the drink, and it won’t spill, but more importantly, they keep the drink very fresh.

The Cuisinart isn’t a very high-end blender. In fact, it is quite simple, and has a manual mode – a button for high-speed and a button for low-speed blending. Also, on the control panel, there is a pulsing button. The most noticeable thing about this blender is the fact that it is quite sturdy and doesn’t get damaged easily. This is why we recommend it for traveling, carrying it in bag with you won’t even scratch it.

Significantly powerful motor for its price

 The cups and blender are quite handy

 Resistant to damage

 Excellent for smooth blending

 The cord is very short

 The lids can get easily damaged

3. Magic Bullet Single Serve Blender

The Magic Bullet is definitely one of the most versatile blenders in the world. It is a great worth for the money, no wonder there are so many positive Magic Bullet reviews on the internet. Anyone who values their time and energy already uses a blender like the Magic Bullet. This one is quite handy because it has a lot of parts, although it is very compact. Specifically, it has 11-pieces with the main unit and with them, you can do all sorts of things. You can whip, mince, mix, grind, chop and blend fruits, vegetables and even ice! Considering how many uses it has, this is not a unit that you’ll leave sit in the storage compartments. It is a countertop small appliance. After all, it doesn’t take up too much space and it can easily blend indifferent kitchen interior designs.

Aesthetics aside, the Magic Bullet has a lot of power and performs quite nicely. It can handle tougher ingredients and even though the motor doesn’t seem powerful, it can surprise you with what it can do. It has a Cyclonic Cutting Zone Process tech that ensures excellent performance with each use. Basically, the cups and the blade work together creating a powerful vortex that pulverizes the ingredients.

Although there are several cups, they are significantly small and they cannot hold a lot of liquid. Although the Magic Bullet is very effective in serving its purpose, you should know that it isn’t as fast as other similarly priced units.


 Versatile with multiple functions

 Cyclonic Cutting Zone Process

 Can be quite handy for all cooking tasks

 Stylish grey and black design

 Small cups for single serve

 Not very fast when blending

4. Hamilton Beach 51103 Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51103 is one of the most budget friendly blenders ever. It is great for those who are conscious about their money and want to get the best possible features without overpaying for them. It is fair to say that the Hamilton Beach is a quite simple blender with a limited purpose, but it surely serves its like it is supposed to. For an under 50 blender, the Hamilton Beach will certainly surprise you as it surprised me. To be honest, I was really doubtful of all the positive reviews before trying it for myself. It is a cheap single serve blender but it is great for personal use.

As we said, it doesn’t have a lot of purposes, but it is surely excellent at making fresh smoothies. This budget blender is quite basic and has only the necessary parts. It does have a travel lid which can come in quite handy for the days when you are rushing to work. Best of all, it has a 14-ounce blending jar which can double as a travel replacement cup. Basically, you can drink from the same cup as you blend in, minimizing the mess you make in the kitchen. It has a very basic size, which means that you can safely place it in most car cup holders for safe travel.

The Hamilton Beach features a 175-watt motor which isn’t strong but isn’t weak either, it has the right power to blend most veggies, fruits and even ice. Most importantly, as an individual blender, it is quite compact and fits perfectly into smaller kitchens.

Very affordable

 Compact and easily portable

 Can prepare most common smoothie recipes

 Simple to use

 Requires manual shaking to ensure liquid consistency

 The cup size can be too small for some people

 The motor isn’t very powerful to handle hard vegetables

5. Coleman Portable Blender

Resembling a lot with the Cuisinart one, the Coleman rechargeable and portable blender is the best thing for those who like spending time outdoors. This is a very compact and easily carried blender with a lot of cool features, and it can be used multiple times on one trip. It is known for being very powerful and its battery can handle immersion of 20-30 pitchers on one full battery charge. This cheap battery operated blender is also quite fast too – it can make a pitcher of frozen drinks in around 30 seconds, which guarantees fun time with your family and friends, where you will stay healthy and with proper vitamin intake.

What I really liked about the Coleman is the 48-ounce pitcher which had markings for measurement and a pour spout. Although it is quite handy for pouring, it still locks perfectly into the base when you need to take it somewhere else.

It is powered by two 6V, 4.5AH batteries which are rechargeable, but it has other incredible features as well. Specifically, the LED battery level indicator can come in quite handy in case you get carried away on your picnic or trip. However, it also has a plan B for you, with the 12V and the 120V chargers which are stored in the base of the blender for vehicle recharging. Most importantly, although it is battery operated, it is quite powerful. It can handle all fruits, green vegetables and even ice!  All in all, the Coleman portable blender is a great purchase for outdoorsy people who want to eat healthy without being attached to cords.

Great for picnics and trips

 Very durable battery

 Sturdy construction doesn’t easily get damaged

 Very easy to clean

 Replacement parts are hard to find

 Charging is not so fast

The Single Serve Smoothie Blender Buying Guide

smoothie blender

Finding the best single serve smoothie blender is not a very easy task, especially if you have already developed a taste for smoothies. Although it seems like going into Walmart and picking a brand name you already know like Breville, Hamilton Beach or Nutri Ninja, it is quite the opposite.

First of all, we suggest taking a moment to think about your own individual, personal, specific needs. This way, you ensure that your healthy diet will maintain according to your own needs, time, and specifications. After all, some blenders provide smoother while others much lumpier smoothies.

Secondly, make sure to know your budget. It is not always the case that the cheapest one is the worst and the most expensive one the best. There are various types of blenders with different features and they are different in simplicity to use, size, weight, capacity and etc. This is why, you should know your demands and afterwards finish your purchase.

Last but not least, make sure to get a reputable blender. The market nowadays offers an abundance of brands and sizes of blenders and they are all marketed as the “best”. However, when serving their purpose of preparing well-extracted smoothies and keeping them fresh, only few can achieve their goals. This is why I also suggest doing your research and reading into the blenders before making the final purchase. After all, this way you save yourself from overpaying. One of the ways you can do so is by going for a brand that has already built a name for offering durable, high quality units.

All in all, the list above can serve as a purchase guide on what to expect at each price range, and I surely hope that I helped you make a better decision.

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