DIY Dairy: Making Butter and Cream with a Milk Separator Machine

Updated November 9th, 2023

What is do-it-yourself dairy, and why did people start making it

For the past couple of years, people have been creating different stuff by themselves – the art of creating something from scratch is called DIY – meaning do-it-yourself.

So, just like other products, people make their own dairy products. Creating dairy from scratch can be a complicated and complex process for those who are new to the dairy creation process; however, with the right products and some experience, people will be able to achieve and succeed in creating dairy.

There are numerous necessary products that people need in order to create dairy products; however, using a cream separator is considered to be on top of the list. One of the main ingredients that every dairy product has is cream, which is a component of fresh milk that people are required to separate from it. Additionally, having a milk churner is also a necessity when preparing dairy products since having milk at the right temperature can increase the dairy product quality.

On the other hand, people have started to create and make their own dairy products for numerous reasons; for instance, many people started to create dairy as a hobby, others to make profits by selling homemade dairy products, etc. Whatever the reason, making dairy at home provides many advantages to people who consume it; for that, people should start to get into making DIY dairy.

Advantages of eating DIY dairy

Creating dairy at home became a trend when people started to pay close attention to the ingredients that numerous dairy products had. Reading the ingredients list on many dairy products allowed people to understand what they are consuming, and for that, these people got a closer perspective on why they should take charge and create their dairy products.

To elaborate, many dairy production companies started to add unnecessary ingredients to their products in order to prolong the expiration period of the product. This method was profitable for businesses as they were able to decrease their losses; however, it did not have a positive impact on how people viewed this notion.

So, by making DIY dairy and consuming them, people were able control the different types of ingredients they wanted to include. Additionally, lactose-intolerant people started to make dairy products with ingredients that minimized the effects dairy had on their health. On the other hand, people who wished to stick to strict diets were able to control the amount of fat included in the dairy product, and so on.

What is a milk separator machine

As mentioned above, creating any type of dairy product requires people to extract the cream from milk. This process is considered to be tiresome as people are required to stir the milk at a certain temperature in order to separate it. However, the use your time effectively, it is best to invest in a milk cream separator machine that will automatically separate the needed ingredients, allowing you to put your focus on other tasks.

How to make butter and cream with a milk cream separator:

1- Be sure to purchase a high-quality milk cream separator

To be able to create butter, cream, or any other dairy product, purchase a high-quality milk cream separator. However, before making the purchase, read reviews of previous customers to understand whether that specific product is the most beneficial for you.

2- Have all the ingredients ready

After having all the right products, have all the ingredients ready at any moment. This is important because when creating dairy products, even a minute can affect the final product quality.

3- Assemble the machine and follow the instructions

Now that every ingredient and machine is available follow instructions and read through the manuals that come with the machines.

4- Churn and separate the cream from the milk

As previously stated, cream is considered to be the most important ingredient in any type of dairy product. So, to create butter, you will need to extract the cream from the milk. You can complete this step by using the cream milk separator machine.

5- Remove the excess buttermilk

Even though the cream separator machine automatically completes the separation process, you will need to remove the excess buttermilk from the top of the cream in order to create butter.

6- Flavor the butter and the cream separately

Once the buttermilk is removed, you will be able to churn the cream for a certain amount of time by using the right temperature in order to turn the cream into butter. After you notice that the substance is thick enough, you can go ahead and add all the flavors that you would like the butter to have.

Once completed, you will need to freeze the butter for a couple of hours, and it will be ready to use.


To conclude, creating dairy products at home provides people with numerous advantages – such as eating healthy, and for that, have all the necessary ingredients and products available before creating a dairy product.

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