How to Hide a Water Purifier in Your Kitchen

Updated December 29th, 2022

Water purifiers, while useful (if not essential), are not exactly the most attractive piece of kit. But luckily, unlike whole-house water filtration systems, it is much easier to hide these small water purifiers in your kitchen. Generally speaking, the most effective way to do this while causing minimum disruption to your kitchen design is to hide your water filter neatly under your sink. This is becoming an increasingly common setup for Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers.

Under-the-sink RO Water Purifiers

Unlike the countertop or wall-mounted versions, an under-sink water purifier saves you space while it provides you with spotless drinking water. This type of system can be directly connected to a tap in your sink, so you will always have quick access to purified water, and your kitchen can remain as sleek and tidy as it ever was.

Pre-Installation Considerations

Power supply

You will need a plug socket nearby to connect your water filtration system, so before organizing the installation, you should check if there is one available and make the necessary arrangements.

Clean Area

For optimum longevity, the appliance should be kept in a place that is hygienic and free of dust and dirt. Ensure that the space under your sink is cleaned and there are no leaks.


The under-sink RO purifier has a more powerful filtration system and a higher flow rate than its counterparts. As such, you’ll end up paying more for it outright. You should also consider the ongoing maintenance costs, including filter changes.


High Flow Rate

Thanks to hydrostatic tanks that maintain optimum pressure, under-the-sink systems produce a steady and complete flow of water that will fill bottles, pots, or other vestibules much faster than your traditional water filter.

More Space on Counter-Tops

In a modern-day kitchen, it’s hard to find enough room for all the various appliances, gadgets, and gizmos. Especially when you’ve got a family—space fills up fast! Now you have one less thing to worry about, as your compact filter system is conveniently tucked away.

Better Tasting Food and Water

Perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind when you think about a hidden water filter—but a very strong benefit nonetheless. The water you use to wash your fruits and vegetables and cook with them can seriously alter the final taste of your meals. Your taste buds will thank you!

Alternative Hiding Spots

If your under-the-sink area looks crowded, you might be tempted to hide your water filter in a kitchen cabinet instead. Upon first thought, it sounds like it should work but beware: the humidity and any leaks or water spillages can damage your cabinetry. In addition, the purifier must be easily accessible for routine maintenance, such as regular filter changes and any troubleshooting or repairs.

It is not hard to hide your water filter in your kitchen. The preferred choice of most people is to store it under the sink for practical reasons and aesthetics. This will ensure that you get the most from your filter, and you can still enjoy uncluttered countertops in your kitchen.

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