Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Updated May 27th, 2020

As the leading company of single-serve coffee makers, Keurig has developed a reputation for tremendous and convenient coffee since its founding in the 1990s. Keurig is a household name among coffee lovers. With the click of a button, and the placement of a Kcup, a mug of coffee can be ready in a few, short minutes. However, the convenience of a single-serve cup of coffee is hindered when the Keurig coffee maker problems arise, and it refuses to work correctly.

Water Problems

Many models of the Keurig have a water reservoir tank that the machine uses to brew the coffee. Leaking water and dispensing too much water are common problems with this type of coffee maker. Maybe the reservoir was filled to full, that would be the easy fix, use less water. Other times, a new reservoir tank may be needed, or a new gasket within the machine may need to be replaced to stop the machine from leaking or dispensing too much water.

Electrical Problems

Just like other home kitchen appliances, the Keurig Coffee Maker can experience electrical problems. The problems might include not powering on, powering off in the middle of a brew, lights flashing, not heating up, touch screen doesn’t turn on, and randomly shutting off. Three things can be done to troubleshoot these problems. First, check the plug. Make sure it didn’t get unplugged. Changing to a different outlet might also help. Next, resetting the machine could solve electrical problems. Depending on the type of Keurig determines how to reset the device. Finally, contact Keurig customer care for more help in fixing electrical issues.

Brewing Problems

Nothing says a bad day like approaching the Keurig to find out a cup of coffee was not brewed or brewed incorrectly. With the Keurig coffee maker, sometimes it doesn’t brew; other times, it doesn’t brew a full cup, and still other times, it brews too much coffee for the chosen mug. These problems might be signs of a clogged machine. Calcium build-up or coffee ground build-up can cause the device to have problems. An easy fix to these problems could start with cleaning the machine. To clean the espresso maker, unplug it, take it apart, clean it with liquid dish soap and hot water, and put it back together. After cleaning, “brew” a few cups of coffee with no kcup to flush out the water system.

Another brewing problem that sometimes occurs with a Keurig is that the coffee tastes poorly. Cleaning out the machine will help with this problem as well. If the machine has been used for more than six months, it should be cleaned. It is recommended to clean the Keurig every 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of use.


Although many of us suffer from the Keurig Coffee Maker problems, it is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. With over 400 types of drinks, Keurig has created a suitable, user-friendly machine that brews a cup of coffee in a couple of minutes. Taking care of this machine by cleaning it and using quality water assures a great cup of coffee to start the day.

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