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Updated March 17th, 2020
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All of these models are highly popular… but a few stand out from the crowd.

The most irresistibly flavorsome sausages and hamburger patties are the ones you make at home.

Not only using great-grandma’s coveted recipe that’s been passed down through appreciative generations… or that incredibly popular recipe dreamed up by a five-starred Michelin chef… but ground at home. From the freshest, juiciest cuts. In no time at all, in your electric meat grinder.

If you own an electric meat grinder, you can really experience all the best of the meat-eating world. Think incredibly fresh mincemeat, blended from your choice of fats and meat cuts. And bespoke, gourmet sausages, whipped up in your own kitchen at a fraction of the price.

In fact, there are many more advantages to owning an electric meat grinder. We’ll cover those below. But first, we’re going to review some incredible electric meat grinders, to help you decide which one is the perfect purchase for your household.

Best Electric Meat Grinder: Our Review

We’re going to analyze 10 excellent meat grinders.

For an accurate comparison, we’ll divide the models we review here into categories of price, and then we’ll compare the units in each category, based on aspects like power, capacity, attachments and ease of use.
For each category, we’ll present a clear winner… the ultimate electric meat grinder for that price point.

Budget Category

These are the models we’ll review here:

  1. Safstar Home Food Mincer
  2. Himimi MG-HI-01 Meat Grinder
  3. ALTRA 090MG Meat Mincer
  4. KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment

Each of these grinders is an excellent buy: they all offer loads of power and functionality at ridiculously affordable prices. But does one of them stand out from the rest?

Safstar Home Food Mincer

This model may be the cheapest in this article, but at 1300 watts, it has the potential to be the second most powerful grinder here in the budget category.

The body is mostly made from plastic, which isn’t ideal when it comes to quality and durability. The head and blades are solid stainless steel, though, and this is where the action happens… so essentially, there is quality where it counts. A few buyers reported that the machine sparked when they switched it on the first time. At this price, though, it’s worth the very slight risk.

It comes with three stainless steel grater plates of different sizes: perfect for basic everyday use. Then there’s a sausage and a kubbe attachment – both plastic – that you can use for making some stuffed savory morsels. Like all of the machines in this category, it offers a reverse function for when meat gets stuck in the grinders, but the grinding capability only has one speed.

As far as cleanup goes, it’s pretty straightforward. Parts are easy to detach, though you can’t put them in the dishwasher. Apart from a couple of fiddly dials, the plastic body is quick to clean with some warm, soapy water and a cloth.

Unfortunately, this machine is not perfect. If you run it for longer than ten minutes, it can overheat, so if you’ve got a big cut (like beef chuck) to process, you’ll have to take frequent, leisurely coffee breaks. And you can’t process tougher produce, like nuts, or bones to feed your pets.

However, at this price point, that’s really no surprise. Users report that this machine is powerful enough to be satisfactory for most basic grinding purposes, as long as you are careful to remove any bones beforehand. As an entry level electric meat grinder, it’s an excellent buy.

Pros Cons

 Simple cleanup

 Powerful enough for most basic uses at 1300 watts

 Can’t grind tougher produce

 Overheats after 10 minutes

 Plastic body

 There’s the occasional defective unit

Himimi MG-HI-01 Meat Grinder

This model is really similar to the Safstar we reviewed above. It offers the three stainless steel grater plates in differing sizes, and the kubbe and sausage attachments for making scrumptious stuffed dishes. There’s that sturdy metal head, and cleanup is the same: simple parts detachment (these parts can’t go in the dishwasher either), and a wipe down with a cloth and some warm, soapy water. It won’t manage to chew through tougher items, like bones; it has a reverse function, and a single speed. And it’s a really similar price.

However, in some ways, the Himimi is an improvement on the Safstar. For a start, the body is wrapped in stainless steel. This adds tremendously to the durability and stability of the unit. Overall, it’s more reliable, and feels like better quality: units tend to last longer, and there’s less chance of landing up with a dud. It also takes a bit longer to overheat, and it has an automatic safety switch-off when it does.

On the downside, the Himimi has a bit less power: 1200 watts against the Safstar’s 1300 watts. It does process cuts a little slower.

As a budget unit, this model offers unexpected quality, and all the functionality you need for basic use… at an incredibly reasonable price.

Pros Cons
Stainless steel wrapped body

 Generally reliable quality

 Simple cleanup


 Somewhat slower than the Safstar

 Can’t grind tougher produce

ALTRA 090MG Meat Mincer

On the surface, this machine seems similar to the Himimi and the Safstar models we reviewed above. It offers the same attachments – 3 stainless steel grater plates, plus a sausage and kubbe maker. It appears to function similarly: a single speed with a reverse, and it can’t process nuts, cheese or bones.

However, while it’s still a budget option, it comes at a slightly higher price than the previous two models we’ve analyzed here… and there’s a good reason why.

It’s simply better quality. Nearly the entire body is crafted from layered stainless steel. Other parts are hardened aluminum alloy, and any non-metal parts are tough ABS plastic. So it can stand loads of daily use. Plus, the visual design is actually quite attractive: you probably won’t mind leaving this machine out on your countertop.

There’s another big difference here: the engine tops at an output of 2000 watts. Happy users report that it can chew through twenty pounds of meat in ten to fifteen minutes. For a budget unit… this is impressive. It does overheat, too, but after fifteen minutes compared to the Safstar’s ten. And once again, disassembling and cleaning up after a grinding session is straightforward, as grinders go.

This unit offers surprisingly solid, reliable quality for a budget unit. You can expect it to process tougher cuts faster and more precisely than the other models we’ve reviewed in the budget section.

Pros Cons
Attractive visual design

 Powerful at 2000 watts

 Made from high quality materials

 Mostly metal body

 Simple cleanup

 Fast for a budget model

 Simple cleanup

 Can’t grind tougher produce

KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment

Technically, this isn’t a whole electric grinder: it’s a set of attachments that you can buy for your Kitchenaid, that basically turns it into a meat grinder. It’s so popular that we had to include it here.

Let’s start by analyzing this set’s price. While purchasing these attachments will cost you around the same amount as buying either of the two cheapest models here, keep in mind that you’ll be buying only the attachments. The price of even a small KitchenAid stand mixer will send you straight to the expensive “Heavy Duty” section of this article. So this purchase only has the potential to be a budget buy if you already own a KitchenAid stand mixer.
However, there are definitely some perks to this arrangement. For a start, all the parts are solid metal, built to last. There’s two sizes of sausage stuffer tubes, so you have a lot of variety when it comes to the types of sausage you could make. The three blades and four grater plates are very different, too, and offer tons of variety. You can experiment with them and start churning out that mincemeat, sauce or sausage filling exactly the way you like it.

Unfortunately, there’s no kubbe attachment with this lot, so you won’t be able to whip up a batch of this highly popular culinary delight.

Considering that you’re not getting an entire grinder with it, is this set a worthwhile buy? It certainly is sturdy quality: you can even grind harder cheeses in it. And attachment and cleanup is still quite easy. However, some users found that the sausage stuffer didn’t work as well as they had hoped… and, again, there’s no kubbe stuffer. This set could save you money if you plan on using it to make mincemeat, sauces and hamburger patties, and you own a KitchenAid. It could also save space in your kitchen. But you’d best give it a skip if you’d like to be able to make stuffed meat dishes too.

Pros Cons
Good quality metal parts

 Two sizes of sausage stuffers

 Four blades with lots of functional variety

 Simple attachment and cleanup

 Can process sauces and hard cheese

 This is an attachment set for a KitchenAid, not an entire grinder

 The sausage stuffers are sometimes unsatisfactory

 There’s no kubbe attachment

Winner of the Budget Category: The ALTRA 090MG Meat Mincer. It offers excellent quality at a wonderfully reasonable price.

Price Vs. Quality Category

These are the models we’ll review here:

  1. SuperHandy Aluminum Meat Grinder
  2. STX Megaforce Platinum Meat Grinder
  3. Aobosi MG420 Meat Mincer
  4. Sunmile SM-G50 Meat Grinder

These units can cost up to $100 more than those in the previous category. However, we hear excellent things about these electric meat grinders. We’re going to review each of them, analyze them to see if they’re worth the extra cost, and decide which grinder offers the most for its price.

SuperHandy Aluminum Meat Grinder

This little gem is small… but impressively fast.

Apart from the plastic handle, knob and feet, the body is solid aluminum. It has the heavy-duty, drop-me-and-I’ll-break-your-toes look of a commercial meat processing machine. The tray, head and grinding gear are a gleaming, rust-proof stainless steel.

When it comes to grinding plates, the variety isn’t huge: there’s only two. However, there are 4 different plastic stuffing tubes, so there’s a lot of room for creating stuffed meat masterpieces.

It’s blindingly fast. It can process 240 pounds of meat every hour – or 4 pounds a minute. There doesn’t some to be much problem with overheating… so you’re all set for heavy-duty processing. There’s that handy reverse, plus a capability you get to enjoy when you reach the mid-range price category: two speeds. In this case, there’s a stuffing speed, and a grinding speed. The variable processing power makes a tremendous difference when you’re trying to get through a tough, gamey cut that requires extra oomph, or you’re delicately trying to feed meat into a fragile casing.

Here’s something I’m particularly glad to share about this machine: while it can’t handle red meat bones, it can chew through fish and chicken bones. This is how we know we have truly made a leap forward in quality and processing power. And happily, assembly takes a few moments, and parts are easy to clean. In fact, you can even pop the stainless-steel parts into the dishwasher.

Pros Cons
Solid metal

 Steel parts can go in the dishwasher

 Can grind white meat bones


 4 different stuffing tubes

 Two speeds

 Only two grinding plates

STX Megaforce Platinum Meat Grinder

This unit comes with all the bells and whistles.

There’s a vast assortment of attachments. There are the standard three stainless steel blades, as well as four highly varied grinding plates (one of these is a beaner plate, which is specially designed for stuffing sausages). There are three sizes of sausage stuffing tubes, and that handy kubbe attachment. There’s a couple of meat claws for handling slabs of meat and shredding out that delectable pulled pork or sandwich chicken, and a plastic hamburger patty press. There’s an extra-large meat tray – it’s 9.75 by 7.25 inches, and 2 inches deep – which is convenient for handling large volumes of produce: you can refill the tray less frequently. There’s even a foot pedal that you can attach for easy operation when your hands are full or greasy. This is an innovative addition to the grinder; come to think of it, I don’t know why more heavy-duty kitchen appliances don’t come with a foot pedal.
However, one does have to wonder if the abundance of accessories is compensating for something.

Functionally, the machine works well. For simply processing meat, it’s wonderfully efficient: it chews through meat and most fats at a rate of up to 360 pounds an hour (it’s best to partially freeze your goods beforehand). This makes it even faster than the SuperHandy’s top rate of 240 pounds per hour. There are the useful pair of speed options. Overheating is a major problem with many home meat grinders: when this happens, you generally have to stop the machine and wait for a quarter of an hour for it to cool down. Waiting may even end up taking more time than grinding. But this baby boasts a patented cooling system that works surprisingly well; reports of overheating are virtually non-existent.

However, the Megaforce can’t handle bones. This fact alone won’t be an issue for many users, but it does point to a notable finding: this model is not quite as sharp and powerful as the SuperHandy.
There’s also a problem with the some of the grinder’s materials. The tray, head and grinding plates are all aluminum instead of stainless steel… and they’re prone to rust. They require special care to stay in good condition.

The unit is straightforward to assemble and take apart again. Wiping the body down is a big more fussy than cleaning the SuperHandy: besides a dial, there’s the air induction vent and a fiddly button setup to work your way around. Using the foot pedal could definitely help to keep meat and fat scraps off the machine’s casing.

The Megaforce really does work well for processing meat, and thanks to the accessories, there’s a lot of variety available regarding the dishes you can make. And I’m impressed with the foot pedal. If you opt for another model, though, you could easily purchase the meat claws and hamburger press separately. And in terms of basic functioning, it’s not quite as punchy as the SuperHandy. It even costs a little more.

Pros Cons
Comes with an assortment of stuffers and grinder plates, including a beaner

 Includes a hamburger press and meat claws

 Has a foot pedal

 Patented cooling system means engine doesn’t overheat

 Extra-large meat tray


 Two speeds

 Aluminum parts need special care to prevent rust

 Can’t handle bones

 Cleaning the body is a fiddly business

Aobosi MG420 Meat Mincer

This is by far the least expensive grinder in this category. It offers mid-range functionality at close to low-range price.

There’s a fair bit of plastic on the body, but it’s wrapped over the top and sides with stainless steel. This adds significant durability and stability to the machine’s build. The auger and grinding chamber head are cast iron, which, while being hardy, does require special care to prevent rust. But the blades, grinding plates and meat tray are all stainless steel, so cleaning and care of these parts is about as easy as it can be (though they still can’t go in the dishwasher).

Other than the three grater plates, there are three sausage stuffers and one kubbe attachment: all plastic. There’s nothing spectacular in the variety here, but it covers the basics.

Happily, wiping the body of the machine is quick and easy. There are no deep ridges where food can get stuck: every nook and cranny is easily accessible with a cloth. Assembly is simple, too.

Grinding power is what matters the most, though. And this unit delivers. It’s slower than the two models above – it tops at around 120 pounds of meat per hour – but many users report that it can make its way through chicken bones, as long as they’re chopped into smaller chunks first. This means the machine is less likely to choke on tougher or stickier produce. However, other than the reverse function for when the auger gets stuck, there’s only one speed.
Unfortunately, this machine does have the tendency to overheat. If you’re working through tough, sinewy game, for example, you can expect to have to take a break every 10 minutes and give it some time to cool down.

Overall, this machine is an incredible deal. It’s powerful, solid quality, and comes with all the essential attachments… at a nearly budget price.

Pros Cons

 Can process small or chopped chicken bones

 Body is easy to clean

 Comes with four different stuffing tubes

 Cast iron parts require special care


 Slower than other machines in this category

 Only one speed

Sunmile SM-G50 Meat Grinder

This machine is the most expensive in this category… but is it worth the extra cash?

Best points first: when it comes to power, you’re getting what you pay for. It can make its way through half frozen meat and most poultry bones. It has no problem processing tough cuts. Venting is excellent, so it soaks up a lot of use before it overheats.

However, this is where the bonuses stop.

It’s the second slowest machine in this category: it can process up to 200 pounds an hour. There’s only one speed besides the reverse, so you don’t have the option to slow down for more fiddly work, or work faster through tender cuts. While the blades and grinding plates are hardy stainless steel, the head and tray are aluminum, so they need extra care. And the body isn’t even metal… it’s plastic. It’s less heavy, stable and durable than the other grinders in this category. It’s simple to wipe down and assemble, but so is nearly every other unit in this article. As far as attachments go, there’s three grinding plates, and just one plastic sausage stuffer.

Most buyers are happy with this machine, and the way it functions is perfectly satisfactory. You only start to wonder whether you got what you paid for once you compare it to other machines that are available at a lower price point: at this price, quality could be better.

Pros Cons
Can process bones, partially frozen meat and tough cuts

 Doesn’t easily overheat

 More expensive than other models in this category

 Somewhat slow

 One speed

 Plastic body is less stable and durable

 Aluminum parts may rust

 Only one stuffer attachment

Winner of the Price Vs. Quality Category: The SuperHandy Aluminum Meat Grinder. It offers all the perks you’d hope for when purchasing a mid-range grinder, with virtually no drawbacks.

Heavy Duty Category

These are the models we’ll review here:

  1. Happybuy “Commercial” Meat Grinder
  2. Giantex EP21595 Meat Mincer

You can expect to pay up to $100 more for these units than the ones in the last category… but you can also expect semi-professional quality. You can use these units for a home business, or if you raise livestock and spend many hours a month processing meat. We are going to compare them, and see if one model has more to offer than the other.

Happybuy “Commercial” Meat Grinder

This machine is made from solid metal. You’d expect anything it drops on to break… not the other way around. It’s big: it can process up to 375 pounds of meat in an hour. There’s virtually no risk of overheating. And you can process white meat bones (throwing in red meat bones is still not recommended).

Surprisingly enough, there’s no sausage stuffer with this unit. It appears that it’s a dedicated mincemeat maker. There’s also only one speed… not even a reverse. I guess one would hope that it never chokes up and therefore has no need of a reverse function.

It comes with five grinding plates with two very different blades. The fact that everything on the machine is stainless steel makes it all so much easier to clean and take care of. Unfortunately, taking the machine apart includes undoing six bolts… so overall, cleanup and assembly isn’t as fast and simple as it is with the cheaper units.

This is a solid, durable and powerful unit. However, there are very few handy extras here.

Pros Cons


 Solid stainless steel is stable and durable

 Five grinding plates

 Two different blades

 Overheating unlikely

 One speed

 No reverse

 No sausage stuffer

 Somewhat complicated to take apart

Giantex EP21595 Meat Mincer

This grinder is similar in many ways to the Happybuy. It’s also impressively solid, crafted entirely out of that rust-resistant stainless steel. There are also only two speeds with no reverse. There’s a ton of power – you can grind carrots and churn out fresh pasta – and excellent venting that prevents overheating. But you need to unbolt the machine’s components to give it all a wash.

The differences are slight. The Giantex offers only two grinding plates… but it does come with a plastic sausage stuffer. And it pushes out up to 396 pounds of ground meat per hour. It’s the most productive unit on this list.
This machine is exactly what we’d be hoping for if we were forking out extra to lay our hands on a semi-professional machine. It offers impressive speed, power and durability, plus you can make your own sausage with it.

Pros Cons
Most productive unit in this article


 Solid stainless steel is stable and durable

 Comes with a sausage stuffer

 Only two grinding plates

 One speed

 No reverse

 Somewhat complicated to take apart

Winner of the Heavy-duty Category: The Giantex EP21595 Meat Mincer. It’s solid stainless steel, it’s blindingly fast and powerful, and you can still use it for making sausages.

What to Do with Your New Grinder?

You’ve got lots of wonderful plans for your awesome new electric meat grinder. And so do we. You can use your grinder to prep all of these items.

  • Gourmet hamburger patties
  • Bespoke mincemeat blends for pastas, pies, meatloaf and tacos
  • Fresh meatballs
  • Homemade sausages
  • Fruit and vegetables for canning
  • Kubbe
  • Cheese (if you have a heavy-duty grinder)
  • Fresh spaghetti
  • Healthy dogfood

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