8 Best Chef Knives in 2022 Reviewed

Updated January 19th, 2022
8 Best Chef Knives in 2022 Reviewed
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What’s so special about getting a chef’s knife? Well, there’s quite a difference between the best chef knives and some budget options, actually. And there are various kinds which, contrary to popular belief, aren’t actually the same.

The best slicing knife isn’t necessarily the best steak knife, for example.
That is why we have the list below for you.

We have found some of the best chef’s knives on the market and took a closer look at all of them.

Please note that if you’re looking for knives sets instead of a single chef’s knife, you should check out our list of top 10 knives sets instead.

Anyway, buying any of the options below is a good choice. It actually comes down to your budget and your exact requirements, but making an informed buying decision just got a lot easier.

Let’s take a look.

Our List of the Best Chef Knifes

  1. CutCo Petite Chef’s KnifeTop Pick
  2. French Sabatier Chef’s Knife – Best Quality
  3. The Shun Classic Chef’s Knife – Most Popular
  4. Premier Shun 7 Inch Santoku Knife – One of The Sharpest Knifes
  5. The Victorinox Chef’s Knife – Best for Meat
  6. Wusthof Classic IKON Chef’s Knife – Most Comfortable to Use
  7. The BergHoff Gourmet Knife – Best For Beginners
  8. The Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife – Unique Design
  9. J. A. Henckels International Classic Chef’s Knife – Most Popular

1. CutCo Petite Chef’s Knife

CutCo Petite sharp edge chef’s knife

Not everybody should be a professional chef in their life. However, everyone can be an exclusive chef to their family. This can turn out to be an excellent bonding moment and a noble action.

For those who like cooking, they should have the best available tools and cutlery. Asides from a good pot, pan, and oven, you need to have the tools which actually help you prepare the food.

Speaking of those, one of the things you need to consider in order to upgrade your cooking game is the CutCo 7-5/8” Petite chef’s knife.

Anyone would fall in love with the way it makes you feel and how much it eases your life.

In the following text, we will thoroughly go through the main features of this amazing CutCo chef’s knife.

Blade Forged From Quality Materials

CutCo Petite 8 inch chef's knife

The main thing which makes a knife great are the materials it is made of.

These are the features that ensure overall quality and the ability to withstand cutting harder ingredients.

For this reason, the experts at CutCo use high-end steel materials for all knives, not just the CutCo steak knives, which makes sure that your knife will stay durable and resistant to rust.

You can cook and eat your meals safely without worrying about contaminating your food.

Ergonomic Engineering From Handles to Tips

Another thing that guarantees a good time while cooking is having comfortable tools and cooking items.

The knives should be designed in a puzzle-way where each part of it perfectly fits the other.

From the tip of the blade to its handle – the whole cutlery should be comfy. In fact, it shouldn’t cause any discomfort or worse, pain.

Again, this is another thing that will never be an issue with the Cutco 7-5/8” Petite Chef knife.

They are ergonomically designed to ensure a great yet safe time with them.

Also, the handle offers an excellent grip because it involves a wedge-lock design.

Overall Quality of the Cutco Petite Chef’s Knife

Cutco Petite sharp edge 8 inch chef’s knife chop onions

There are a lot of people who find 8 inch chef’s knife too hard to control.

For this reason, we have this knife. Namely, this piece of cutlery is there to be smaller in size while maintaining the functionality.

You can easily cut through ingredients that are hard or tough.

You won’t even have to use a lot of energy when you mince or slice, there is not much weight to lift.

It simply works great and it will be a great refreshment to your daily cooking routine.

We have to note that this is a shorter and smaller version of the 9-1/4” French chef. However, it can still be an excellent addition to your home collection and it will surely ease your life.

After all, it is a powerful knife that doesn’t lack precision. It can be easily maneuvered because it is well-balanced and as sharp as anyone would need it to be.

All in all, it is an excellent investment you can make in order to improve your cooking experience. And with current CutCo prices, for anything from a chef’s knife to a knife sharpener or knife holder, it is a worthy investment.

Pros Cons
Easily sharpened and maintained in any home

 Full tang design

 High-end materials

 Professional grade knife

 It is very resistant to damage and external factors

 Some people with larger hands might find it uncomfortable to maneuver

2. French Sabatier Chef’s Knife

French Sabatier razor sharp chef's knife

The people who know quality knives, know that vintage carbon steel chef knives are an excellent choice. These knives have gained their reputation for not being Faber ware and for being excellent in their purpose.

After all, the name Sabatier is now a mark and has the meaning of something which has high-quality. This name has gained recognition world-wide and for all good reasons.

Regardless of whether you’re getting a Sabatier knife sharpener, a Sabatier chef’s knife, or even a steak knife, it’s an excellent choice.

To get back to our knife in mind, we have to say, this French Sabatier forged carbon steel knife is something you would enjoy having.

It has the best performance you can possibly ask for. So, if you seek quality over quantity, you must have the French Sabatier on your shortlist.

So, without further ado, here is everything you must know before you purchase this amazing knife.

Care and Maintenance for the Sabatier Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic japanese knife handle

We have to admit that this Sabatier kitchen knife is not stainless steel and you should care for it more than you would other models.

However, it surely makes up for it by being very precise and balanced.

Additionally, if you get it, you must make sure that you keep it durable. In order to do so, you must dry it after using it. Otherwise, you risk of exposing it to rust and damaging it for good.

Another thing you should have in mind is that this knife oxidizes easily. If you cut meat with it (or other foods containing iron), it might darken but this is easily treatable and removable.

This does not mean that your knife is of bad quality. In fact, it means that the manufacturer has been honest with you.

Most Important Features for the French Sabatier Chef Knife

This knife has been made in Thiers, France which means that it has European origin. It is made with a lot of precision and this is why it has such high quality.

As the name suggests, it has been forged from authentic and true carbon and is one of the Sabatier carbon steel high end models. It does require more maintenance than other stainless blades though.

However, it makes up for it by having excellent balance on the hand. This means that in the end, it is a lot safer to use and it fits perfectly in your hand.

Also, it fits great in anyone’s arm and it can be used by anyone regardless of their strength or size.

French Sabatier 8 inch chef's knife

If we take into consideration the exceptional quality, we wouldn’t be surprised to find that this knife has been produced in the oldest Sabatier factory in Thiers.

This is why this authentic knife is an excellent and unique addition to your kitchen cutlery set. It is made from tampered, ground and polished crosswise steel with Rockwell 54-56 HRC.

This means that it has excellent power, hardness while being well-balanced. In the end, with only little maintenance to give, you will get exceptional and above-average quality.

Pros Cons
Unique and authentic knife

 Professional level balance

 Reputable place of origin

 It requires proper care and maintenance, otherwise, it rusts

 Some people might find it uncomfortable to use

3. The Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic sharp edge chef's knife

The market today is overwhelmed with different sizes and shapes of knifes. More importantly, these knifes vary in performance in quality.

This is why a lot of people, regardless of how experienced and professional they are, can be confused when they buy their proper knife.

However, with the Shun Knife Classic 8-inch chef’s knife, you cannot possibly go wrong. This is the next level of knives and it all has a certain purpose.

We all know how rich Japan’s blade-crafting history is. Their craftsmanship is world-wide-known and it is the basic reason why today’s fresh manufacturers try to look up to them.

Of course, knives are just one of the items they produce and are perfect constantly, you can also easily find a quality Shun knife care kit, knife sharpener, or a knife guard.

The Japanese have an incredible influence on almost every process of cooking. However, we mainly know Japan because the most popular knives come from their country. In fact, a lot of these famous knives come exactly from Shun.

They offer reasonably-priced yet hand-finished kitchen blades. Their cutlery items are durable and of high quality, while maintaining a specific unique design.

In fact, Shun’s Classic chef’s knife we are talking about here is far from classic. It has above-average features, quality, and design. So, here is everything you need to know about it.

Steel and Blade Shape

The Shun Classic japanese knife handle

Although the name says classic, this is one of Shun’s most popular models. It looks traditionally and it was made using traditional methods.

However, it definitely fits the modern standards. Namely the knife we will be talking about an 8 inch blade. This means that it can be used for a great variety of culinary activities. – cutting, slicing, dicing, or chopping.

The process of crafting it involves intertwining 32 layers of high quality folded Damascus steel.

This means that this knife, compared to others is a lot sharper and its cutting edge is a lot more durable.

Additionally, the process of folding the steel makes has an additional effect. It results in getting incredible watermarks on the blade. So, while being powerful and useful, it is also a sight for sore eyes.

Another thing we have to mention is the quality of the materials. As we said, we are talking about a combination of VG10 Steel and SUS410 High Carbon Steel.

In the end, this makes the knife very resistant to corrosion and rust. So, you can use it safely without spending too much time on maintenance or care.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The Shun Classic ergonomically shaped chef's knife

Just like other Kai’s Shun series knives, this one makes sure that the user has no bad experience using the knife. This is why the knife has a weighted handle which is also ergonomically shaped.

You will have an excellent and problem-free time with it. The knife is designed specifically to ensure that you feel comfortable and you don’t face issues like a slippery knife.

Lastly, the black Pakka wood and resin coated handle has a certain effect too. Namely, they make sure that your knife, as well as your kitchen overall, has a modern and sophisticated design to this already excellent Shun knife.

Pros Cons
Excellent ergonomics

 Modern and refined design

 Made to last

 Professional home knife with professional-level quality

 It should be hand-washed instead of putting in a dishwasher

 It needs weekly honing

4. Premier Shun 7 Inch Santoku Knife

Premier Shun 7 Inch Santoku chef's knife


Once again, from the country we all know as the land of the rising sun, comes a great knife. Of course, in this short review, we will be talking about the Shun Premier Santoku knife 7-inch.

This knife which has been hand-forged contains VG10 steel as well as stainless Damascus.

In the end, the thing that will surely amaze you is how these materials reflect on the overall quality. Yes, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that this knife is incredibly precise and stable.

Another thing we must mention is the Kasumi method of knife making. This process has been perfected throughout centuries and it resulted in making the Shun Premier Santoku knife.

This is why this knife has overall top-notch quality and it is the next level of Shun chef’s knives.

Overall Quality and Performance of the Shun Premier Pairing Knife

Performance of the Shun Premier Pairing Chef's Knifes

Another thing we must mention is the fact that this is probably one of the sharpest knifes at this price-range. Of course, it features a 16-degree angle which results in the sharp edge itself.

This means that you will be able to prep food with this amazing cutlery item without any issues.

All activities including dicing, chopping, slicing, or mincing will be seamless and care-free.

Also, we have to mention that there is some artistic value to this knife. Namely, asides from being functional, this knife looks incredible too. It features Pakka Wood handles which are unique and give a certain modern design.

Overall, the design also has an effect on the overall convenience of the knife.

Whoever uses is will not be able to help but notice that Premier Shun Santoku knife is incredibly comfortable.

The knife offers a nice grip regardless of which activities you are performing with it or how hard the food you are cutting is.

Who Should Use the Shun Premier Santoku Knife

Shun Premier Santoku 7-inch quality Chef's Knife on a board

Whenever you are reading a knife review, you must be asking the question if you are suitable for the high-end knife.

However, this 7-inch knife can be used by almost anyone. You don’t need to have a lot of strength or experience.

This knife will show you the way through dicing, mincing, or slicing and it will be as easy as it gets.

If you don’t want to use up extra power when you are prepping food, this knife is an excellent choice for your next purchase.

You will be able to practice some skills when you cook without even moving a muscle.

With a high-quality knife like this one, you will surely have an excellent time while becoming a pro-chef.

After all, this sturdy and sharp edge knife saves a lot of time as well as energy. You will have it by your hands at all times spent in the kitchen.

Pros Cons
Durable sharpness

 Excellent Rockwell Hardness rating of 60-61

 Better performance and sharpness than similar priced knifes

 Reduced drag

 It can be a bit discomforting to use it for longer periods of time

 If not used properly and according to instructions, it can get damaged

5. The Victorinox Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox 8-inch Chef’s Knife

One of the things which is an essential kitchen tool is, of course, the chef’s knife. It can be used for mincing, chopping, and dicing and these are all daily cooking activities.

In fact, if you don’t have a suitable slicing knife, you can use this knife to slice meat. Also, since chef’s knives have wide blades, they are an excellent kitchen tool to have around.

For example, you can smash garlic with the knife before you mince it. Still, in order to be able to rely on a certain knife, it must have high quality.

You can buy a lot of knives but only some can be there for you through thick and thin. And yes, we aren’t overreacting.

Bad cutlery can have negative and harmful effects on the chef. This is why you must be careful which knife you are buying and what its quality is.

For example one of the knives you should consider having because of its quality is the Victorinox Knife Chef 8-inch.

This knife has been made in Switzerland and it is no coincidence. It has been made by the same manufacturer which produces Swiss army knives.

Namely, they use a unique tampering process when they are making their knives. This makes the knives more convenient because their blades can be easily re-sharpened if needed. It’s not just the knives that are great.

Everything from a Victorinox Knife bag, to a knife case or their Victorinox knife sharpener, all their products are amazing.

Main Features of the Victorinox 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Victorinox 8-inch chef's knife cutting a pumpkin

You are probably interested in the materials used in the creation of this high-end knife. Of course, there are reasons why this knife is one of the best on our list.

For example, it is made from high-carbon and has a steel blade edge. In order to ensure complete client satisfaction, the manufacturers tasted the blade using lasers to ensure that it has an excellent cutting blade.

Another important thing about this chef’s knife is the knife handle. In fact, we are talking about a handle whose design is patented because of obvious reasons.

Additionally, the handle features a textured grip which results in minimized chances of the handle slipping from your hands.

Victorinox 8-inch best chef's knife with a faced pumpkin

This knife is made in Switzerland by the same company that makes Swiss Army knives. They use a special tempering process that makes it easy to re-sharpen the blade when needed.

It has a high-carbon stainless steel blade that is laser-tested to ensure the best cutting edge. The handle design is patented and has a textured, slip-resistant grip, and an ergonomic design.

Also, the handle is made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

All in all, this cutlery item is an excellent investment because it is made to stay. It has the quality to be your meal-prepping friend for a long time.

Also, the quality is so good, you can completely rely on such an investment as this Victorinox 8-inch Knife, especially at the current level of Victorinox knife prices.

Pros Cons
Lifetime warranty

 Excellent knife handle for safety and comfort reasons

 Sharp and durable blade

 Well balanced knife

 Hand washing is recommended instead of dishwasher cleaning

 Does not have a full tang

6. Wusthof Classic IKON Chef’s knife

Wusthof Classic IKON high-quality chef's knife

Whenever we are talking about high-quality knives, we must mention Wusthof. Of course, they are a german knives company which has been around for a very long time. Specifically, it was founded in 1814 in Solingen, Germany.

These aren’t just numbers because they have a deeper meaning. Throughout the centuries, they have constantly improved and perfected the quality of the knives they manufactured.

Also, they have perfected their craftsmanship in every step of the creation of a knife – from the design to the smallest part of it.

This is why, today, Wusthof is one of the most reliable and recognized companies when it comes to good knives.

Regardless of whether you buy Wisthof Classic Ikon knife sets, or just an Ikon pairing knife, or Ikon bread knife, they’re all amazing.

What we said above is exactly the reason why we have to review the Wusthof Classic Ikon chef’s knife in our best chef knives article.

It has a lot of uses, a lot of benefits it brings to the table and more importantly, it is an excellent competition on today’s knife market.

This is one of the chef’s knives that is almost an essential cutlery item in every kitchen. It has an excellent design and excellent performance, just like you would expect from a company like Wusthof.

Main Functions and Features of Wusthof’s Classic 8 Inch Ikon Chef’s Knife

Wusthof’s Classic 8 Inch Ikon great chef's knife cutting figs

The thing that makes this unique knife different from other cutlery items on the market is the fact that it is very versatile. It is basically a workhorse 8-inch cook’s knife which can be used for many purposes.

Regardless of your cooking habits and the hardness of traditional food, this knife can take it all. It is excellent for all sorts of meal-prepping activities.

From slicing and mincing to dicing and chopping – this knife can take it all without any issue.

More importantly, you won’t feel a thing when you are using it. It is lightweight and it doesn’t add unnecessary pressure to your limb or to your arm.

This also makes it very safe for use for everyone – professionals or beginners.

However, don’t let this fool you. This knife is very powerful and it can withstand a lot of things. Initially, it is very sharp due to the laser-controlled and tested cutting edge.

Wusthof’s Classic 8 Inch Ikon german style chef's knives handle

Also, it has excellent precision which has been forged from a single piece of high-carbon German stainless steel.

This feature guarantees overall quality and durability and makes it a great knife for all uses.

Additionally, the blade edge is very stable, and although light, it can cut through thick and thin with ease.

With this knife, your cooking experience will be a lot easier and a lot more convenient. On the subject of this, we have to mention that this knife features double bolsters.

They make sure that there is heft and balance which results in cutting without using any extra effort or energy.

Additionally, it has a full tang that extends through the length of the handle. This also adds to the overall stability of the knife.

Pros Cons
Full tang ensures control and stability

 Comfortable to use

 High-quality blade which is also very resistant

 Basic design

 It shouldn’t be put in a dishwasher

7. The BergHoff Gourmet Knife

The BergHoff Gourmet fine edge Knife

There are a lot of knives that should be on our list of the best chef knives. However, some are simply better than others.

Our list contains the best and of highest quality knives that have the highest chances of satisfying the needs of customers.

Namely, if you cook every day in the comfort of your home, you have experienced a few setbacks from having low-quality cutlery.

In worse cases, this results in injuries due to bad-quality materials used on the knives.

However, here we can tell you how you can avoid these situations without overpaying for a quality piece of cutlery.

Specifically, we are talking about the BergHoff Gourmet Chef knife. This knife has all the features and specifications you might be looking at if you want to improve your cooking experience.

After all, having a high quality cutlery item will save you a lot of time, energy, and nerves. It will also keep you safer and without a lot of worries.

The BergHoff Chef’s knife is excellent for those who are in fact, gourmets. It is easy to use, so even if you are experimenting while you are food-prepping, this knife will come in quite handy.

Features and Specifications of the BergHoff Gourmet Knife

BergHoff Gourmet thin blade knife

The thing that makes this BergHoff knife so amazing are the materials being used on it. Namely, it features the highest quality stainless steel – x50Cr MOV 15.

This means that this knife is very resistant to damage and rust and it is a lot safer too.

Additionally, this knife features a forged bolster which only adds to the positive experience when cooking.

Your food prepping activities will go a lot smoother and easier when you have a good cutlery item in your hand. To add to your convenience, the handles have been ergonomically designed and the blades have been hand-sharpened.

In the end, this results in having an excellent grip and excellent feeling while using the knife. It is very solid and balanced and it is simply a reliable knife.

Also, it has a perfect weight to add to the strength of the knife without affecting the ergonomic design.

If you know the value of German steel and German blades, you know that this cutlery item is a great bargain. After all, it is always a smart decision to invest in high-quality german knives.

BergHoff is a reputable brand, and not just for their German knives. Try looking at a BergHoff german knives block, or even a BergHoff knife sharpener, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Pros Cons
Very durable and resistant blade

 Incredible balance

 Perfect weight – can be used for longer periods of time

 No unnecessary pressure on the hands

 Not so good for slicing

 Requires regular maintenance

8. The Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s knife

The Miyabi Kaizen japanese knife

If you want to get a good knife for a reasonable price, you must take a look at the Miyabi Kaizen chef’s knife. It features a Damascus-style pattern steel blade.

Namely, this one has been formed in a process of wrapping 65 layers of steel onto a metal core.

Amazing, right?

This means that the blade which goes to the back of the wooden handle gets some of the appearances of the wood grain.

However, this is just what meets the eye, in the following Miyabi knife review we are going to talk about the more important things.

Most Important Features of the Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife

The Miyabi Kaizen Chef's japanese knife black grip

This amazing knife features a razor sharp blade that can cut through almost anything. However, if we take into consideration that this Miyabi kitchen knife is thin and long, it is probably best to use it for slicing instead of chopping.

High quality materials are a very important part of every product, including knives. With the Miyabi chef knife, you can put your thoughts at rest on this subject.

The Miyabi Kaizen Chef's curved blade japanese knife

This knife features a VG10 super steel which is excellent for a long-time use. In the end, this is exactly why this knife is durable and strong.

As an addition to the awesome design, the Miyabi Chef knife features an authentic and unique thin Japanese knives blade edge profile.

It has also been through hand-honing in the well-known three-step Honbazuke process to a 9.5 to 12 degree edge.

To talk about the sharpness and quality of the blade edge, we have to mention that the knife features a Cryodur blade. This blade has been ice-hardened to Rockwell 60 which is above anyone’s expectations.

Additionally, the Miyabi Kaizen features a 65 layer of flower Damascus design which gives it a katana edge.

Pros Cons
Excellent for professional use

 Cuts through all commonly used ingredients at come with ease

 Unique and professional design

 Not designed for left hand users

 Not great for chopping

9. J. A. Henckels International Classic Chef’s Knife

J. A. Henckels International Classic Chef’s Knife

With this JA Henckels chef knife, you will be able to feel perfection with your hands. The greatest benefit coming from the purchase of this knife is the precision and the fine quality of the edge.

You will be able to easily chop vegetables, fruits, and meats without any issue. This is definitely a knife you should consider having if you value good work and good results with minimum energy or effort.

Henckel kitchen knives are known for quality and precision, just like the Henckels steak knives, and many other products by this brand.

It’s not just the knives, their Henckels knife block is stunning, and so is their knife sharpener.

The greatest features of the Henckels Classic Chef’s knife

J. A. Henckels International Classic Chef’s Knife German Stainless steel

This knife has been made in Spain while featuring German steel materials. This means that it is durable and that it has European origins which are some guarantee of quality.

The blade also offers an excellent transition from the blade to the handle with excellent, fully-forged construction. This results in having excellent balance.

Also, the balance comes from the triple-rivet handle which makes sure that you won’t use a lot of energy when you are cutting.

This is a good chef’s knife that can easily be your best kitchen friend. You will be able to prep any food with it because it saves you a lot of trouble, time, and energy.

It is simply a good bargain because it offers quality and durability without having to overpay for both of these much-wanted features.

The 8-inch blade is also a very practical cutlery item to have.

It can be used for a lot of purposes and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or care.

Pros Cons
Made with German Stainless steel

 Fully-forged construction

 Dishwasher safe

 Finely honed

 Not so comfortable on the hand

 Some people might find it too heavy

What is the Best 8-inch Chef’s Knife?

8-inch best chef's knives on wooden board

There is a saying that goes: “a master is only as good as his tools”. With that being said, you have a clear idea of how important a knife can be to a master chef.

There is a certain connection between the chef and his knife.

For example, one chef’s knife can feel graceful and comfortable to one chef, but at the same time feel awkward to another chef.

So when faced with the quest of looking for the perfect chef knife, that one knife that will make the chopping, slicing, and dicing more precise and pleasurable – it’s very important to distinguish and identify your personal desires and preferences.

Namely, to realize, that that one knife that is right for everyone doesn’t exist.

Finding the ideal 8-inch knife for you will most likely take time, but one thing is for certain, you’ll know it’s the one when you’ve found it.

Where to Start Your Search

8-inch best chef's knives in a store shop

The best place to start the search for your perfect 8-inch chef knife is a cookware or cutlery store, where there is a wide array of chef’s knife samples, that you can hold and maneuver over a cutting surface.

For that purpose, we strongly advise you to avoid online stores for the first look. You’ll need to feel it first, and only then can you order it online.

Try to look for a store or salesman that’ll allow you to cut some stuff with their chef knife samples. That way you’ll have a clear idea of whether it’s the right choice for you.

Another tip is to have an open mind. There are certain stores and sales people, that allow the customers to test out and play with a wider range of 8-inch chef’s knives, without ever looking at the price.

This helps the customers determine the weight, size, and shape of the chef’s knife they are looking for.

Afterward, the choice is narrowed down to fit the customer’s budget. Win-win situation.

How to test it out

Other than the usual ways to test out your 8-inch chef’s knife, there are a few creative ways that’ll answer some of your questions, whether or not this is the right knife for you.

Some of the ways you can find this out is by using some of these simple techniques:

  • Dice an onion
  • Mince parsley
  • Carve a melon
  • Cut carrots into thin strips
  • Slice winter squash

You’ll be surprised at how much you can find out about a chef’s knife by trying out some of these simple tests.

First Signs to Look for in a Chef’s Knife

anatomy of a great chef's knifeThere are a few key elements to look out for when choosing your perfect 8-inch chef’s knife.

First, it’s the grip. You should get that sense of fit, it should be nice and comfortable, almost natural to your hand. If it feels wrong, put it away and move on.

The next element is weight. This depends on your style, a heavier chef’s knife will go down with more force, thus cutting through food with ease.

Meanwhile, a lighter chef’s knife is easier to maneuver, giving you freedom.

Lastly, balance. Balance is very important. The chef’s knife should be perfectly balanced from the back of the handle all the way up towards the blade and side to side. If it doesn’t feel like that, move on, it will just wear you out.

Chef’s Knives for Beginners

Chef's Knives for Beginners cutting a tomatoe

We’ve all been a beginner at a point in our lives. Aside from the obvious fact that at that point you’ll need the experience to become better, there are a few ways you can give yourself a head start in your quest to become a master chef.

First things first, you’ll need the proper tools. After all, a master chef is only as good as the tools and resources he/she has at his/her disposal.

Namely, a good quality chef’s knife can make a load of difference when it comes to preparing a meal.

Stay tuned to find out what to look for in the greatest chef’s knives for beginners.

Key Features of the Best Chef’s Knives for Beginners

There are a few key features that you’ll need to keep an eye on when it comes to selecting the best chef knife for you.

The first thing that comes to mind is the sharpness, a good sharp blade can save you time and give you precise chunks of food.

However, it can also be dangerous if you are a beginner and don’t quite have the handle to chef’s knives.

Another important feature to look for is the balance of the blade and the ergonomics.

Namely, a balanced chef’s knife means that it’s safer and easier to manipulate, on that note, an ergonomic chef’s knife means comfort.

How the handle feels on your hand can make a huge difference, not only when it comes to cutting your food, but also in maintaining your health in your ankles and joints.

Furthermore, a comfortable chef’s knife will also save you stress and time when preparing a meal that takes more time.

Durability is also a very important feature when choosing a chef’s knife. Namely, a highly durable chef’s knife has an extended lifetime, thus meaning that it’ll need less sharpening.

However, the way you maintain your chef’s knives will greatly extend the lifetime of your knives.

In addition, it’s also important to mention that you should also keep an eye out for the materials used to make the chef’s knife.

For example, a low chromium stainless steel and high carbon, have turned out to be a very good combination.

This results in a solid compromise between, strength, toughness, resistance to corrosion, and edge holding.

Probably another feature to look out for when selecting a chef’s knife for a beginner is its weight.

You should probably opt for a chef’s knife that is lightweight. Why?

Because it’s smarter to start with a lightweight blade and work your way up to something a bit heavier. This ensures the safety and since you’re a beginner, you should keep an eye on that.

Choose Your Beginner Chef’s Knifes Manufacturer Wisely

The chef’s knife market these days is overflowing with every kind of chef knife.

So if you’re a beginner and have no idea what to get, it is probably best to stay safe and make sure you buy your chef’s knives from a reliable and renowned knife manufacturer.

Whether you’re a professional chef or just a cooking enthusiast, one thing that can make a difference in the food quality is the kitchen tool you use.

Namely, chef’s knives. A good chef’s knife will save you time while preparing your food and in some cases, it can also influence the quality of the food.

For example, a good chef’s knife means good precise cuts with each and every stroke.

Getting rid of those unwanted huge and not evenly measured chunks of food.

They not only look bad but sometimes will take more time to cook, meaning that you’ll either overcook some pieces or leave the big chunks undercooked.

We’ve all been through that, not quite a pleasant feeling, admit it.

Features to Look for in a Quality Knife

What makes a good quality chef’s knife? Well, for starters the sharpness is one quality to look out for. Namely, as we’ve mentioned above, a sharp blade knife will ensure you’ll end up with precise cuts in each and every stroke.

Another important feature is the ergonomic quality of the chef’s knife. Comfort is very important if you’re preparing a larger meal, you’ll feel less tired and you’ll have more time to enjoy the meal you’ve prepared.

Durability is also very important. Namely, a durable knife will last longer and it’ll be sharper for a larger amount of time, saving you from the stress of a dull blade.

Other important features include size and overall quality (materials that the blade is made of).

All of these features can be found in Japanese knives.

Japanese Chef Knife Brands

Japanese Chef Knife Brands

The most reputable chef knives around the World are Japanese knives.

Notable brands include the likes of:

  • Tsukiji Masamoto Japanese Knives
  • Nenox Nenohi Chef’s Knives
  • Takamura Chef’s Knives
  • Sakai Takayuki Chef’s Knives
  • Tsukiji Aritsugu Chef’s Knives
  • Haku Knives by Nenohi
  • Misono Chef’s Knives
  • Sakon Chef’s Knives
  • Seki Kanetsugu Chef’s Knives
  • Shun Chef’s Knives
  • Ikkaku Donryu Chef’s Knives
  • Global Chef’s Knives
  • Caddie Chef’s Knives
  • Kyocera Chef’s Knives
  • Ajimisaku Chef’s Knives

Japan has always had the tradition of making good quality blades. Ever since the age of the samurai, Japan grew a strong reputation when it came to sharp blades.

Furthermore, the Japanese cosine is famous for its slice and dice techniques when it comes to preparing food.

Everyone that has ever visited a Japanese restaurant and got a show from the chef, knows what we’re talking about.

Those kinds of slices wouldn’t be possible without good-quality Japanese knives.

What Are Japanese Knives Most Useful for?

Japanese knives are useful for a great many things. They usually have a narrow angle, at around 15 degrees, meaning that they are very sharp.

Thus we highly recommend them when cutting vegetables, fish, or chicken.

In addition, they are marvelous when it comes to making sushi. So if you’ve found your usual diet in some of these categories, then we highly recommend that you pick out Japanese knives.

Wrapping Things Up

When you take everything into consideration, you have a pretty big choice with the options above.

Regardless of what you need, there’s something for everyone in the list above.

Just make your choice, and get the best chef’s knife for your needs and budget!

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