Best Cookware For Gas Stoves

Updated March 17th, 2020
cookware set for gas stoves
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If you savvy a good meal, then you should probably have the newest and most modern cookware at your disposal. However, this can be rather difficult, especially since pots and pans tend to be very expensive, considering they come in all shapes and sizes. After talking to a bunch of people about this particular topic, I’ve noticed that it’s mostly people with gas stoves who have a hard time finding good-quality cookware. This is why I’ve combined a list of the best cookware for gas stoves that you can possibly own.

So, in the following text, I am offering you the list of the best cookware in the world – according to a few very important criteria. First of all, I had in mind the durability and the actual performance of each piece of cookware. Secondly, I noted the price and how affordable the piece is, as this is quite a deal-breaker for most home-owners. Also, I took into consideration other aspects like handiness, size, purpose and last but not least– resistance to damage. So, without further ado, here is the best cookware you can possibly need for a modern and functional gas stove kitchen.

1. T-Fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Cookware Set C836SD

As one of the best cookware sets for gas stoves, the T-Fal C846SD simply exceeded my expectations. Although there were a lot of reviews of users who were extremely satisfied by it and I’ve read them, I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been using this set for a few months now, and it still looks like the day I got it out of the box. I was amazed because these pots and pans besides being a very good deal, are of high quality too. The set includes 13 pieces of cookware including 8- and 10.5-inch fry pans; 12-inch covered fry pan; 1-, 2-, and 3-quart sauce pans and ultimately a 5-quart covered stew pot. Of course, they can be used for electric glass top stove if you need them to.

During the first few weeks I accidentally scratched a knife across one of the pans and asides from being terrified by the sound, I noticed that there aren’t any scratches. Basically, the stainless-steel serves its purpose because it is almost impossible to damage this set.

The set is great for cooking too, even if you cook for a lot of hours. They heat up quite fast due to the copper bottom which offers even heat distribution. However, I noticed that it isn’t a struggle to hold each piece either. The handles are riveted and are quite comfortable on the hand. Just know that they are also made of stainless steel, so if they stay too long on the cooking surface, they might heat up.

Lastly, I should note that I fell in love with the super-handy glass lids. The venting hole saved me a lot of time from over-boiling the meals I prepared. All in all, this set is a very nice purchase.

Pros Cons
Budget friendly cookware set

 Safe for gas stoves and other cooking surfaces as well

 Can stay in the oven up to 500F

 Dishwasher safe

 The handles can overheat if they stay on the stove for too long

 The set requires some additional maintenance to preserve durability

2. Cooks Standard 02487, Black 8-Piece Nonstick Hard Anodized Cookware Set – Best nonstick cookware for gas stoves

The second set on my list is the Cooks Standard Hard Anodized cookware set. The first thing that you notice on this set is the non stick surface which comes in quite handy if you are switching cooking surfaces. For instance, if you cook for a lot of people or if you have a small restaurant, swapping the frying pan from the glass top to the gas stove is quite an often situation. So, you’d need an all-purpose cookware set. If you want to get a high-quality and safe set, the Cooks one is for you. This set of pots and pans is quite affordable and is definitely worth for the money. Consumer reports say that it lasts for a lot of years, and it surely is one of the best on the market.

The set includes 2 saucepans – 1 and 2 qt, as well as a 6-qt stockpot, all of them with lids. As for frying pans, it has two pans of 9.5 and 11 inches. It is noticeable that the hard anodized surface is also very thick and durable, but it is made in a professional manner, providing even heat in all parts of the surface. Also, I’ve never noticed any of those annoying hot spots.

If you care about the safety of your family, the Cooks is surely one way to go. The set is quite easy to clean and maintain, and the cooking surface is very safe.

Pros Cons
Comfortable riveted handles

 Excellent for safe cooking

 Great for beginner chefs as they are very light

 Work on both gas, electric and glass top stoves

 The lids might malfunction, and they aren’t as durable as the pots and the pans

3. Calphalon Signature Cookware Set

With a very stylish grey color and a contemporary design, the Calphalon Signature set is simply one of those who never ceases to amaze me. It is great for both beginner and advanced chefs because it has the performance of a professional set, and yet, the convenience of a beginner cooking set. This hard anodized nonstick set features 10 pots and pans, all in a very nice gray color. Although this is not a very cheap set, it is still a very worthy investment.

First of all, it features a PFOA-free signature sear interior. This interior does the exact same job as stainless steel, and it can be used with all types of utensils. You can safely use nylon, wood or even metal while cooking and you won’t damage it at all. It is crafted from heavy gauge hard-anodized Aluminum which makes sure that this set is highly durable. In addition to this, the handles are made from brushed stainless steel and they are very comfortable on the hand.

What I really loved about this set was that it is oven safe, so you can easily heat up food without overcooking it. The same goes for the glass lids as well.

Pros Cons
Incredible durability

 Nonstick surface cannot be easily damaged

 Suitable for all types of utensils

 Very easy to maintain

 Oven safe

 Not budget friendly

 The handles heat up easily

4. Anolon Advanced Bronze Cookware Set

The Anolon Advanced Bronze cookware set comes right after the Calphalon one, because of course, in the chef community – the battle of Anolon vs Calphalon is everlasting. There isn’t much of a difference between these two brands as they are both reputable and really offer high quality cookware. Still, the difference between these two specific sets comes in the durability. After all, as a pricier one, the Calphalon set is expected to last more. Still, the Anolon Advanced 11-piece set is just as good as any other professional brand. This set features a hard-anodized nonstick cooking surface, and it is quite a professional set.

Often compared to the Nouvelle 12-piece set, this one has a lot of great features to offer because it is both effective, durable and extremely safe to have. Just like the Nouvelle and the Umber 14 piece, this one too is very easy to use and maintain. The SureGrip handle feature is another plus, because it is very comfortable and most importantly – oven safe to 400F.

I was also amazed by the durability here too, because it seems like the hard-anodized construction is much sturdier than regular stainless steel. It is perfect for using it on gas stoves because it heats up very fast and evenly. This stylish bronze set features 1.5-quart and 3-qt covered saucepans and an 8-quart covered stockpot. It also includes an 8-inch and 10-inch open skillets, a 3-quart covered saute pan and a 12-inch shallow grill pan.

Pros Cons
Very stylish bronze design

 SureGrip handle is a handy feature

 An all-purpose set

 Very durable and safe cooking surface

 Nonstick surface is easy to clean

 Not dishwasher safe

5. Circulon Symmetry Cookware Set, Black

When it comes to Circulon as a brand, there have been a history of great, professional cookware sets. There was the 13 piece Innovatum set with the porcelain enamel, the Infinite Circulon and now, we got to the point of reviewing the Symmetry cookware set, as one of the best for gas stoves. This 11-piece set features a very cool, Circulon trademark design and a hard-anodized cooking surface which is super-safe for you and your family. The cooking surface is very sturdy and reliable, and is even harder than stainless steel for that matter. Also, I was amazed that it has rubber handles which proved me wrong, and ended up being very stable and secure in their places.

This set includes 1-quart pouring saucepan, 2-quart covered saucepan, 3-quart covered saucepan and an 8-quart covered stockpot. In addition to this, with this budget friendly set you get an 8.5-inch French skillet, a10-inch French skillet and a 3-quart covered saute pan. Still, besides the great versatility of the set, I really liked the stainless steel external base which is suitable for all stove tops – gas, induction and even glass stove tops. And, I noticed that the surface is nonstick everywhere, even on the outside.

Pros Cons
Hard-anodized surface is very durable

 Can be used for commercial purposes

 Comfortable grip

 Oven safe up to 400F

 Non-stick surface wears off in time

How to know what is the best cookware for gas stoves?

If you are a fresh home or a restaurant owner, you probably don’t know how to find the best cookware for your needs, especially if you are scared of damaging it with your gas stove. The secret to finding a suitable set of cookware is to get informed. You can do this by reading reviews such as this one, but make sure that you are getting up-to-date information. For instance, reading a review from 2013 or 2014 won’t do you any good. The times have changed and so have the expectations from your cookware.

Best Cookware Set for Gas StovesMake sure that the pots and pans you intend to purchase can heat up fast and that they don’t have any hot spots. Both of these can be a serious issue and they will cost you additional time and money.

Most importantly, make sure to get a non-reactive metal cookware. Reactive and cookware with Teflon are very bad for the health, so you need to be careful about this.

And make sure that the pots and pans you are purchasing are of right size, weight and maintenance requirements as you can handle. If you use a dishwasher, get a dishwasher-safe set. If you don’t have a lot of strength, make sure that you get a light set. Also, make sure that the set you have can fit in your kitchen.

Can you use stainless steel on a glass top stove and on a gas stove?

Best Cookware Set for Gas StovesThe short answer is – definitely YES. Stainless steel cookware is the recommended cookware for glass top stoves. This means that if you have a glass top stove and a gas stove – you should get a stainless steel set and use the set safely on both stoves.

However, know that the gas stove will heat up the food faster than the glass top stove because stainless steel doesn’t conduct heat well. Or, we recommend getting a stainless steel set with copper or aluminum core on the bottom of your cookware. This way, you will be able to use both stoves with all of your pots and pans.

What type of cookware is best for gas stoves?

Best Cookware for Gas StovesIf you have a gas stove, you should know that all metal cookware sets are suitable with gas stoves.  However, the best results – performance and durability-wise are achieved by having a stainless steel set with a copper disk bottom, stainless steel with aluminum clad, or stainless steel with copper clad. This way, you ensure good heat distribution, durability of the set, and ultimately – better meals cooked.

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