How Much Meat Per Person For BBQ is Decent?

Updated March 18th, 2020

The big question! It does, of course, depend on whether they are male or female and what cut of meat we are talking about. But a safe bet is around half a pound per person.

Some will eat more and some less but in the end, you should be able to satisfy everyone’s hunger. Let’s delve a little deeper into the different types of meat and what are best for what size barbecue.

Steak or Chops


Due to the heaving price per pound you may want to save these succulent options for a small barbeque get together.

Get your local butcher to cut some lean pieces but not to thin so you can cook them to everyone’s preference.



Always a winner and you can never have enough. But because of their fatty content, you could get away with less than half a pound per person. They are generally quite filling and most times you stick in on a bun. So whether you are going for the juicy porkies, delicious beef or lamb, you can go a long way with sausages.

Beef Burger Patties


Best to make these yourself if you are feeling a bit Jamie Oliver’ish. Again stick to half a pound per person and you should be able to serve 2 burgers per guest. A little salt and pepper with grated Mozzarella cheese and you’re all set. Simple.

Whole Tenderloin


Nothing looks better than a whole, string-wrapped tenderloin on the barbeque. The smell alone will have your guests salivating. This would suit a medium sized group – say 10 or so. Still aim for the half a pound per person so you may need to buy two of these babies.


Delicious BBQ ribs with toasted bread, cole slaw and a tangy BBQ sauce; Shutterstock ID 86646625; PO:

Messy, delicious fun!

And you will need to double up here on weight per person, due to the bone content.

Make sure you lather these with a spicy, tasty marinade and constantly lather whilst cooking.



If you aim for a whole chicken per every 3 people, you should be safe.   All dependent on the size of the chicken of course. If it’s a little dinky guy then look at 1 and a half per 3 people.

Chicken can be a tricky fellow to cook. You don’t want to under cook him for obvious reasons and you also don’t want to over cook him. Nothing worse than dried, tough, stringy chicken.

Other Extras to consider at your BBQ

Picnic Condiments


From Ketchup to Mustard, Marinades to Mushroom Sauces – always have enough!


While you may like your meat bland and raw to the taste, most others will want to spice it up a bit. So ask how they like it seasoned and spice up on the barbeque rather than afterwards. It soaks in better this way.

rsz_1rsz_1rsz_saladSalads and Veggie Dishes

If its just guys you are serving, ditch these. Well maybe a baked potato or two will do. If the gals are around, let them sort these dishes out.


Find out everyone’s fancy and make sure you have enough on hand for the entire afternoon or/and night.

So now you know how much meat per person for bbq, and then some. Don your naked chef apron and get cracking!

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