Cooking With An Electric Smoker Made Easy

Updated March 17th, 2020

You splashed out and invested in an electric smoker!  Awesome! You’ve invited the neighbors for a little smoker-warming and you’re in a panic. Now, you need to cook in it!

Don’t have a clue? Well, take a load off, stop eyeing out the new alien in the room with a nervous eye and let us give you the 1-2-3 on cooking with an electric smoker.

What Meat?

We will break it down according to each type of meat – short, sharp and simple.



Wood Chips

These are the best for chicken – hickory, maple, apple, peach and cherry

Lay Me Down

A spatchcock chicken cooks better no matter the cooking style – so spread those legs!

Brine Away

Brining is a way of tenderizing the chicken and should be used with all forms of chicken.  Simply soak your chicken in water that has been seasoned with salt, pepper and some bay leaves.  You can add other ingredients too.

Dry Up

Pat that sucker dry before moving on

Temp it Up

The right temperature for smoking a chicken is around 165 degrees Fahrenheit

Serve It Up

So you’ve cooked it to perfection – now how to cut up that spatchcock baby? Just do the basic approach; Remove the legs and wings, and then slice the breast meat.


Mushrooms bring out a wonderful flavor in chicken, so mix up a creamy mushroom sauce.  Others that work well are pesto, barbecue and horseradish cream sauce.



A Good Cut

Choose a good but of pork – pork butt or shoulder is the best

Be Brine

As with chicken brining the pork before cooking will produce a soft, succulent meat – leave him there for at least 10 hours

Dry Up

Pat the sucker dry

Rub On

A good dry rub is vital – this brings out the flavor of the meat

Wood Chip It

These will work well with Pork – maple, oak, apple, pecan and alder

Temp it Up

190-200 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect and cook for between 10-12 hours

Pull that Pork

Pulling pork is not an art but knowing how to do this properly is helpful otherwise you will just end up with a shredded mess.


Mustard! Oh, any mustard is perfect with pork.  Another winner is apple sauce.



Oil It

After you have patted the lamb dry, coat him with olive oil all over

Spice Up

Lamb loves rosemary and garlic

Fridge Frame

Place your lamb in the fridge for at least 3 hours

Wood Chips

Best flavor wood chips are apple, cherry, maple, mesquite and alder

Smoke On

Smoke your lamb for 20 minutes for each pound at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Cut It Up

A leg of lamb is a beautiful thing to behold, so try not to hack it to pieces when you need to serve – gentle and precise is key


Plain Greek yogurt is stunning with lamb and fruit chutney gives it a sweet surprise.  Oh and don’t forget the mint sauce!

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