What Type of Insurance Do Carpenters Need?

Updated June 30th, 2021

Getting business insurance is one of the first things that a responsible business owner should do. We all know that insurance is essential for protecting you and your business against unforeseen events. The right insurance can give you the peace of mind that you are covered if the worst happens. However, not everyone knows what type of policy it is that they need. There are many different levels of cover out there, and it can be tough to know which is right for you. This brief guide will explain the main points of coverage to help you find out what type of insurance carpenters need.

Property Damage

Carpenters work on building fixtures and fittings from the construction phase, right the way through to the more aesthetic finishing touches. It is a highly skilled profession where accuracy and a good eye for detail are essential.

As such, it can be easy for something to go wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, as a skilled professional, if something goes wrong and causes damage, you are liable for the cost of the damages, which can be thousands. For example, if you were to mismeasure a window and leave a gap that allowed water to get into the property, this could cause a huge amount of damage. You would be personally liable for the cost of the repair.

Situations like this are why carpenters must get the right type of insurance to protect themselves against property damage.

Personal Injury

Another aspect that you should be sure that your policy covers is personal injury. A lot of the work that carpenters do carries a risk of causing injury either to themselves or others.

To avoid this wherever possible, carpenters must take adequate safety precautions. This includes things like:

  • Using scaffolding safely and according to instructions.
  • Working safely with dangerous materials like asbestos.
  • Keeping your work area clean and tidy to minimize the risk of slips, trips, and falls.
  • Using machinery safely and according to instruction, including the use of the proper safety equipment.
  • Working with other contractors to ensure you are not at risk. For example, being aware of where electricians are working so that you do not risk a shock.

No matter how careful you are, however, accidents can happen. A carpenter’s insurance policy should cover for their own injury. For example, medical costs and compensation for lost work caused by the injury, and also for the injury of others.


If you are looking for insurance, it is a good idea to get a policy that has been specifically tailored with your work in mind. This will cover the most common types of issues for your profession.

You can get dedicated carpenter insurance at Next, including all of the property damage and personal injury cover you need.

Tools and equipment

As a carpenter, you will be working with a lot of expensive tools. Tools are often not covered by business insurance policies as they are seen as personal property, so you must ensure that you have adequate cover for your tools, too.

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