Top 6 Ways to Handle Pest Problems

Updated October 9th, 2020

Most insects that get inside your home can do unimaginable damage as they continuously search for their food. They can also spread infections, which can be dangerous to you and your family. Thankfully, there are ways for you to control these pests and put a stop to any infestations. Here are some tips for this household problem:

Store Your Food In Proper Containers

One of the best moves you can make to control pest problems is to take away their food source. These pests have sharp senses in detecting the smell of food. They will use their stored energy when searching for supplies. This is why you should pack all your food in rigid plastic containers that have rubber gaskets to keep them sealed properly. These containers not only prevent pests from detecting the smell of your food, but also serve as impenetrable storage.

Clean Your Dirty Dishes

Tidy up your home and don’t leave a stack of dishes with any food residue or scraps. It may be nothing to you, but these morsels are a prime food source for pests. Wash your dishes immediately after each use, and store them properly. You can make a soap solution and leave it in the sink as you soak your dishes for easy washing.

Cover Your Trash

Your trash is one of the primary food sources for pests, and it is a breeding ground for insects. Keep your garbage covered all the time, whether you have bins inside or outside your house or garage. You can look for trash bins with lids with rubber gaskets and should not be penetrable by mice. Consider taking out your trash regularly to prevent garbage pile up in your home.

Clean Your Surroundings

Keeping your surroundings clean should be a daily habit in your household. You should always check for crumbs on the rug, spills on your kitchen counter, and sticky residue left from food preparation. Make sure that you clean it with a rag, broom, or vacuum.

Clean Your Bathroom

Keeping your house clean, in general, is a good way of preventing pest infestation, but sometimes there are areas in your home that require more attention than others. Your bathroom contains most of the dirt and bacteria that we produce. Keep your bathroom clean by using the best toilet cleaner brands and clean the water closet every two days. You should also thoroughly clean your lavatory with a reputable bathroom cleaner.

Additionally, check your shower curtain for any signs of mold buildup. Inspect your drain for clogs caused by loose hair and soap particles.

Remove Stagnant Water

One of the basic pest control methods you can use is to eliminate any source of stagnant water in your home. Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, which may carry infectious diseases.

It is also not advisable to collect water from the air-conditioner drain, as chances are you will forget about it and create a source of stagnant water. It would be best to think of alternatives on how to dispose of the water from the air-conditioner drain. Consider installing drain pipes to lead the excess water straight to your drainage. Check your lawn as well for any standing water.

Pest Control

You can make all these suggestions to prevent an infestation of pests. However, some instances may be beyond your control, and so calling for professional help might be the best option. Working with professionals with the best experience like Fox Pest Control can help solve the the problem. Everyone must take pest problems seriously and eliminate them quickly.


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