Easy Solutions to Upgrading Your Outside Space

Updated January 18th, 2023

Often the exteriors of our properties are neglected in favor of perfecting the interiors. It’s time for that practice to stop, and your outside space is ready to receive some much-needed TLC. Continue reading for our advice, offering straightforward solutions on how to upgrade yours.

Lawn Care

A luscious-looking lawn is a must for any garden space. Patches of yellow make for a neglected look and are certainly not appealing. Do regular lawn care and water your lawn every other day.

Avoid doing so at the hottest time of day, as this can scorch the grass. Late afternoon or early evening is the perfect time for doing this. Mow it regularly too. During the autumn months, as the leaves begin to fall, be sure to clear them quickly. Leaving them on your grass will lead to an awful mess and could have a detrimental effect for months to come.

Lick of Paint

If your exterior walls are painted, they can soon start to look grubby. If simple cleaning does not rectify the situation, a patch job may do the trick. Try a little and see if it makes a difference.

Alternatively, you may need to paint the whole wall to brighten up the area. As well as walls, wooden fence panels, posts, gates, sheds, and doors will also need a lick of paint regularly. Choosing long-lasting wood paint designed especially for exteriors is a must.

Patio Perfection

Having an area in which to relax and unwind after a busy day is a must. Your patio can often be just that and more. The patio should be a versatile area for barbecues with close family and friends to nights spent reminiscing about days gone by. To be perfect for you, make sure you get the pressure washer out whenever necessary.

Clean paving slabs look much more appealing. Choosing aesthetically pleasing garden furniture can also finish the look. We also love a few brightly colored flowers placed in pots around the space. Not only do they look good, but they are low maintenance too. However, if you are unsure what to place on your patio, it is good to seek assistance in finding patio furniture to perfect the looks and utilize the area of your outdoors correctly. A well-planned Patio area with lovely furniture items is eye-pleasing and adds value to your home.

Another couple of important considerations when it comes to a patio area are heat and light. We all know how easy it is to let time get away from us. One minute, we are sitting there in the blistering heat, sipping on a glass of wine; the next, the sun has gone down, and we feel ourselves start to shiver.

Having a heat source in the garden, such as an incredible fire pit like these from PureModern, or a chiminea can really transform your evenings and allow them to continue comfortably into the darkness. Lights are a must as well. Fairy lights strung from tree to tree can look effective. However, they often do not provide sufficient light. Solar lights are another type to consider, but it is vital to ensure your garden is either south-facing or largely free from shade to ensure they receive enough light to work effectively.


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