Is There A Best Time to Cut Grass?

Updated March 18th, 2020

It’s probably a question you hear from your loved one a few times over the period of a weekend. Well now, the best time to cut grass is … NEVER! Yip, it is a task that most of us do not really spend time thinking about until we are moaned at by either the wifey or the viney grass creeping under our front door.

grass-698649_1280But, let’s just take a moment to consider when and why mowing the grass needs to be done. We know that you, most times, do this exciting task on a weekend and again, most times, in the cool of the morning. Cause it’s a sweaty, thankless job, this lawn mowing! And, you don’t want it to get in the way of the next football game timeslot.

Well, there are good and bad times to cut grass. Yes, there is! As there are good and bad times to eat your food, drink your alcohol and even take a dump. No kidding! But, focus here! We are talking about grass cutting now! So, let’s split the day up.

Early Morning

Wet grass equals a clogged zero turn motor. So no, unless you find there is no dew on the grass, do not mow at this time of the day.

Mid Morning

This is the perfect time as the grass has dried out and it’s also not too dry from the glaring sun. Get mowing! Now!

Mid Day

Not ideal and here’s why. It’s generally the hottest time of the day causing you and your grass anxiety. Yes, grass can get anxious and stressed too. So have a cold one, put your feet up and let the grass be.

Late Afternoon

Like with mid-morning, this is the optimal time to cut grass. The earth has cooled and the grass is beginning to relax for its night time sleep.

Early Evening

RX-iStock-157713834_Grass_Cutting_Heighs_Mower_v.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707Nope. Leave it alone. It’s tempting, I know. There is a cool breeze whistling through the blades of grass (yes, your lawn is that overgrown!) and you can just see yourself walking lazily up
and down, shredding away. But the grass needs to prepare itself for the night when most of the diseases and fungus lurk. So, pack old Bertha away and wait until the next day. Stick to these rules and you can’t go wrong.

Now that you’re a real pro on grass cutting, well, at least when to cut, plan your next weekend coming up around this full-proof best time to cut grass how to guide. Your grass will thank you one day. Really, it will. Reward will equal the greenest, most lush lawn in your neighborhood. And wifey will be super happy too.

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