Spice Up Your Backyard Oasis With These Amazing Poolside Decor!

Updated February 8th, 2023

Having a poolside in your backyard is an amazing getaway, a refreshment for you and the people you share joy and peace with. While it’s a fantastic investment, it should also serve as an outdoor oasis, right?

Every backyard poolside is different; the types of personalities of families are different, and if you’re looking into spicing up your poolside, hello! You reached the right destination.

Amongst several design choices, which one best suits you?

In this article, we’ll explore just that. Today we’ll tell you all the amazing designs you can implement in your poolside and turn into your oasis getaway!

1.  Pastel Paradise

If your poolside is surrounded by palm trees, exotic blues, and the gateway Hawaii at your doorstep, choosing pastel designs can be a game changer. It creates a balance and contrast from the heavily saturated area and provides a sense of tranquility and serene nature. Go for pastel yellow, green, blue, or even mint. Pastel colors create the mood of a beachy summer day. Pair the pastel colors with pretty shells, beach-themed accents, and sand around the corner, and the summer holiday is right in the comfort of your home. Give it a go!

2. When Country Meets Waters

Howdy people, if you’re looking to play music while enjoying the tea or corn on the cob around the pool area, consider going for the rustic route. Wooden floors, full sets, and colorful banners add a pop of color. Set up the country image by setting doors that resemble a day on the farm, set up your sitting area, add a flag of choice for a patriotic finish, and voila!

3. Cosy Evenings with Elegance

Evenings by the poolside scream winding down, romance, and the time for sophisticated designs. Why stick to only one motive when you can go for 2? One vibe for the day and one for the night. For the perfect evening getaway, install color-changing lights inside the pool floors and around the bushes and trees. Floating pool lights or candles can help further light up the backyard. Set up a monochrome table setting drink of choice to pair it up perfectly.

4. Monochrome Magic

The beauty of nature surrounding your backyard pool is best showcased by monochrome canvas. Going for monochrome designs is a cost-efficient way to make your outdoor oasis. Keep the aesthetic clean and minimal. Only add a little in one go and let the eyes travel. Select the best-suited color and let the eyes wander in the different accents. Some plants can also bring contrast in monochromatic magic.

5. Small Changes, Big Outcomes

Making your outdoor oasis begins with the smallest changes. First, you can design a place to keep necessities like towels, toiletries, and dirty clothes.

Adding a firepit, making a mini bar, and setting up a BBQ and food station are some elements you can implement in your design. These add entertainment factors to your poolside getaway. Remember, your outdoor oasis consists of these entertainment factors as well. For safety, ensure the appliances are out of the kid’s reach at all times.

Also, add a stairway to help people dry off or sit around if they just want to soak their toes in or hang around. Natural stones and a deck around the pool are cool options to implement too!

6. Nature is Luxury

Implementing greenery in your outdoor oasis makes a great addition. Use nature for a beautiful getaway. Surround your poolside with trees and bushes all around. Install flower gardens to bring out a pop of color. Add lush bushes into the ground to give it grass textures. A nature design makes it more inviting and exciting, and if that’s something you want to go for, this is your best bet! After all, the beautiful green can bring out the gorgeous blues of the pool.

7. The Beauty in Simplicity

An outdoor oasis does not have to have fixed criteria. And who said you have to break the bank for the ultimate oasis? Sometimes, it all lies in simplicity. Add textured grey floors, an elegant lounge sitting area, or even a series of sunbeds or tables having a monochrome theme, and finish it with string lights and lightly potted plants. Keep the lighting warm if it’s indoors, and you’re good to go!

8. Trip to Greece, Anyone?

If you want your pool to have a Mediterranean vibe, we have you covered. For the patio chairs that can spruce the outdoor seating arrangement, go for a white and blue aesthetic. Add white pillows on blue covers, or use stripes. Add clay pots around the pool, along with neutral-colored rattan furniture pieces. Finally, install bright umbrellas, wine, and light cocktails on the tables, and you’ve landed on a trip to the Mediterranean heaven. Thank us later!


And there you go, all the amazing poolside designs to try!

As a disclaimer, use these designs as a mood board to expand your creativity. These are just an aid to get you started on your getaway. You can mix and match, experiment with the colors, and whatnot. It is the canvas of your dreams.

Remember that the outdoor oasis of your dreams can be small or extravagant as long as it fits your definition. All these designs can help you get started and inspire the beautiful creature ready to occur. Are there any designs you’re proud of? Let us know about it soon. Thank you for reading!

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