How Patio Furniture Can Spruce Up Your Outdoor Seating Arrangement

Updated May 27th, 2021

Ah, the patio. One of the many temples of your home where you can relax and commune with friends and family over some outdoor cooking and drinks.

A place this respected in your home should be well-decorated and outstanding, but what if you end up having an awkward-looking patio that feels too cramped or crowded? You won’t be able to entertain guests this way or even have them walk around without them literally rubbing their shoulders with each other.

Sometimes, outdoor patio furniture could dictate the way space is controlled. If placed erroneously or awkwardly, you could cramp your guests together or keep them too far apart. The color of the furniture, too, may contribute to this very inelegant feeling; light-colored furniture gives that feeling of warmth and comfort while dark-colored furniture exudes an air of drama and seriousness.

Read on and maybe we can save your patio from feeling too crowded or too distant.

Facilitate Traffic Flow with Face-to-Face Arrangements

A classic face-to-face arrangement of four seats could encourage conversation among guests and family. With a small coffee table between two pairs of seats opposite of each other, this could provide good traffic flow to and from the food and drinks. Think of arranging this in a square where the coffee table is the very center of it. The two seats are not the corners of the square, but the top and bottom sides. Be sure not to place the seats too far or too close to each other; remember, the goal here is to keep the traffic flowing through the patio whilst also keeping guests engaged with each other.

Make a Corner Using Two Sofas

Whenever one would buy a pair of sofas, their first thought would be to make them face each other. Instead of that, try bringing both sofas together to form an angle or a corner to bring in an atmosphere of intimacy or privacy. Not only will it bring people closer together, but it will also free up space around the patio as the path of your guests won’t be obstructed by either sofa.

Seat Guests by the Poolside

If your house has a swimming pool, keep the seating nearby. Not only will this keep guests together, but it may keep them from being bored whenever they have to go to and from the pool just to talk to people. Bringing the seating near the pool will allow for conversation in or out of the water. Do mention to your guests that swimming right after eating is always a bad idea!

Use Ottomans as Extra Seats

An ottoman is commonly used as a footrest. But in this case, consider using it as an extra seat. Unlike regular seating, ottomans can be used to save space since they do not possess armrests or backrests. Don’t go overboard with these, though as their lack of backrests could keep guests seated in tiring positions. Just use ottomans as extra seats or perches. This will come in handy if your patio is small.

Add to Ambiance and Comfort Using Décor

You shouldn’t stop at just the chairs and tables here; you should also consider the décor as well. Putting throw pillows or handmade crafts on shelves or anywhere near the seating could allow for a feeling of homeliness and comfort. If you like, adding your favorite scented candles may contribute to that air of relaxation.

Your Imagination, Your Lifestyle

A patio is a place that can reflect your hospitality as a host. If you’re looking to keep guests nice and cozy by offering them that warmth of having your house as a second home, your imagination’s the limit when decorating your patio. Remember to keep your guests from bumping into each other but also don’t alienate them from each other by keeping the seats all so far apart. Whether it’s a game night, an afternoon of drinks, a barbecue, or even a simple celebration, the way your patio looks can help make any of these get-togethers quite memorable.

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