BBQ Party Ideas for Adults – Themes – Fun – Games!

Updated March 18th, 2020

BBQ’s are fun! Parties are fun!

And what’s even more fun are BBQ Parties with Pizzazz! Why have just a normal, backyard BBQ when you can fun it up with a cool, summer theme, or a divine disco vibe, or how about a magic movie mania night? Just pop onto Pin Interest and you will be thrown dead with awesome ideas. But if you don’t have time for all that, we have put together some of our firm favorites, which we are sure you will love too.

Movie Night

If you have the space and time, set up a projector outside and play some oldies but goodies from your laptop. Go a step further and do a themed Movie night. Greece comes to mind or even Flash Dance. The options are limitless.

Some Movies Must Have Snacks


  • Popcorn – who can watch a movie without popcorn? Air popped popcorn is best and easy. Either buy those little microwave bags or try your hand at popping it in a pot on the BBQ for that authentic touch.
  • Burgers and Chips – Burgers are perfect for the BBQ and they are so easy to put together. Get the rolls butters, the cheese grated, the lettuce, tomato and condiments lined up and everyone can just help themselves.
  • Potato Chips in Holders – Such a nifty idea and will go down a treat with your guests.
  • Sweets and Snacks – Have little platters of finger picking snacks for guests with a sweet tooth to munch on whilst the movie plays
  • Soda Surprise – Rent a Soda dispensing machine or fill up glass bottles with different types of gassy drinks with brightly colored straws

Disco Divine

Another cool theme is a dance or disco theme to add to your BBQ Party Ideas for Adults. Besides balloons and even a silver mirror ball to add to the vibe, go with some of these:

Jello Shots

maxresdefaultAlcohol or not, these jello shots will have everyone in a party mood before long. It’s quite easy to make.

  • Halve your oranges, scoop out the inner and without wasting blend them into your fave cocktail mix and jello
  • Pour the mix into the orange halves, set in the fridge and serve !
  • If the oranges task seems daunting , just use tot glasses and do it the old fashioned way.

Cocktail Kingoriginal_jam-jar-glass-with-straw

Glass bottles and straws with colorful cocktail mixes? Sound like it will work. Start collecting those jars and you’re half way there.

Dance Competition

Step it up and host a fun dance off!  Let’s see who has the moves.

BBQ Fun Games

How about an afternoon of mini-Olympic games?

b846e9e550cea1eefa8da29dac83db57Ten-Pin Bowling

A few pieces of flat board, some wood for the bumpers and a cheap bowling set – sorted!

Super-Size Jenga

If you can get your hands on same size pieces of wood or even plastic wedges, you can have
a game of real-life Jenga

Backyard Games

Here’s a nifty guide on different backyard games inspired by St. Louis – all involve drinking – so be warned!

So BBQ’s don’t need to be boring or the same ole same ole. Add a little twist – take them out their comfort zone – and most importantly – Have Fun! Try one of our BBQ Party Ideas for Adults now!

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