The 4 Main Advantages to Creating an Outdoor Kitchen for Your Home

Updated August 20th, 2021

During the warmer months, it is always great to be outside for as much time as possible. Just lounging around reading a book or tending to your garden is a great way to pass the time. Being out in the fresh air is what makes the summer so special.

This is why it is such a great idea to build yourself an outdoor kitchen. Cooking outdoors is a great way to get your meals ready and it can be far more enjoyable than cooking in a stuffy kitchen inside.

You can set up your outdoor kitchen as elaborately as your indoor one complete with one of the many bbq islands for sale. Or, it can be understated and simple. One thing is for sure, no matter what style you choose, there are many benefits to having an outdoor kitchen built. In this article, we will go over a few of these benefits.

1 – Adds home value

Just like an interior renovation, having an outdoor kitchen adds to the value of your home. When you add one, you can expect to increase the value up to around 30% then you would have without it.

Though you may enjoy having the kitchen so much that you hesitate to sell it, you will see higher offers than if you never built one. The reason is that when you have these types of fixtures it allows people to envision how they will spend their time in the home. And outdoor living is high on the wishlist of many people looking to buy a home.

Of course, the return on investment also depends on how much you spend on building the kitchen. Don’t think too much about the cost or value and just build the kitchen that you will enjoy and then just accept the higher offers because of it.

2 – Expands your living space

Before you start thinking about building an addition to your home that will cost a lot of money and create a big disruption in your life, you should consider an outdoor kitchen. Just by taking a few yards of space in your backyard and turning it into an area where you can cook and entertain, you’ve expanded the usable amount of space that you have for your home.

It may not be inside your home, but it is fully functional and is available for use whenever the weather is right for it. Of course, you can use it year-round with the proper type of building if you put a roof over it and maybe even walls.

3 – More space to work

One of the biggest complaints that home cooks have is that there is not enough space in their kitchen. The prep area usually is too small for two people to work side by side comfortably. There is not enough space to keep small appliances and kitchen gadgets organized. And, when you need more cooking space for complex meals or holidays there is not enough from your one oven or stove.

Having an outdoor kitchen solves all of those problems. It opens up far more space to be able to work with others in the kitchen since there are no walls keeping you all in. and you can move tables around anywhere to be able to prep things.

You are free to add as much storage space as you need to be able to free up space in your indoor kitchen, as well.

4 – It saves money

Think of when you feel like having a special meal outside your home. You usually go to a restaurant and eat there for a change of scenery and to not have to cook. Cooking on a grill is very easy and not at all complex so you’re covered on that front if you opt for your outdoor kitchen instead of a restaurant. And sitting outdoors and eating is like being on a restaurant patio except without the other diners.

Both scenarios involve you spending far less money. You’ll save hundreds of dollars over going to a steak house as you can buy a very high-quality steak and cook it on the grill yourself.

If you have enough space to put a freezer in your outdoor kitchen then you will also save money by buying meat in bulk and freezing it. You can get meat locally from a butcher or meat wholesaler. Often it involves buying a half or quarter of the animal into cuts which you can then freeze. It costs far less money to buy this way and provides you with meat for months or even longer.

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