Five Clever Ideas to Light Up Your Backyard

Updated May 2nd, 2021

Backyard activities like barbecues and swimming do not have to be dull or cut short because of darkness. Keep the party going till dawn, install backyard lighting and boost your aesthetics while protecting your home from unseen danger. Backyard lighting can be distinguished into three categories, to accentuate garden features, install landscape lighting, improve navigation and deter prowlers, security lighting is essential, and accent lighting illuminates the landscape. It would be best to achieve all three lighting categories, and here are a few ideas to help you keep your backyard lit.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lights offer a moderately bright feature in your backyard, bringing navigation, accent, and safety benefit in those dark small, recessed areas. Wall lights are best displayed on vertical surfaces, around sitting areas, above stairways, and pool areas. Casting the maximum amount of light, wall sconces are a recommended option, reaching those recessed areas. Strive to match your interior quoizel lights by opting for the same in your backyard porch, creating a charming blend between the two spaces, with a fitting of up to four bulbs for maximum illumination.

Security Lighting

To scare off destructive animals and burglars, bright backyard lighting is essential to light up and cover large areas in your yard. Casting a wide beam, these lights are generally installed in the corner of your yard, facing the patio, main walkways, or the fencing entrance. Floodlights with motion sensors are best for security, fitting two or three light bulbs to enhance the brightness. Even when you’re not home, such lighting can be adequate, giving outside threats the impression you’re home.

Path Lighting

From the fence door to the back door, both sides of the walkway fit soft light to illuminate the walkways. This not only brings a safe element but instead lights up your landscape and attractively exposes the navigation in your backyard. Along with fantastic backyard features, like water fountains, planters in the sitting area create an inviting and peaceful environment for you and your guests. There are various ways to make this exercise economical. The best way to do so is by installing a rechargeable solar panel system with LED bulbs, allowing you to keep your backyard lit for several hours after dusk.

String Lights

The best way to capture an intimate ambiance, warm and desirable entertainment in your backyard is through soft, low voltage string lights. Wherever you sit with guests, hang string lights to gently brighten the scene, whether it’s a pavilion, outdoor kitchen, or even a gazebo, set the mood with string lights. Gone are the days of needing to run an extension cord across your yard; nowadays, string lights come in various power options, from rechargeable batteries, solar power, and even waterproof, keeping the activity neat and power safe.


Play up your decor and architectural details with lantern lightings. These lights are great for highlighting displayed ornaments, arch, or transom windows in the backdoor area. Lantern lights are generally shown with a fixed arm consisting of metal and glass exterior semi-flushed or mounted on the wall. To complement other backyard lighting features, opt for a clear glass covering glare-free lighting, providing a diffused ambiance.

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