Pool Heating Methods that You Should Know About

Updated December 8th, 2021

If you have plans to install a swimming pool, you are likely thinking of ways to heat it. Wanting a pool is not surprising since swimming is considered the 4th most famous sports activity in the US. There are many ways to heat your pool without having to spend a lot.

Nevertheless, you have to consider factors such as the size and type of pool you have and how frequently you use it. Continue reading to know some of the effective and known methods to heat your pool, such as heat insulation, wood-burning, and solar pool covers.

Heat Insulation

You can utilize heat insulation when building your pool to lessen heat loss. This method is commonly used in hot pots and thermos to keep the heat. As a result, foods or drinks stay hot for a longer period.

The average temperature of the ground is the same for the whole year in Canada and the US. The ideal temperature to enjoy your pool is a little higher than that. That is why you need to have fixed panel insulation around and under the base of your pool to have the right temperature.

It also helps conserve energy while keeping the water hot. A space between the pool and the ground is made through the insulation. This maintains the heat and prevents it from being lost.

Even though insulation panels are expensive because of the installation and materials needed, it is the most ideal and guaranteed way to provide insulation to your pool, making this method worth it.

Wood Burning

Using fire is a simpler and ancient way of heating your pool. You use this method by burning firewood to start a fire and using a pipe to cross the water and heat it. It is effective but can be costly since labor is needed. Moreover, you need a lot of wood to maintain the fire. Therefore, this is recommended for small pools during special events.

The materials are also more expensive because the structure of the pipes and heat exchangers is complex. This is the second-best method after insulation.

You can also opt for utilizing water from your water heater rather than wood burning. You need to keep in mind that the hot water supply must be maintained since it will cool down over time.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers are lids that collect heat from the sun but do not cause water to evaporate. As a result, the water stays longer in your pool. When you are ready to swim, you just remove the solar cover.

The issue with this is that you need to heat your pool continuously, but it can retain heat in the water overnight. You also need to wait until the next morning to heat your pool again if you remove the cover.

Solar Rings

If not fully, solar rings lower the evaporation to 10%. These are small and installed throughout your pool. These rings function as solar shields since they absorb heat and transfer it to the pool.

They are easy to set up and use since you just need to put them in your pool, and they will start working. You do not need to do any measurements or alterations. When you are using your pool, there is no need to remove them to enjoy continuous heat.

Solar Panels

Solar panels change heat into electricity. Then, the electricity can be used to operate your water heater and give you your desired water temperature in your pool fast. The installation for this pool heating method is environmentally friendly because it only utilizes energy from the sun.

Aside from being a little expensive, you also need to research how to make them work. The cost also depends on how big your pool is. A large area is also needed to install the panels so that they can effectively generate ample energy to make your water heater work. Blue Raven Solar recommends opting for a standard electric heater, but the costs will be more expensive compared to solar heaters.

Solar Mats

Solar mats are similar to solar panels. Nevertheless, solar mats collect heat from the sun and heat the water that flows through them. You should also have a water pump. These mats are recommended if you have a small pool. That is because much water is needed to be pumped in solar mats if used in a large pool.

More attention is also needed when installing these. To make your solar mats work, you need to install a complete water pump system. You need a large space to install these and a large budget. Since these do not utilize fuel to generate heat, solar mats are environmentally friendly. The disadvantage to this is that it cannot be used during cold seasons and cloudy weather.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump operates the same way as solar mats, but it does depend on the sun. Therefore, you can use it during hot weather because it only needs heat from the air. It works by absorbing heat in the air and utilizes this heat to warm the water pumped. Then, this water returns to the pool to heat the water there.

The installation is only done at a one-time expense, so heat pumps are not expensive. A water pump is the only device needed, so it only needs an open space. You do not need a large area to make heat pumps work.

You need to know that heat pumps cannot work on their own since they need a hot temperature. You can only use these from April until October. They are not functional in winter since they are not as efficient when used in low temperatures. There is also a possibility that they get damaged or jammed.


Finally, you know some of the ways to heat your pool. Put simply, they are all effective and worth the money. The most cost-effective method is using a heat pump. You can also combine it with a solar cover to have heated water for a longer time.

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