Kitchen Essentials to Have You Cooking Like a Professional Chef

Updated August 27th, 2021

You’re only as good as your tools, and that includes some of the best chefs in the world. Though talent trumps everything, it certainly makes it easy to create good dishes when you have the right tools at hand.

When people make it look easy to do, it’s usually because they have the right tools. If you love to cook, then having some simple items in your kitchen can make a huge difference. Not just in the food itself but how it frees you up to concentrate on what matters.

In this article, I will go over some basic equipment that you should have if you want to cook like a pro chef.

Knife Sharpener

Many people see cooks on TV that cut effortlessly through the toughest cuts of meat and think their knife must be expensive. Maybe it is, but the point is that you don’t need to have an expensive knife collection. You just need your knife to be sharp.

You can have an ordinary steel knife off the shelf, and if you have a sharpening stone, your knives will be brought to another level. Cutting with a properly edged knife is something everybody should experience. And you can sharpen the knife yourself once a month or so, and your cooking experience will be much nicer.

Squeeze Bottles

Timing is everything when cooking, and seconds do actually count. When a line cook is trying to juggle many dishes at the same time, he or she can’t be fumbling around trying to open a bottle of oil or wine, for instance. They use squeeze bottles for just about everything.

They literally cost pennies, and you can use them for your cooking oil, sauces, and even water to have handy so when you need to act fast, you can just squirt as much as you need in a second.

Open Shelves

A smoothly run kitchen is one that has everything they need handy and organized. Cabinets are not great to have as it is difficult to organize yourself well. Instead, go with a stainless steel shelving unit. You may be nervous about having your pots and pans exposed like that, but if you keep it organized, it will look neat. And the whole point is to be organized, so nothing to worry about.

Cast Iron Pans and Pots

Having control over your fire is essential, and your pans and pots have a lot to do with that. Choose cast iron and watch how much better your food comes out. Since they heat evenly and retain heat well, they give you a lot of control without any surprises.

When it comes to searing meats, you can’t beat cast iron skillets. And making stews that cook low and slow is best done in a cast-iron Dutch oven. The best part is that these vessels will last a lifetime. Look for old ones to restore in flea markets and save a bundle.

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