Hacking Your Home to Put Modest Kitchen Space to Use

Updated July 13th, 2022

Americans are rejecting the huge mansions of the 00s and looking toward smaller, focused homes. This is the view of the Wall Street Journal, who have noted astonishing competition in the small home space, with both aging seniors and new young couples wanting these smaller spaces. With urban apartment footage also shrinking, there’s a need now for families to make the most out of what they have – and kitchens are often the first areas to lose footage. Luckily, with the internet and smart modern tools at home, even an apparently constrictive space can be deployed to support a happy and productive lifestyle.

Improving your cleaning game

One benefit of small properties is that they are quick and easier to clean. They also help in completing other cleaning tasks in a quicker order. A good example is the washing machine; far from simply a device to wash clothes, it can also be used to clean shoes, disinfect sponges, and even defrost foods quickly. As CNet highlights, with smart washer bags to prevent loose items from spilling out, you can use the washing machine as an all-in-one center for cleaning, whether it be small toys, pillows or mousepads.

Making life easier

The next step in making your kitchen work for small property life is bringing in smart devices. As USA Today highlights, the latest iteration of smart kitchen appliances brings amazing functionality to the home. They can help to minimize electricity usage by smartly distributing energy or providing warnings if, for instance, the fridge door has been left open; and they can help to fine-tune the daily schedule, whether that be by providing alerts when the washing machine is likely to be done, or the oven, or even the simple microwave. They help with maintenance, too. Many modern smart appliances have self-diagnostics to assist homeowners.

Installing smart space

Smart space refers not to high-tech digital devices but to the creative use of space. Many fitted kitchens conform to this standard now and include smartly engineered cabinets and draws that use the void space behind them, which is often wasted in kitchens – or inaccessible due to the need to stack items in front of such spaces.

There are also concepts such as the use of extra surfaces for sitting, cooking, and placing items, and the use of floating shelves and hanging elements, like you, might see in a professional kitchen.

Every space is different, but a round-up of some of the most unique ideas by Good Housekeeping magazine highlights where innovation can take place. One idea particularly focused on is the use of the inside of cupboard doors, whether for hanging items or for putting up chalkboards with instructions, recipes, shopping lists, and so on.

The effect of building a small but highly focused kitchen is psychological well-being. Minimalism has helped people to enjoy their spaces for years and to truly fall in love with everything they have.

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