How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Trip

Updated June 14th, 2021

Many people started to travel by car last year, and you guess why. Minimal social interactions during your trip are the key advantage of it in the present situation. It’s enough to have one, even a short car trip, to fall in love with it forever, we guarantee it. Moreover, when you travel by car, you’re a guide who explores new places, you’re a driver who decides where you’ll go. Being a master of your fate is the greatest happiness. However, a large percentage of people are afraid of this trip, and let’s explore why.

Cars are unpredictable. If you drive around the city and your car works well, no one guarantees it won’t break during your trip. And those who don’t understand how it all works can’t fix the problem and have to find a way to go back home. Other people are afraid to get in a car accident, and so on. That’s why it’s very difficult to explain to them that preparations for such a trip cause only positive emotions and make you feel the fuss and excitement that please you.

You’re tired of work and domestic duties but haven’t planned a trip? Take your car and go wherever you want. But before you do it, consider checking our guide for all newbies in the car traveling. We’ll help you understand what details need your attention, and, as a result, you’ll plan your first perfect road trip and will change your attitude towards it.

Check the fluids

If you’re an experienced driver, you check them even without our note, but we couldn’t omit this step because we don’t know who’ll read it. Keep in mind the distance you plan to drive: it will help you define what fluid needs to be refilled and what doesn’t need. Here are the fluids you must check:

  • De-icing or radiator fluid. It’s crucial for your car because it helps to cool your engine from the excess heat. Different cars use different amounts of cooler, so we can’t advise you how often you need to add new liquid.
  • Oil. This one is the most important liquid because it ensures the smooth work of all parts of your engine. If you remember that you’ve filled it recently and the level is low again, your engine may need repair.
  • Transmission fluid. Those who own new cars may not need to fill the level of this fluid. It can last really long. Consult a car mechanic to understand what you should do.
  • Brake fluid. Do you want your brakes to fail at the most dangerous moment? Buy fresh fluid and flush the system.
  • Washer or windshield fluid. Weather sometimes is unpredictable, so your windows may get dirty faster than you’ve imagined, so you can’t start a trip without this liquid.

Do your routine maintenance

Does your car have details that should be replaced? Preparation for a trip is the best time to do some general maintenance if you don’t mind. Test your battery, replace brake pads, check the belts because it’s your safety. When did you replace an air filter? Don’t you remember? Replace it now. What about inside lights and headlights?

Care about tires

Car owners often forget to change tires because they don’t consider their work significant. Thinking this way, they make a huge mistake. If you don’t understand how to check tires, drive to a car servicing depot and ask a mechanic to do it for you for the first time. It’s necessary to check air pressure, rotation, and condition. Buy a new set of tires if you see lots of damaged areas on tires. Make sure you have an extra tire.

Can you replace a wheel?

You can’t know what will happen to you and your car during this trip, and replacing a wheel should be a basic skill of any driver who decides to start a long car trip. If you don’t have someone to show it to you, again, consult a mechanic or at least use YouTube guides and life hacks.

Do some cleaning

Driving a dirty car full of trash is not a pleasure. Wash the car, and tidy up inside. How long ago did you do a big cleanup? Clean up your seats, instrument panel, floor mats, and places where you often store food or other things. Don’t forget about the car trunk, it’s a place for your luggage, and it should remain clean.

We’ve listed only the main aspects of preparation that are of crucial importance. Now, all that’s left is to gather all the clothes and goods, pack them and place them in your car to see whether you can take them all or not. Don’t forget about the place for sleep. The car isn’t the most comfortable one, and a tent should be set up. What about a rooftop tent? Check the xtm roof top tent review, and you’ll want to take it on your trip.

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