Essential Items That You Should Always Have in Your Car

Updated June 6th, 2023

Nobody plans to go to work or go on a long commute and breakdown. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided. Breakdowns happen and often those who are affected situations are made worse when they are not equipped properly. There is a whole multitude of things that you can pack to help you out when you are going through this awful time. You may not ever need to use them, but you will be grateful to have them if you need them. Here are a few items you should always pack in your car.

Battery and System tester

While this item may seem a little over the top for your daily commute, it is essential for helping you to maintain your battery maintenance for your car. A digital battery and system tester can help you test 12-volt batteries, starting systems, and charging systems. If you feel like your car battery is at the end of its life, it is helpful to have a tool that can check if it is just drained of power or if there is an issue with the starting or charging system. This device will be able to help you diagnose the problem before it becomes a huge issue.

Touch-up Tool Kits

A touch-up tool kit can be a lifesaver when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. Whether it’s a small scratch or a chip in the paint, these kits provide an easy and convenient solution for quick touch-ups. A touch-up paint kit typically includes everything you need to fix minor paint damage, such as paint pens or brushes, a clear coat, and sandpaper. With the right touch-up kit, you can address those unsightly blemishes before they worsen and potentially lead to more extensive repairs. It’s a practical tool to have in your arsenal, ensuring that your car looks its best and maintains its value

Your Car Manual

Every time you purchase a car, it comes with a manual. Now while most drivers will think that they know every warning light and what every button does, this will likely not be the case. Car manufacturers have added many new car features over the years, and they all differ slightly in each car. You must know what all of your car’s warning lights are and that you know what kind of maintenance you need to perform to keep the car running smoothly. The manual will include helpful information such as ideal tire pressure and the type of bulbs that you need.

Spare Tire and Jack

One of the most common occurrences of a breakdown is a puncture to your tire. It is why it is essential that you have a spare with you. If you have bought your car new, then you should have received a spare tire with it. If you didn’t, then it is worth buying one, along with a wrench and a car jack. You should also learn how to change a tire!

Jump Leads

The other most common way of breaking down is through a flat battery. This can happen more often in cold weather. However, you have no need to fear a flat battery if you have jump leads with you. As long as you can track down a helpful bystander, you can use their car to jump-start yours. Again, it is useful to know how to do this, so you aren’t stuck with all of the gear but have no idea.

Essentials for Your Car

There are plenty of different items out there that you could pack depending on what kind of trip you are taking. However, it is always useful to have a kit made up in the trunk that will help you get out of the most common situations.

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