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Updated March 15th, 2020
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So, you fancy yourself a bit of a specialist when it comes to meat smoking? But you’ve reached the point where you need to get out and show the world how good your smoked meat can truly taste. Well, we have the answers for you! This article will review the best smoker trailer reviews from around the web.

bbq-partyWhichever it is, you’re ready to take this show on the road. You’ve seen the advertisements where seasoned barbecue Masterchefs offer their services to cook up the most succulent meat for anyone’s next big shindig. Whether it be an outdoor wedding, a big birthday bash or the annual family gathering, you can provide the dosh.

You need the extra cash, you have the best smoker on the market and your Smoker Master status, and so you’re game. But, how will you get that big lug of a smoker to the desired venue, without taking it apart completely? A smoker trailer is your answer!

Our Best Smoker Trailers

If you’re like us and you like to be assured of what you are buying, try these options on Amazon. They are not custom made but you can, with a few adjustments, make them work for you.

Haul Master Capacity Utility Trailer


If you’re going to primarily use your smoker for travelling with, then you could bolt it securely to this utility trailer.

This cost effective trailer is made from heavy-duty steel with a baked enamel finish. With all round positive feedback, you can make this trailer work.

Yutrax TX158 ATV Utility Trailer

smoker-trailer-options_02 If you want more room for the extras you need to take along, like serving table, serving utensils, wood or perhaps you’re providing the music as well, this baby will do you well.

With a heavy-duty steel construction, removable side rails and tailgate, you can haul that smoker up and out in no time. The bed tilts and pivots for easy loading and unloading as well. This trailer has a 1250 lbs. load capacity, so nice to know if you’re loading extras along with your smoker. Use some cable ties or for a more permanent fixture, bolt your smoker to this baby.

Impact Implements ATV/UTV Off-Road Tilt Bed Trailer

smoker-trailer-options_03Another sturdy trailer from Impact Implements, this baby not only looks good, but also has a high impact, polyethylene tub and wrap around steel frame.

The quick release latch and tilt trailer makes for easy off and on loading, but if you can still leave your smoker in there and cook away. Load capacity is 1500 lbs. so she can carry quite a bit. On the pricey side but you will know you getting a solid trailer for your smoker.

DIY Option

There are many designs online and most people are quite willing to make their personal designs public, either by way of a YouTube Video or detailed plans. So just scout the web for the best smoker trailers and you’re sure to find what you need. For your ease, we’ve sourced two that we found quite impressive. This clever guy built his trailer out of junk. Quite ingenious but we would like to see how long it lasted please:

Another DIY fellow shows us photo by photo, as he builds his own Barbecue Smoker Trailer. Some people have so much talent!

Old trailer

You could also just buy a rundown old trailer and pimp it up to suit your smoker, like this creative man did. He claims to have bought it from a junk yard for $20! And we have to say he did a really good job!

So, for that extra bit of cash, you can utilize your ever-growing skills as the best Masterchef of Smoking, and get mobile with your smoker and a trailer. For those who haven’t seen our guide for the best propane smoker, please jump over and take a look, well worth the read.

Dependent on the size of your smoker, you can either rely on your other skill as the DIY King or go in search of a trailer on the internet. Whether you decide to build your own or buy the best smoker trailer outright, there is a smoker trailer out there waiting for you.

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