5 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle from Damage

Updated September 9th, 2022
Protect Vehicle from Damage

Our vehicles can be considered one of our most significant yearly expenses. When you factor in aspects such as fuel, maintenance, registration, and parking, it can add up to cost thousands of dollars.

With such a heavy drain on your finances, it makes sense that you want to keep your car in good condition. The better you care for it, the more you can make back in the future.

In this article, we are going to discuss five tips that you can follow to protect your vehicle from damage.

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Invest in great insurance

As you may already know, insurance is critical if you own a vehicle. It provides coverage in the event of an accident and can also pay for damage caused by weather events such as hailstorms.

If you haven’t reviewed your policy in a while, now is a perfect time. You can use this car insurance calculator to get an estimate based on your location and zip code.

Keep it undercover

You wouldn’t leave a priceless treasure outside in the rain, so keep that in mind when thinking about your vehicle. By storing it undercover, you’re protecting it from weather damage.

It’s not just the wet you need to be concerned about either. Even the heat can cause your paint to peel, crack and fade.

You can find some other tips to help fix sun damage here.

Practice regular maintenance

Most car owners have probably heard of the term preventative maintenance. In short, it’s maintenance that you do on your vehicle before an issue arises to help reduce the need for repairs.

Some types of preventative maintenance that you should consider doing include:

  • Checking your oil and fluid levels.
  • Checking your tire pressure.
  • Rotating your tires.
  • Replacing spark plugs.

Be careful where you park

We already talked about storing your vehicle undercover, but it’s still important to consider where you park on a daily basis. When you’re out and about, there could be certain situations that are best avoided.

For example, you should stay clear of construction zones or any other areas with debris. You may also want to choose spots that aren’t crowded or near too many other vehicles to avoid being hit.

Keep it locked

Finally, while it might seem a little obvious, ensure that you keep your car locked at all times! Whether you’re ducking into the grocery store for a few minutes or parking it in your own backyard, it’s always better to be careful.

To further reduce the risk of break-ins, it’s also wise to keep valuables out of sight. Instead, store important items in your glovebox, or better yet – take them with you.

Final words

And that’s it! These are five tips that you should follow to protect your vehicle from damage. It might seem like a lot to take in, but each step will ensure that your asset retains its value.

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