5 Most Necessary Fall Garden Care Tips

Updated September 16th, 2021

Fall is the best time for many outdoor projects, and it’s so nice to accomplish them when the sun isn’t burning anymore! Besides, you should do all the necessary preparations for the winter season. Catch this fall yard care checklist not to miss anything.

1. Deal With Leaves

There are so many things to do with fallen leaves!

  • Clear them from everywhere – of course, most leaves fall down to the ground, which is a job for the best leaf blower, but they can also get into the drains and any other hollows around the yard. Do your best to remove them all to avoid complications in the winter.
  • Use the collected leaves for a good cause – once you’ve gathered all the fallen leaves, you can either dispose of them or use them to cover flower beds for extra insulation from harsh winter weather. Another option is to mulch them for faster decomposition and more effective fertilization.

2. Prepare the Lawn for Winter

It’s necessary to trim down your lawn grass short for winter to reduce the probability of disease when the snow melts and over-moisturize the surface. Do the “final cut” in late fall and let the lawn rest from the stress until spring. Besides, you have to fertilize it twice per fall, in October and November to help it survive winter in the best condition. If you see any dead patches, you should reseed or replace them in early September so that they can root well before cold weather hits.

3. Restore Soil pH and Nutrient Balance

The summer season can be very tiresome for the soil, so you need to test pH levels and nutrient balance in several spots around the garden and add in enough fertilizer if needed. Use pH tester and home or lab soil nutrient testing.

4. Remove Tired Plants

Similar to lawn reseeding, you can replace tired perennial plants with new ones. It’s very convenient to work in the fall, and the roots will have enough time to strengthen before the soil starts to freeze.

5. Trim Trees & Shrubs

Inspect all the trees before the leaves start to fall to identify dead branches. You need to remove them before the early fall. It’s also necessary to shape all the shrubs so that they harden the limbs before winter.

Your Garden Deserves Happiness!

Now you know what you can and should do in your garden this fall, so you don’t have the moral right to leave your plants and soil without top-tier care! Save this checklist to bookmarks and give your yard the love it deserves.

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