DIY Methods or Drain Unblocking Services: Which One Is Best?

Updated August 21st, 2021

Do you think you have a blocked drain? There are a lot of signs to look out for that indicate there could be a problem with your drainage system. For example, there can be a bad odor present, and this can be especially true when you run water. Then, the water might be draining away slowly, and it might be disappearing at all. When there is a complete blockage, this is when you know that you have a problem.

At this point, this is when people start to panic and know they have to do something. The first thing people do is try to fix the problem themselves. But, it is important not to ignore the dangers of doing this. It is always recommended that you choose professional drain unblocking services to fix the issue. Let’s take a look at why.

DIY Methods – Doing More Harm than good?

When we talk about DIY methods and unblocking drains, we are referring to purchasing products and attempting to clear them yourself. If you are new to unblocking drains, this simply is not recommended. You are not going to have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done. You really can do more harm than good.

If you go to your local store, you are going to find a lot of cleaning products available. In particular, there will be products that claim they can unblock the drains in your house. But, think about it; if these cheap products worked, why would drain unblocking services exist? The truth is, a lot of these cheap products do not help when you have a bad blockage. While it might be possible to get rid of small issues, they are not going to work for blockages that have built up over time.

One of the main reasons to avoid DIY methods for unblocking your drain is the potential damage you can cause. You may not use the right DIY tools and most products you can purchase in stores contain corrosive and harsh chemicals. This can do more harm than good. Namely, it can damage the pipes and drains in your property’s system. So, while you may think that you are trying to solve the problem, you can actually be making it worse. Not only do a lot of them not work, but they can do more damage than you are going to have to have repaired later on.

Ultimately, most people attempt DIY methods when they have a blockage because they want to save time and money. But, in reality, you can be wasting both of these things. You can spend time looking for the right product and going out to buy it, only to discover it has not worked with the blockage. Then there is money. You can spend more than you think purchasing products, and when they do not work, it is simply a waste.

Calling in the Professionals – Can they Fix the Problem?

So, if DIY methods are capable of doing damage, not resolve the blockage, and waste money, what is the answer? The best thing you can do is choose professional drain unblocking services. A lot of companies will have an emergency service you can use that is going to allow the drain blockage to be clear quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes, you need to know when it is best to leave a job to an expert. Indeed, this is something you should do if you have an issue with your drains. They are going to have years of training and experience to know what the problem is and how to fix it without causing any damage. They will have all of the right tools too, which means that you have no extra expenses to worry about.

Often, the problem with a drain blockage is further down into the pipes. This is something that you cannot see. But, with professionals, they are going to be able to survey the area and even send down cameras to see what the problem is. Again, this allows them to choose the right solution for the issue.

Are Drain Unblocking Services the Answer?

When you have a problem with your drains, it is recommended that you choose the experts. They are going to be able to find out what the issue is and know the best way to remedy it. A lot of homeowners are under the illusion that these services are costly. But, they are often more affordable than you think. This is particularly true if you try the DIY method and damage the pipework.

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