Who to Call When Things Go Wrong

Updated April 4th, 2023

Sometimes, when we least need them to, things start to go wrong in our homes. Whether it is the heating not working, a leak in the kitchen sink or bathroom, or a hole in the roof. So many things can go wrong in a home without any real cause. General wear and tear and the age of the house can have a significant effect.

When things go wrong, who do you call? Your landlord, a parent, or a professional?  A professional will always be the best course of action when you are responsible for the repair.

We can often afford to fix issues within the house. There are times when the cost can be more than we anticipated; however, some companies will offer a payment plan for some services, like a boiler replacement.

In this article, we will discuss the best course of action if something goes wrong and you need a repair fast

Boiler went wrong

Boilers often have a lifespan of 10-15 years, and this means at some point in your life, you will need to replace your boiler. Even boilers that are serviced regularly can and will need to be replaced at some point. When this happens, you need to call a plumber, such as plumbing experts at LiveSG.com.au, or a gas specialist.

Plumbers can help with boilers in some situations; however, you will need a plumber who has experience with boilers, as not all will have. It is worth finding a specialist who has experience with boilers and works with a 24-hour call-out. So if it is winter and your heating stops working at 8 pm, you know you have someone to call.

Plumbing problems?

When something goes wrong with your plumbing and you can’t give it an easy repair yourself, your best call is a plumber, like Sunshine Coast plumbing. Someone who you can call out in an emergency, like a flood. As with your boiler, your plumber is likely to be on call in case of an emergency. You will likely get a quote on the phone, but this is likely to change depending on the extent of your issue. If it is a blocked drain, it will cost less than a burst pipe, for example.

Roof problems

When there has been a storm, and your roof is missing shingles, or a hole has appeared, your best person to call is a specialist.  A company with good experience that works in replacing and repairing roofs. Again you should find someone who can be called out at any time and someone who offers free consultation and will give you a price before doing the work. It is not worth paying more than you need when someone else may do it for less. Another tip when looking at a roof repair, find a company that will work with your insurance company.

Unlike with plumbing and gas problems, it is unlikely you will be able to call for a roof repair 24 hours a day, and more likely, you will have to call during office hours. This will not stop you from emailing for help or advice but don’t expect an immediate reply.

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