5 Easy Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Appliances

Updated November 6th, 2020

Your kitchen is among the most important and functional rooms in a home, and the appliances it holds are also a major part of your investment. Whether it’s the stove, the fridge, or the dishwasher, these valuable possessions make your life easier and more comfortable. To keep functioning properly, save money, and last longer, kitchen appliances need to be maintained. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your kitchen appliances well maintained for better function and improved longevity.

Don’t Stress About Functionality

When buying an appliance, it is crucial to understand its work limits. If it is set for two functions, do not expect it to magically handle a fourth, fifth, or sixth function. For instance, if you purchased a microwave for warming and defrosting food, do not expect it to grill chicken or cook pizza. Putting the chicken in the microwave will result in overheating, and you could even endanger yourself, as the appliance could explode.

Clean Properly

When it comes to kitchen appliances, cleaning is not debatable. There are no shortcuts to having clean appliances. Cleaning your fridge with soap and water is not a bad idea, but it is best if you touched it up with some warm water and vinegar. Vinegar clears any odors, leaving it with a fresh scent that food can accommodate. On the other hand, some soaps are too strong and can bleach or cause some fridge parts to fade.

Involve a Technician

Even amidst advancements in technology, DIY has become part of our culture. However, some things such as appliance repair and troubleshooting are best left to the experts. The technicians at Certified Mechanical, can provide maintenance services for a wide range of appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, and cookers, as well as bigger units like HVAC systems. For your own safety, always involve a technician. After all, fixing home appliances yourself might end up costing you more than getting a new one in the first place.

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection can help reduce utility bills in your home. It can make a huge difference in how your appliances function and how long they last. It is part of the maintenance routine, and it involves checking if the fridge is leaking, changing the gas pipe, and replacing the grinder rubber before it wears off. Prevention is always better than having to replace your appliances outright. It can be very intimidating that when you are about to blend a delicious smoothie for your guests, the blender stops working because the leaking jug has caused harm to the motor.

As you can tell from above, maintenance is an ongoing process. It involves keeping tabs on your kitchen appliances to ensure they are in tip-top shape. Do not forget to involve a professional whenever you are not sure how to go about some of these maintenance tasks.

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  1. Thanks for the tip that cleaning the area first will make it easier to plan out which appliances to buy for a kitchen. My mom would be living with me starting next year so I’d like to prepare the kitchen for her since she likes spending her retirement working on different recipes. Hopefully, I can find affordable appliances for during the holidays.

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