4 Ways How a Home Aquarium Can Change the Mood of a Room

Updated May 17th, 2021

Home aquariums come in many shapes and sizes. From custom made built-in tanks to smaller, less obvious ones, they can enhance the look and mood of a home. Perhaps you want to create a stunning centerpiece to enhance contemporary décor or provide a focal point to an otherwise neutral room.  Home aquariums, if properly planned, can be a truly breath-taking addition. They will not only change the aesthetics of a room but can also change the feeling you get from each space. Here are 4 ways that a home aquarium can change the mood of a room.

Creating a bright and happy space

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted with a spectacular wall to wall aquarium. Bright and colorful lights bouncing off the glass amidst an array of different species of fish. It can bring a real wow factor to any home. Instead of using cushions and accessories to add color pops, why not go one step further and use fish instead! Many people like to add a framed border around their built-in aquariums as a non-verbal suggestion that it is a beautiful piece of art. Aquariums can create a really happy and positive mood in any home.

A relaxing and peaceful haven

Many aquarists say that watching their fish brings a true feeling of peace and relaxation. If you have had a bad day at the office or have been stressed with the kids, spending an hour or so in your living room, relaxing and watching these beautiful creatures swimming around can bring a real feeling of calm. Many tanks can be fitted with soft led lighting which, coupled with some succulent planting, can create an extremely tranquil and welcoming living space.

Stress-free zone

Stress is very common these days and so having a space in your home to use a retreat can bring many benefits. Studies indicate that aquariums can help to relieve the effects of stress. Watching the movements of the fish and planting, together with the sounds of the bubbling water filter can be very calming. Studies suggest that adding an aquarium to your room can not only reduce stress levels and calm the heart but can reduce high blood pressure too.

An element of surprise

If you want to design a space in your home that has an element of fun, consider using an aquarium to do something a little quirky but also functional. Instead of adding a run of the mill aquarium that some may find mediocre, why not use an aquarium as a funky room divider. If you want something even more functional, you can make an aquarium coffee table! Both are sure to offer an element of surprise and will lighten the mood of any room.

Aquariums don’t take up much space and require little maintenance. Adding one or even several to your home will not only bring many health benefits but can make your home one of character and surprise.

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