6 Cool Ideas for The Perfect Gallery Wall

Updated April 3rd, 2024

Gallery walls speak a story in every home, so it makes sense why they have gained so much traction in such a limited amount of time. If you are considering creating a gallery wall of your own at your home, the key is to have all the relevant ideas in place.

You can always rely on Poster Store to sort you out with all the best-quality prints that you can use to spruce up the look of the space in no time at all. However, the way you plan and design the space is entirely on you.

We will walk you through a list of all the cool ideas that you can implement to get the perfect gallery wall in no time at all.

1. Go for a monochromatic look

Some people have this misconception that monochromatic looks are only black and white. And, while that’s moody and aesthetic, monochromatic is the aesthetic of the same color on the wall, meaning it could be the same color palette. For this, we’d recommend looking into minimalistic yet artsy prints to decorate the gallery wall.

2. Go all out with maximalist design

If you are the entire opposite of the minimalistic design, you have to go all out. For this, you can select bold and eclectic designs for the gallery wall to add an explosion of colors, patterns, and texture. You can include vibrant botanical prints, quirky postcards, travel prints, and more. Also, asymmetry is another aspect that’s worth paying attention to.

3. Showcase your travel escapades

Another amazing inclusion that makes for great gallery wall art is to include prints of your travel escapades. This includes postcards, letters, and even prints that will showcase the kind of experiences that you have acquired along the way.

4. Personal stories that showcase your life

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be solely aesthetic; it can be a deeply personal narrative. You can go ahead and spruce up the wall with some family photos and concert photos like no other. Also, the artworks like paintings, sketches, and even handwritten notes make the whole look even better.

5. DIY elements

Sometimes, you can go out of your way to showcase your talent and artistic prowess on a gallery wall, further adding a level of premium look to the home. You can add painted canvases or even some embroidery elements that further add to the overall look of the space. Also, macrame wall hangings make a great addition too.

6. Add some frames

The last element that elevates the look of the gallery wall is to addition of some artsy frames in the mixture. It can showcase family photos or you can add something similar and abstract to the wall. What you have to do is find the right kind of frames and elements in your home.


There is no standard when it comes to a gallery wall, so you have complete reign over how you can decorate the space like no other. So, the key is to find a good space where you can decorate the gallery wall to your liking.

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