Top Laundry Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

Updated August 19th, 2023

Doing laundry takes up a huge chunk of time and money. It’s often viewed as an arduous chore, something that you just have to get through each week or month. But did you know that there are ways to make it easier on yourself? With the right tips and secrets, you can take some hassle out of doing laundry so that it won’t take all your precious free time or drain your wallet for you to stay looking good!

Read on for our top list of hacks aimed at making your laundry days quicker, simpler, cheaper – and maybe even more fun!

How To Know What Advice Is Good?

It’s important to know which advice is good and which isn’t when it comes to laundry. The team behind Organizing.TV says that before you trust any hack, make sure it comes from a reliable source; otherwise, you might risk damaging your clothes or wasting money. A good rule of thumb is to follow the instructions provided with the item itself – be it an article of clothing, a washing machine, or a detergent – as these are the ones most likely to be correct.

Sorting Success

Properly sorting your laundry before washing can save you countless hours and protect your clothes from unnecessary wear and tear. The most common way to sort laundry is by color: whites, light colors, and darks. But did you know you can also sort by fabric type and soil level?

For example, sturdy fabrics like jeans or workout clothes can be washed together, and heavily soiled items should be washed separately to prevent dirt from spreading. Remember, overloading your washer can lead to less effective washing, so resist the temptation to cram everything in at once. This simple hack of sorting and organizing your laundry can certainly save you time, and money, and preserve the life of your beloved garments.

Pre-Treat Like a Pro

Stains are often the most dreaded aspect of laundry. However, with a little knowledge and the correct approach, you can effectively tackle these stubborn spots. Pre-treating your clothes is an excellent way to get ahead of the game. As soon as a spill occurs, it’s best to act immediately. If possible, apply a little cold water and gently blot (never rub!) the stain.

For more persistent stains, consider using a homemade pre-treatment solution. A mixture of baking soda and water can work wonders on various stains, while a solution of vinegar and water can help remove odors and brighten colors. For tough grease stains, a small amount of dish soap can break down the oils and lift the stain.

Power of Cold Water

The temperature at which you wash your clothes can have a significant impact on both your utility bills and the longevity of your garments. Washing clothes in cold water is not only an energy-saving measure but can also be gentler on your clothes. Hot water can cause colors to fade more quickly, and certain fabrics to shrink or warp. In contrast, cold water keeps colors vibrant for longer and reduces the risk of shrinkage.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, modern detergents are designed to perform excellently at lower temperatures. This means your clothes will still get thoroughly cleaned, even if you’re not using hot water. So next time you load up your washing machine, consider turning that dial towards the colder settings. Your wallet, wardrobe and the environment will thank you for it!

Load Optimization

Optimizing your washer and dryer loads can significantly speed up your laundry process and improve your appliances’ overall efficiency. While it’s tempting to stuff your washer and dryer full to save time, this strategy can backfire. Overloading can inhibit the cleaning process, cause wear and tear on your machines, and even result in damp clothes after a drying cycle.

Instead, aim for medium-sized loads where clothing has enough space to move around. This allows the detergent and water to circulate better and clean your clothes more effectively. When it comes to drying, a dryer works by circulating hot air through your clothes, so they need room to tumble. Overloading the dryer not only slows down the drying process but also consumes more energy.

Skip the Ironing

Ironing is yet another tedious laundry chore that takes up precious time and energy. But it’s not always necessary when you know the right tricks! There are some simple ways to reduce wrinkles and get your clothes looking presentable without having to break out the ironing board.

For instance, if you hang clothes straight out of the dryer, they’ll be less likely to wrinkle. If there are a few stubborn wrinkles, try spritzing them with water and then letting them air dry. It’s also a good idea to invest in clothing made from fabrics like wool or linen that don’t easily crease and require less ironing.

Getting creative with your laundry routine can save you time, money, and energy – all while keeping your clothes looking sharp. From sorting in your laundry basket to pre-treating and using cold water to optimizing loads, these hacks will make your next laundry day a breeze!

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