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Updated March 12th, 2020
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One of these top-rated household essentials belongs in your laundry room.

Laundry. Love it or hate it, it’s a fact of life. And owning at least one decent laundry basket is an effective strategy for making laundry time less of a chore.

In this article, we’re going to review a string of popular laundry baskets. There’s tons of variety here, so no matter your home aesthetic, household size or laundering style, there’ll be something for you to buy. For accurate comparisons, we divide the baskets up into categories. We compare them based on aspects like price, size, durability, comfort and aesthetics. Then we name the top performer in each category.

Please keep in mind that we’re covering laundry baskets here, not laundry hampers. The difference is slight, but essentially, hampers are meant for storing laundry, while baskets are meant for transporting it. Actually, you can use any of the baskets here as hampers, too, but none of them have lids.

Best Laundry Baskets – Our Review


Plastic laundry baskets are generally functional rather than beautiful. They’re light, hardy, well aerated, and often have molded handles or bodies that prioritize comfort. Each of the plastic baskets we review here are wonderfully convenient, for different reasons.

Here they are:

  1. Rubbermaid Hip Hugger
  2. Starplast Tall Flex
  3. SAMMART Collapsible

Rubbermaid Hip Hugger

This laundry basket is all about comfort. It boasts thick, round handles on three sides, and a lovely curve in the remaining side that does just what the name suggests: it fits conveniently around your hips. This means that there are no sharp corners pressing into your torso or side when you’re lugging around that heavy, freshly washed laundry.

A common problem with plastic baskets is that as the years pass the plastic weakens, until eventually they crack. However, this basket lasts for years, if kept out of the sun. And there are tons of slats for keeping wet or still-damp laundry fresh. It is the most expensive plastic basket here… but it’s top quality and well worth it.

However, this is not a large basket. At 9.38 by 25.75 by 17.75, I’d say the size is moderate. If you have a smaller household, or can only carry middling to light loads, this is an excellent size for you. Unlike the SANMART below it also can’t fold up in any way, so when it’s empty, it sits around and takes up space. And there’s only one color available.

Three comfortable handles

 Curved on one side


 Plenty of slats for airing laundry

 Can only carry average size load

 Most expensive plastic basket on this list

 Can’t fold

 Only one color

Starplast Tall Flex

This basket is huge compared to the others in this category. It can carry up to around two average sized loads of laundry. Because the base is pretty firm it can’t fold completely flat, but the sides are flexible, so it’s the easiest plastic basket here to store. It’s lined with an enormous number of oval-shaped holes, which provide excellent aeration and let you see what’s inside: always a bonus in a big basket. Plus, it helps to keep this item wonderfully light.

Aesthetically, it’s also the prettiest plastic basket here. It’s entirely a clean white, with none of the chunky functional bits sported by most plastic laundry baskets.

However, this does make it uncomfortable to use: it’s the only genuinely uncomfortable plastic basket here. The handles are thin and cut into your fingers when the basket is weighed down with laundry. Sadly, they also have the tendency to crack.

This basket is the cheapest in this category. And I’d have to say that what with all the advantages it does offer, it’s a bargain. Just don’t purchase it if you’ll find the painfully thin handles a significant problem.

Pleasant looking


 Plenty of holes for airing laundry

 Flexible sides help with storage


 Thin handles are uncomfortable

 Handles crack

 Only one color

SAMMART Oval Collapsible

In the function department, this basket has truly got you covered.

It’s big. Not quite as spacious as the Starplast, but it can comfortably hold a large load of laundry. It boasts the same three, comfortable round handles as the Rubbermaid, as well the accommodating curve in the remaining side. And there’s three color options: a grey, and then a cheery light purple or sky blue. It’s durable – it should stand heavy duty use for a few years – and while it’s not a bargain like the Starplast, it’s less expensive than the Rubbermaid.

The feature that stands about this basket, though, is the variable size. The sides are pliable rubber, and it can fold twice: down to a shallow basket that’s 3.1 inches high (a drop of nearly 8 inches), or flat. It’s the easiest plastic basket to store. This ups the functionality enormously.

The only downside here is that there are very few holes for aeration. There’s a single line of openings along the base, and that’s all. Fortunately, the fact that the basket is wide rather than deep does help to combat the lack of air flow somewhat.



 Three comfortable handles

 Curved on one side

 Can fold into a shallower basket

 Can fold flat for storage

 Three color options

 Few holes for aeration

 Not as cheap as the Starplast Tall Flex

Winner of the Plastic category: the SAMMART Oval Collapsible


Fabric laundry baskets are a wonderful compromise between beauty and function. Most fabric baskets don’t detract from a room’s aesthetic, but they’re still light and durable. Don’t expect a fabric basket to be as firm and sturdy as a plastic basket, though: they tend to crumple or lose their shape. They also offer minimal air flow for keeping that laundry fresh.

Here are the baskets we’ll review in this section:

  1. Caroeas Rolling Laundry Basket
  2. TIBAOLOVER Waterproof Canvas Bucket
  3. Chrislley Collapsible Laundry Backpack

Caroeas Rolling Laundry Basket

This basket has a clean, minimal aesthetic, and offers tons of wonderful functionality. Sadly, there are still a few downsides.

It is the only basket here to boast wheels. If lugging a long, heavy object by a couple of thin handles isn’t your style (who can blame you), you can simply roll it through the house to the washing machine. The handles themselves are short and thin, so don’t expect to be able to sling this basket over your shoulder.

There is another major advantage when it comes to transporting your laundry. This basket is lined with a mesh drawstring bag. When it’s full, you can tighten it, pop it out and carry it through to your laundry room. The firmer rectangular surround can be used when you’re folding dry laundry, or for storing dirty laundry in your bedroom or bathroom.

When it comes to looks, the basket is tall, narrow, and simple. There are 4 minimalist color options. The size is average – large enough to service a moderate sized household. And, it can fold flat, for easy storage.

Now for the drawbacks I mentioned. The basket’s frame is not as sturdy as one would hope: it buckles a little. As the most expensive basket in this category, this leaves something to be desired, especially since you’ll need to push and pull on the frame in order to use the wheels. And the canvas fabric isn’t waterproof, though it will dry fast enough when it’s empty.

Overall, though, this basket is a great buy for its price, and boasts an aesthetic that would fit in almost anywhere.

Clean, simple aesthetic

 Four color options


 Removable mesh drawstring lining

 Can fold for storage

 Canvas isn’t waterproof

 Frame can buckle

 Most expensive item in this category

 Minimal aeration

 Low visibility for finding items

TIBAOLOVER Waterproof Canvas Bucket

This laundry basket is all about the aesthetic.

There are 40 different decorative patterns and prints you can choose from. The variety is astounding. Most of the pattern options sport a graphic print or pattern on a clean white base. A few feature a soft grey base color. Patterns range from cute and colorful, to calm and classic, to subtle and minimalist: there’s something here for every room and décor style.

Functionality isn’t as well thought out as with the other baskets in this category, though. There are no wheels, and there’s no removable drawstring lining. Some buyers complain that the basket arrived with crumpled fabric, and they had to shape the circular wire base and top themselves. There are no holes for aeration, and visibility is poor: you’ll have to dig through your laundry to locate an item.

However, the basket is light and durable. It will probably start to split at the seams it’s often packed to the brim with wet laundry and carried, but it can take at least one load of wet, and a couple of average-sized dry laundry loads. It’s waterproof, so you can toss wet items at the bottom without risking damage to your floor or carpet. The fabric handles are comfortable enough for everyday use, and you can collapse it for easy storage.
These baskets are incredibly cute. You’ll love them if you’re happy to make some minor sacrifices when in comes to functionality.

Forty attractive patterns to choose from




 Can fold for storage

 Sometimes arrives out of shape

 No wheels

 No removable lining

 Low visibility for finding items

Chrislley Collapsible Laundry Backpack

Laundry baskets are all about transportation, and this basket is pretty much a laundry travel bag.

It has a long, adjustable shoulder strap across the body, so you can sling the basket over your shoulder. There’s a drawstring closure at the top, and a strap you can buckle over that for keeping everything extra secure. It’s perfect for transporting to the laundromat.

It’s beautifully designed in other ways as well. It comes with strong plastic rods that you can use to reinforce and shape it when it’s standing, so it’s pretty stable – more firm than the TIBAOLOVER Canvas Bucket above. It’s waterproof, foldable, and huge – big enough for several loads – so in these ways it’s more convenient than the Caroeas. The aesthetic may not be as cute and décor-oriented as the TIBAOLOVER Bucket, but like the Caroeas, it’s clean-looking and minimalist, with some strong graphic accents, and there’s a choice of four simple colors. In fact, the only way it compares poorly to the Caroeas is that it doesn’t have wheels. When it comes to price, it’s somewhere in between the other two baskets here.

This basket is unique but brilliant. You’ll be especially pleased with it if you travel a lot.


 Very large

 Excellent closure for transportation

 Removable shoulder strap


 Clean, simple aesthetic

 Four color options

 Can fold for storage

 No wheels

Winner of the Fabric category: the Chrislley Collapsible Laundry Backpack


Woven laundry baskets are all about the aesthetic. There’s basic function here too, but these baskets can’t stand heavy duty use as well as a plastic or fabric basket: they tend to unravel or come apart at the seams, and may even grow moldy if they aren’t allowed to dry properly. And they’re often more expensive. However, unlike plastic baskets and many mesh or fabric ones, they’re biodegradable. They are also light to carry around, provide excellent air flow, and boast a visual charm that’s particularly effective in rustic, shabby chic, cottage, or seaside settings.

Here are the laundry baskets we’ll review in this section:

  1. Household Essentials Hyacinth Wicker Basket
  2. Household Essentials Paper Rope Laundry Basket
  3. OrganiHaus Cotton Rope Basket

Household Essentials Hyacinth Wicker Basket

This item is a looker. The weave is thick, decorative, and a wonderfully attractive soft gold color.

The size is quite small (it’s just big enough for a single load), but so are all the other baskets in this category. You can expect a less accommodating size in woven baskets, since they’re more fragile. It’s the softest, most pliable woven basket here, and because of an uneven base it tends to be a bit wobbly. This is not serious enough to affect basic functionality, though. The shape is unusual: unlike the other woven baskets here, it’s more square than round.

The biggest problem with this item is that the round handles are really thin. It may look attractive, but it will definitely cause durability issues in the long run. Pricewise, it’s the most expensive woven basket on this list. I’d have to argue that it’s the most beautiful, too.

This basket is probably not a practical option if you do a lot of laundry. Plus, it’s pricey for a laundry basket. However, your friends will probably sigh with envy over its rustic charm.

Unusual, decorative weave

 Highly attractive color

 Thin handles are somewhat fragile

 Most expensive woven basket here

 Slightly wobbly

Household Essentials Paper Rope Laundry Basket

This is the only woven basket here that comes with a liner. This looks highly attractive – the liner is white fabric and ties onto the basket in crisp little bows – and also means that the basket is easier to clean. Woven baskets can be tough to dust, but the liner can simply be thrown into the washing machine.

The weave itself is finer and less decorative than the Hyacinth Wicker Basket. There are a couple of color options, though. Again, the handles are thin and could potentially snap under too much weight, or fray over time.

This basket has a wider, shallower shape than the other two in this category, and that offers a functional advantage. It’s easier to find items or pile folded laundry in a shallow basket. It’s firm and holds it shape, unlike the other baskets here. And it’s less expensive that the Hyacinth basket. It costs around the same amount as the cotton rope basket below.

For a woven basket, this item is unusually practical. Visually, it also offers nostalgic appeal.

Two color options

 Washable, attractive lining

 Wide, shallow shape can be more convenient

 Thin handles

 Less unusual weave than the Hyacinth basket

OrganiHaus Cotton Rope Basket

The aesthetic of this attractive basket is clean and simple. The weave is a basic, roped coil. It boasts nine simple color options. The handles are thicker than the ones on the other two woven baskets, though it still looks like the stitching could come loose over time.

Functionally, this item offers some definite advantages. Unlike the other woven options here, you can throw it in the wash. It’s also the only basket in this category that can be folded for easy storage. It’s slightly larger than the other woven baskets, though it’s still only large enough for a single big load. Unfortunately, unlike the other baskets, it’s poorly aerated, as there are no gaps in the weave.

This item is an excellent buy. It offers more functionality than you can expect from more traditional woven baskets. It’s aesthetic is more minimal than rustic, so the visual appeal is quite different, too.

Machine washable

 Can fold for storage

 Nine color options

 Thicker handles than the other woven baskets here

 More clean and minimal looking than traditional woven baskets

 Poor aeration

 Not as unique and charming as the traditional woven baskets

Winner of the Woven category: the Household Essentials Paper Rope Laundry Basket


Mesh baskets are similar to plastic baskets because they prioritize function over beauty, but they’re lighter, less durable and better aerated than plastic baskets. They can also be folded up for easy storage. With mesh baskets, it’s important that you protect the fine mesh material by making sure it isn’t pulled out of shape, or doesn’t accidentally hook on anything and tear.

Here are the baskets we’ll review in this section:

  1. Household Essentials Mesh Pop-Up
  2. Smart Design Deluxe Square Pop-Up
  3. Jay Franco Children’s Printed Pop-Up

Household Essentials Mesh Pop-Up

This laundry basket is inexpensive and functional. It’s the only cylinder in this category, so it’s less sturdy than the other mesh baskets (they are a boxy shape), but the mesh ensures that it’s beautifully aerated and easy to see into. In fact, it has smaller footprint on your floor than the shallower baskets. It’s sturdy enough for a mesh basket: the handles are strong, and the mesh is reinforced by a covered steel coil. The steel coil also helps the basket to pop back into shape after it’s been stored.

It’s medium sized – a good fit for average households. There are no fancy extras, but all the essential functionality is here, at a steal of a price.

Small footprint

 Strengthened with a steel coil

 Keeps its shape well

 No pockets

 One color

 Less stable than the box-shaped baskets below

Smart Design Deluxe Square Pop-Up

This basket is everything you’d look for in a square mesh laundry basket… plus, it has a mesh side pocket. The addition of a pocket offers a surprising amount of extra functionality. If you’re traveling with your laundry, you can store your detergent and softener in the pocket, and for home use, you can slip your delicates in there to help keep them separate.

The wire frame is firm and excellent at keeping shape. There are two strong handle straps, and handles in the sides, as well. This makes it easier to lift a full load. The size of this basket is average, but there are three simple color options to pick from. It can fold up into a small package for convenient storage.

This basket is the cheapest mesh option here, but it still offers everything you need when it comes to functionality.


 Has a pocket


 Extra handles in sides

 No pocket

 Larger footprint that cylinder

Jay Franco Children’s Printed Pop-Up

These baskets are ideal for a kid’s room. They may not be beautiful, but they are wonderfully colorful and fun.

There are nineteen print and color options to choose from. Four of these are plain, but the rest are prints of popular children’s movie characters: Disney princesses, Marvel heroes, Sesame Street puppets, and so on. Without a doubt, there’s a design here that will get your kid excited and eager to use their new laundry basket.

The functionality of this basket is pretty basic. There are a couple of sturdy handles, and you can fold it up for storage. The frame is firm enough, and it’s an average size – large enough for several days’ worth of laundry from two to three kids.

Your kids will love this basket, and it has enough basic convenience that you’ll probably love it, too.

A fun basket for kids to use

 Nineteen color and print options

 Relatively stable

 No pocket

 Larger footprint that cylinder

Winner of Mesh category: the Smart Design Deluxe Square Pop-Up

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