Toilet Flush System Categories

Updated November 28th, 2020

Nowadays, virtually every plumbing brand tries to incorporate its own unique flush system into its products. For example, some of them use water flow more efficiently; others save water, e.g., toilets from Kohler. Generally speaking, such systems can be divided into two large groups: gravity and pressure-assisted. However, each of them has its own nuances and different subtypes, which we will talk about in this article.

Any toilet should have an excellent flush system; otherwise, a user may face certain unpleasant troubles. To understand which product you need, check out the most common types.

Gravity Flush

It is this type that is most often used by toilet manufacturers. Most of the models in stores are equipped with a gravity flush system. The focus here is on natural gravity. The water from a toilet tank enters a bowl and creates a high pressure so that the waste goes down a pipe. Modern companies upgrade this system to reduce water consumption and create a more powerful flow.

Tower / Canister Flush

This type is an improved version of a previous system. Its essence is that instead of a rubber flapper, a small container (canister) is installed inside a tank. Since it takes up quite a lot of space inside, water consumption is reduced. By fully raising it, the water flow becomes faster, and it can process the surface of a bowl 360°.

Pressure-Assisted Flush

As the name implies, a stream is enhanced by additional pressure. These systems use compressed air, which is placed in a plastic container inside a tank. Water, mixed with air, creates a powerful flow and gives the best result. While this approach is considered to be really useful, it has its drawback. Such systems are much noisier than the first type, which can cause inconvenience.

Single and Double Flush

Some models differ in the presence of one or two buttons that release a certain amount of water depending on your needs. Single flush systems always deliver the same volume per flush, while double ones have two options: a small amount of water for liquids and a large amount for solid waste. The second option allows you to use water more mindfully and economically.

Tornado and Cyclone Flush

Both of these types are similar in that the flow enters not through one hole but two. Moreover, the nozzles are directed in different directions to form a real water tornado inside a toilet. The powerful stream allows you to clean a bowl from the inside of any waste completely.

Which Flush System to Choose

Almost every modern brand strives to make systems of the highest efficiency with the lowest water consumption. Some are slightly noisier; others are difficult to repair. However, all the systems described have excellent characteristics, so which one to choose is up to you and your budget.

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