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Updated March 9th, 2020
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We review ten faucets that are wildly popular online right now.

Modern bathrooms aren’t simply functional. They are an oasis of sweet-smelling rest, a haven where you can relax and recuperate after a busy day.

For this reason, beautifully decorate bathrooms are more popular than ever. And a gorgeous bathroom needs an attractive, high-functioning faucet.

To save you a painful case of buyer’s headache and help you pick the perfect fitting for your bathroom, we’re going to review ten excellent bathroom faucets. We’ll divide them up into categories of type, analyze them based on aspects like shape, finish, price, quality and function, and compare them to check if any units stand out from the crowd. We’ll end with a list of our favorite models.

Best Bathroom Faucets – Our Review

There are thousands of different bathroom faucets currently available to buy. The models on this list are some of the most popular on the online marketplace. Each of these units is a worthwhile investment. However, they do vary widely when it comes to style, price, function and overall quality.

Let’s head over to our first category.

Best Bathroom Sink Faucets

Here are the units we’ll review in this category.

  1. PARLOS 2-Handle Mixer
  2. PARLOS 2-Handle High Arc Swivel Spout
  3. Delta Modern Single-Handle Faucet
  4. BWE Single-Handed Waterfall Faucet

PARLOS 2-Handle Mixer

This faucet is middle-of-the-road when it comes to price. However, there’s nothing else about it that’s average.

It boasts a gorgeously streamlined and attractive aesthetic. Like the other PARLOS and the Lynden Bay faucets in this category, the style is transitional: a good compromise between modern and traditional. It looks similar to the high-arc PARLOS here, but the lines are smoother and slightly thicker, so the aesthetic is cleaner and more solid. This option boasts a gleaming brushed nickel finish, but there’s a shiny black option available too.

Functionally, this faucet performs well. The lever taps are silky smooth to operate; the arch is low enough that there’s no splashing, and deep enough for comfortable use. The brushed finish makes this fitting ideal for families with kids, as water spots and smudges won’t show up as easily as they will on the Delta and Lynden faucets below. Like the other PARLOS, it comes with a couple of supply hoses and a matching pop-up drain. The faucet itself is solid metal, so it will stand the test of time.

The only downsides here are that the double handles aren’t as quick to clean and adjust as the Delta and BWE’s single handles, and unlike the spout on the PARLOS below, the faucet can’t swivel.

Pros Cons
Highly attractive

 Both black and brushed nickel finishes don’t show up spots and smudges

 Solid metal

 Arch is a practical shape

 Comes with supply pipes and pop-up drain

 Can’t swivel

 Double handles aren’t as quick to adjust and clean

PARLOS 2-Handle High Arc Swivel Spout

This faucet is very similar to the PARLOS above. There’s the double lever handles, the solid metal construction and transitional styling, and the supply lines and matching pop-up drain. The price is just a few dollars more. But there are a few differences… and these are significant.

This model comes in a slick, matte black. Not only does this lend an unexpected, dapper twist to your bathroom décor – it’s also wonderfully easy to keep looking neat and clean. On the downside, you may want to invest in a separate pop-up drain: some users report that the black coating wears off after a couple of months, exposing plastic underneath. This package is also available in a brushed nickel finish that’s similar to the gleaming finish on the PARLOS above.

The aesthetic of this unit is different to the PARLOS 2-Handle Mixer in other ways, too. The arch is high, which looks elegant, but is more likely to cause splashes. The end of the spout is decorative, and the elements are sharper-looking than the smooth, curvy PARLOS above.

Unfortunately, the unit may have less life than the other sold metal units here, as paint often chips or wears off over time. The BWE Waterfall faucet is also black, but it’s unpainted, so it trumps the PARLOS High Arc faucet in this regard. However, it’s the only faucet here that boasts a swiveling spout, which is highly convenient for various uses.

Pros Cons
Spout swivels

 Finish doesn’t show up spots and smudges

 Solid metal

 Comes with supply pipes and pop-up drain

 Attractive visual design

 Pop-up drain is plastic, paint may wear off in months

 High arc spout means some splashing may occur

 Paint may start to wear off spout and handles over time

 Double handles aren’t as quick to adjust and clean

Delta Modern Single-Handle Faucet

This incredibly stylish faucet will add touch of glamor to any bathroom.

It’s all strong, square, modern shapes. The gleam on the chrome finish is spectacular, and the neck leading up to the spout is elegantly elongated.

This faucet is largely practical, too. The single handle is easier to clean and adjust than the double handles on the PARLOS and Pacific Bay units, and the spout provides ample space for washing hands but is still low enough to reduce the chance of splashing. The impractical elements here are the finish – it’s more time-consuming to keep spotless than the brushed and matte black finishes here – and the fact that the spout doesn’t swivel.

You can feel the quality in this model: it’s solid metal, and the handle motion is luxuriously smooth. However, it costs more than any other unit in this category.

Pros Cons
Elegant, modern, highly attractive aesthetic

 Single handle is more convenient

 Excellent quality

 Arch is a practical shape

 Solid metal

 Most expensive model here

 Shiny finish and flat surfaces require more cleaning

 Can’t swivel

Pacific Bay Lynden Faucet

This faucet is by far the least expensive one in this category. This is because it isn’t solid metal: it’s coated ABS plastic. It’s less durable than the other models here. It’s also less attractive: the visual design isn’t as clean and feels more functional than the pricier faucets here.

However, at this price point, the Lynden faucet is an excellent buy. It looks pleasant, is easy to install and works well. There’s less space under the arc than with the other units here, but there’s still enough to work comfortably for most uses. Splashing is unlikely. Unfortunately, the polished chrome finish will require frequent cleaning, and the double handles are less practical than the Delta and BWE’s single handles.

Although this unit compares poorly to the other bathroom sink faucets here, it’s still highly functional. It won’t be easy finding another faucet that both works well and is easy on the eye for this price.

Pros Cons
Cheapest unit here

 Still works well

 Arch is practical for most purposes

 Coated ABS plastic is less durable than solid metal

 Double handles aren’t as quick to adjust and clean

 Can’t swivel

 Shiny finish requires more cleaning

 Less attractive than pricier units

BWE Single-Handed Waterfall Faucet

This faucet is the only unit in this category that boasts traditional styling. And it is truly gorgeous: the finish is a glowing oil-rubbed bronze, and the shape, with its wide spout, single lever handle and decorative details, has a romantic, nostalgic look and feel. Even the way the water flows is unusual: you can see it running down the spout’s “sluice” before it falls in a wide stream into your sink. It looks like an old-fashioned hand pump.

This unit is also wonderfully practical. Like the PARLOS High Arc above it’s an unusual dark color, but it’s not painted, so the finish is durable. It also has the least likely finish in this article to show up spots and smudges. The arc provides a generous amount of space for washing, and because the waterflow is smooth and wide, splashing hardly ever occurs. Like the Delta faucet above, the single handle is easier to clean and adjust. The decorative detailing, however, will take more effort to wash than all the smooth surfaces above. And the spout can’t swivel.

This unit is the second most expensive in this category. It’s solid metal, though, and feels like quality. It also looks gorgeous while remaining highly practical. However, the unique visual design may not suit every bathroom.

Pros Cons
Gorgeous traditional aesthetic

 Single handle is more convenient

 Excellent quality

 Solid metal

 Excellent quality

 Dark, varied, matte surface is unlikely to show up spots

 Wide, smooth waterflow

 Second most expensive faucet in this category

 Decorative detailing time-consuming to clean

 Doesn’t swivel

Best Bath Faucets

Here are the units we’ll review in this category.

  1. EZ-FLO 11129 Freestanding Bathtub Faucet
  2. My Plumbing Stuff B3100 Freestanding Bathtub Faucet
  3. MOEN T943BN Eva 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet
  4. Delta Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet
  5. Kingston Brass KS8028DL Wall Mount Faucet

EZ-FLO 11129 Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Like the My Plumbing Stuff faucet below, this unit is designed for installing on a traditional freestanding tub. These units are similar in many regards. Both units are solid metal with a shiny, polished chrome finish that will show up spots more easily than all the brushed finishes in this category. Both sport a couple of lever handles that are attached to the spout, unlike the other faucets here that have handles that you install separately. They are the only faucets in this article that offer a fitting where you can add a shower attachment. They even look similar: they’re not pretty, like the other faucets here. They’re solid and functional looking.

There are some significant differences between these models, though. The EZ-FLO is less expensive than the My Plumbing Stuff Faucet. The diverter for a hand-held showerhead attachment is a knob that you have to pull, instead of the My Plumbing Stuff unit’s lever. This is harder to use: there’s less surface area for your fingers to grip. And it’s a little less attractive: the shapes are clumsier and squarer, with less shine to the finish. However, as the cheapest unit in this category, this faucet is surprisingly sturdy quality. At this price, it’s an excellent buy.

Pros Cons
Ideal for freestanding bathtubs

 Cheapest faucet in this category

 Solid metal

 Good quality

 Place for handheld showerhead attachment

 Less attractive than other faucets here

 Diverter knob is uncomfortable to use

 Polished finish shows spots

My Plumbing Stuff B3100 Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

This is another top-quality faucet designed for traditional freestanding baths. It’s similar to the EZ-FLO unit above: there’s the same solid metal construction, the somewhat impractical polished chrome finish, the spot for attaching a handheld shower, and couple of lever handles mounted on either side of the spout.

The My Plumbing Stuff unit is prettier, though. The finish is brighter, and the shapes are smooth and rounded. The diverter for a handheld shower attachment is a metal lever, which is comfortable to use. It’s a bit more expensive that the EZ-FLO model, though.

This unit may be more attractive and convenient to use than the other freestanding tub unit above, but it doesn’t compare so well to the deck and wall mounted beauties below. It’s much less decorative, and the polished finish shows up smudges and water spots easily compared to all the brushed finishes. However, it’s much less expensive, and is still better quality than the plastic, wall mounted Kingston Brass faucet.

Pros Cons
Ideal for freestanding bathtubs

 Second cheapest faucet in this category

 Solid metal

 Good quality

 More attractive than EZ-FLO freestanding bathtub unit

 Diverter lever is comfortable to use

 Place for handheld showerhead attachment

 Less attractive than faucets below

 More expensive than EZ-FLO freestanding bathtub unit

 Polished finish shows spots

MOEN T943BN Eva 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet

This unit is gorgeous-looking, practical and excellent quality.

It’s a transitional style, so it will suit a wider range of bathrooms than the Peerless deck mounted faucet below. It’s all clean lines and smooth shapes. The glowing brushed nickel finish is muted and attractive. The arch is the highest here, so you can expect your water temperature to drop a little more from spout to tub than it will with the other bath faucets.

This is the easiest unit in this category to clean. The brushed finish ensures that spots won’t easily show, while the smooth surfaces ensure that wiping is quick and painless.

The MOEN T943BN is solid metal: this set feels like quality. It might be the most attractive and versatile faucet here. However, it sports a matching price. It costs a hefty chunk more than the Kingston Brass, which is the next most expensive bathtub faucet.

Pros Cons
Extremely attractive

 Transitional style is versatile

 Brushed finish is easy to keep clean

 Smooth surfaces are quick to wash

 Solid metal

 Good quality

 Most expensive unit in this category

 High arch may cause some temperature drop in water

 No spot for handheld showerhead attachment

Delta Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet

This unit is similar to the MOEN above: you mount it on the lip of your bathtub, and it’s highly decorative. However, there are some major differences.

The aesthetic of this faucet is traditional rather than transitional. It boasts a dapper and shiny, oil-rubbed bronze finish. The dark color is striking, while the coppery details add warmth and interest. However, the look is less versatile than the MOEN’s: it is most likely to suit rustic, traditional or classic bathrooms.

It does have a couple of advantages over the MOEN. It’s much less expensive: it hits the price range for this category at the halfway mark. The arch is lower, so it’s less likely to cause a noticeable drop in the temperature of your bathwater. However, while the dark, matte finish is still more spot-resistant than the polished finishes at the top of this category, the decorative detailing makes it more time-consuming to clean than the MOEN faucet.

If you’re looking for a decorative faucet to mount on the deck of your bath, and you feel the style will suit your bathroom décor, the Delta Peerless Claymore is an excellent buy. It’s solid metal and deeply attractive, at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Pros Cons
Nostalgic, traditional aesthetic

 Unusual dark color

 Brushed finish is easy to keep clean

 Solid metal

 Less expensive than MOEN and Kingston Brass faucets

 Traditional style is less versatile than MOEN transitional style

 Decorative detailing on surfaces is more time-consuming to clean

 No spot for handheld showerhead attachment

Kingston Brass KS8028DL Wall Mount Faucet

This unit is the only plastic item in this category: it’s coated ABS plastic. It still manages to be the second most expensive model here. But it does have some advantages.

It’s also the only wall-mounted unit here, and it’s incredibly popular. Despite the price, it’s easy to see why. It’s highly attractive, with clean lines and shapes in a versatile transitional style, and a soft, glowing brushed nickel finish.

The finish doesn’t show up spots like polished finishes do, and the spout is smooth, so cleaning it is as simple as a quick spray and wipe. There’s more detail on the couple of lever handles, so although it’s easy to wash by bathtub faucet standards, it’s still less convenient than the MOEN faucet handles. The spout’s arch is flat, so while it looks less elegant than the rounded MOEN and Claymore arches, it’s more practical when it comes to keeping the water warm.

This unit may be plastic, but it’s still good quality: very few users report issues. It may not be as decorative as the deck mounted faucets here, but it’s still attractive and will fit right into minimalist bathrooms. When I compare it to the solid metal Claymore, though, I feel that the price could be more reasonable.

Pros Cons
Attractive, versatile aesthetic

 Brushed finish less likely to show spots and smudges

 Flat arch less likely to cause noticeable temperature drop in bath water

 Relatively fast to clean

 Hardly any quality complaints

 Made out of coated plastic

 Second most expensive unit here

 No spot for handheld showerhead attachment

 Less decorative than deck mounted faucets

The Inside Scoop on Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are growing in popularity. These ultra-modern faucets have no handles: they’re activated via motion sensors located on the spout. But before you think about investing in one, there are some things you need to know.

The good.

  • There are no handles to clean.
  • Using the faucet is fast and convenient.
  • They’re also more hygienic than a faucet with handles.
  • They’re ideal for kids, the elderly or disabled.
  • They may cost less than you think.

The bad.

  • Some units are overly sensitive and will switch on even when you’re not using them.
  • Many touchless faucets don’t have a way to moderate the water pressure: it’s either coming out at full force, or not at all.
  • You also can’t adjust the temperature, unless you purchase an additional premixing valve.
  • Your touchless faucet won’t work in the event of a power outage.
  • Or, if it takes batteries, they’ll occasionally need to be replaced.

Here are our favorite touchless faucets currently available on the online marketplace.

  1. Asani Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet
  2. HHOOMMEE Automatic Faucet
  3. Charmingwater Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet
  4. HHOOMMEE Electronic Bathroom Sink Faucet

Why You Need to be Careful When Picking a New Faucet

Which faucet you use doesn’t just change the whole look of your bathroom: installing a faucet that’s poor quality can cause major bathroom meltdowns.
A bad faucet can:

  • leak
  • break after a few months
  • have pressure problems
  • look ugly and cheapen your bathroom’s aesthetic

Sadly, these aren’t the only problems that come with buying a new bathroom faucet. You may discover that your purchase was ridiculously over-priced, and you could have landed up with a fixture that’s a similar style and quality while saving a hefty chunk of dollars.

Reading online reviews like this one is an excellent way to help you make a good decision when you’re revamping your bathroom’s fittings. You can also check the item’s ratings and user comments section before making a purchase.

Best Bathroom Faucets: Our Top Picks

Here are our favorite faucets from this list, and what we like about them.


  • Best bathroom sink faucet for rustic or traditional bathrooms: BWE Single-Handed Waterfall Faucet
  • Best bathroom sink faucet for contemporary or minimalist bathrooms: Delta Modern Single-Handle Faucet
  • Best budget friendly bathroom sink faucet: Pacific Bay Lynden Faucet
  • Most practical bathroom sink faucet: Delta Modern Single-Handle Faucet
  • Most attractive bathroom sink faucet: BWE Single-Handed Waterfall Faucet


  • Best bath faucet for rustic, vintage, traditional or industrialist bathrooms: Delta Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet
  • Best bath faucet for modern, classic or minimalist bathrooms: MOEN T943BN Eva 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet
  • Best budget friendly bath faucet: My Plumbing Stuff B3100 Freestanding Bathtub Faucet
  • Most practical bath faucet: MOEN T943BN Eva 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet
  • Most attractive bath faucet: MOEN T943BN Eva 2-Handle Deck Mount Faucet

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