The Best Kitchen Faucets For Any Kitchen

Updated March 5th, 2020
best kitchen faucets
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Is it us or do you find yourself judging a place by how modern and sleek the kitchen faucet looks? Well, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re putting together a brand new kitchen, or simply remodeling or upgrading your old one, you should probably be aware what high quality kitchen hardware and cookware  looks like. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most common kitchen problems – corroded, leaking and dripping faucets – and how to avoid them. Of course, the best way to avoid these is to find the best kitchen faucets out there, and buy one of them.

In order to buy the perfect kitchen faucet that will fit your needs, you should take a look at our list of top rated kitchen faucets. We put together all the information you will need to have a faucet that is reliable and will keep you satisfied for a long, long time. So, regardless of your budget, below are the faucets that you must have into consideration. You will find that having a good faucet in your kitchen can be very satisfactory in the long run. It will make spending time in the kitchen much more pleasant and easier, even if it’s something as simple as doing the dishes. A good-looking faucet will also make your kitchen look tidier. So, without further ado..

Our List of the Best Kitchen Faucets for a Cool and Functional Kitchen.

1. American Standard Colony faucet– The best budget kitchen faucet

If you are upgrading your kitchen and want to get high quality without overpaying for it, the Colony from American Standard is an excellent choice for you. For starters, it offers some excellent features and performance, and it comes at a great price and warranty period. From all of our kitchen faucet reviews, this American Standard product was the best bang for your buck.

Design wise, the American Standard Colony kitchen faucet has a variety of available finishes. They include polished chrome, matte black and stainless steel and they will make sure that your kitchen looks modern and fancy, without you overpaying for it. However, there are other things to be mentioned here too. Regardless of which style you choose, all of them are tarnish, corrosion, and, most importantly – scratch-resistant. This will keep your faucet durable and usable for many years.

Additionally, pulling out the spout gives you access to several features. Namely, they include a customizable spray pattern and a setting for pause. Another feature in this budget friendly faucet is the two handle feature. It allows you to have a spacious environment for dish-washing. This is because the swivel spout is built-in. It keeps the faucet away from your hands while it works.

You can even choose whether you have or don’t have an included escutcheon. You can mount the faucet with and without it. Talking about the mounting and installation process, there are a few things that need to be mentioned. For example, the installation process is very easy and it won’t take you more than a day to get it working. You don’t even need to have professional knowledge in order to do so. All in all, this faucet is a great buy because it is budget friendly, yet, it has superior performance.

Pros Cons
Scratch, corrosion and tarnish resistant

Long and braided supply hose

Budget friendly faucet

Escutcheon doesn’t need mounting

Sturdy and well-made metal handle

Cartridge can easily be replaced with the original one if repair is needed

Doesn’t look very sophisticated

2. Pfister Pfirst Series Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

Are you ecologically aware? Do you want to be helpful to the environment by saving water? This might be the perfect kitchen faucet for you. It is excellent for people who build green homes and want to save water. Don’t be fooled – it is a very powerful faucet, it just doesn’t use too much water to be powerful. The Pfister Pfirst Series faucet is easy to install and it is designed in a perfect way – it handles power and water consumption efficiently and effortlessly.

Being one of the best faucets available in the market currently, there are a lot of good features to be found in it. It is made of stainless steel and it has a stylish look which makes it a must-buy faucet. For instance, both the knob and the handle are custom-made and of very high quality. They provide you with the comfort you need when you use them, even for a longer periods of time. The knob is easily moved and it doesn’t cause any difficulties or discomfort to your hands.

Another thing that you must know about it is that it is is made under ADA/ANSI requirements. This guarantees easy accessibility which is safe too for people with any form of physical disability. It is 38 inches long and it has a nylon pull-out hose. The faucet also includes a toggle button which can be found quite convenient when you are choosing from spray and steam settings.

Additionally, it has an optional cover plate. This one is made of three different faucet holes. Namely, the water through it runs with a speed of 1.75 gallons per minute which is simply astounding.  The body of the faucet is constructed of brass of highest quality. In order to prevent unwanted rusting and damaging, the faucet’s body base is equipped with a ceramic disk valve. This faucet also comes with a decent warranty, in case of leaks and other issues.

Pros Cons
75 GPM power

Compatible for one or three holes

Safe and easy to use

Can be used by people with disabilities

38 inch hose


Swivels 180 degrees to give access to the sink

Doesn’t have a magnetic dock

3. Delta 9113-AR-DST Essa

With the flawless blend of performance and functionality, sleek design and affordability, the Delta Essa is the best choice for many people. From the first time looking at it, you will fall in love with the sleek and yet simple and elegant design of the Essa. Big, but not too big with an elegant and classy arch, this faucet will be a perfect addition to your freshly-designed kitchen.  It was made to be a soft, modern take on European design. Still it has small touches and details which make it blend into different kitchen interior designs easily. It comes at a size of 15.2 x 1.2 x 11 inches. This makes it of almost perfect size to have performance and power without being bulky or huge. Design wise, it can be bought in several designs: matte black, chrome, arctic stainless, and Venetian bronze.

Moreover, the Essa offers functionality in an ADA compliant package. For instance, the spout is high-arch and it swivels at full 360 degrees. For you, this means that you will have full access to your sink. The great thing about the spray wand on the other hand, is that it has a 62-inch hose length which allows a reach of impressive 20 inches. You will never have issues with hidden and hard to reach parts of the sink!

Talking about the design, we should mention the “MagnaTite docking” impressive technology built into the Essa, making it more than your standard, boring kitchen sink. The pull-down spray wand using a magnet stands perfectly in its place and docked when you don’t use it. So, you can be sure that there won’t be any dripping issues with this powerful kitchen faucet with a water flow of 1.80 GPM.

The Delta 9113 Essa faucet does come with an installation instructions manual, and of course, a warranty. Moreover, Delta’s excellent customer and tech support guarantee is just another reason for this product to have one of our top spots. Low water pressure and leaks should be a thing of the past with this faucet.

Pros Cons
Cool design with a touch of elegance

Multiple choice for colors

360 degrees swivel spout

Full sink coverage

Durable faucet

MagnaTite docking system

or 3- hole mount

Not as tall as other, similarly priced faucets

4. Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland

Since this is the second Delta kitchen faucet we reviewed, we put it right up there with the essa. Compared to the Essa, the Delta Leland is another faucet that you must consider for a functional kitchen. It has a design inspired by history which makes it both vintage and sophisticated at the same time.

Compared to the Essa, the Leland kitchen faucet is a bit smaller – 12 x 9.2 x 9.2 inches. Still, this doesn’t affect the premium performance your kitchen needs. Asides from being ADA compliant like Essa, this one also allows for complete control and access to your sink. After all, it does have a 360 degrees high-arch spout. Moreover, it has a 59-inch hose length on its pull-down spray wand. All in all, it allows for a full reach of about 20 inches which will come in quite handy.

The MagnaTite docking technology is also available on the Leland and it prevents the faucet from dripping. This technology also adds to the overall durability of the faucet. Talking about performance, it is important to note that the Leland also has incredible power of 1.80 gallons per minute.

This faucet is also equipped with an automatic water flow shut-off feature after 4 minutes. Being a high-end faucet, it also comes with a TempSense technology preventing you from burning your hands and fingers on it. Asides from this, it has a color indicator which tells you about the temperature of the water. Lastly, the most amazing tech used in this is the Touch-Clean spray holes. This tech means that you will be able to wipe the calcium away as well as the lime build-up by simply touching the faucet. Amazing right?

Pros Cons
Incredible design

Full sink coverage

Excellent technology for convenience

Touch-clean spray holes

Preventing leaks technology

Easy installation

or 3- hole mount

The additional technology like the Touch20 should be bought separately

5. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single

For some, Kraus is not a well-known name on the market for kitchen hardware. However, although it is a relatively new brand, and one we wouldn’t normally review, they still do have a lot to offer for the modern kitchen. They’ve achieved international reach and satisfied customers from throughout the world. Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in New York, with warehouse facilities across both US coasts, which makes replacement parts relatively easy to get.

By getting the Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single kitchen faucet, you get design, quality and functionality. After all, this company grew so fast by offering incredible quality at very reasonable price. They use good materials, components and they test each product until they reach nothing less than perfection. Additionally, this Kraus faucet is eco-friendly and pretty much leak-proof.

Kraus’s KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle is an 18-Inch commercial kitchen faucet. Amongst the best things about it is the fact that it is functional, yet water efficient. This also saves you some money on the long run for your water bill. Additionally, it has a rocker switch on the spray-head. This one makes sure you have two choices for spray modes.

Regarding the design, we cannot go without noticing that this faucet looks very professional. If you have a lot of dishes and you have a large sink, this faucet will ensure that you have the space you need. After all, the 18-inches are more than enough for complete control of your sink. It was also designed to ensure that you don’t bother about the installation. Namely, it comes with a one-hole installation kit and this is quite a handy feature. It saves you both time and energy for the stressful times like a kitchen remodel. All in all, this faucet is an excellent buy – you save a lot and yet, you get superior quality.

Pros Cons
Flexible hose

Smooth retraction

Water efficient and eco-friendly faucet

One hole installation option

18-inch high arc


Only two spray options

No durable leaking prevention

Sealing the faucet takes a lot of tim

 6. Premier Charlestown

This bronze and Parisian style two-handle faucet is amazing for those who like a sophisticated kitchen. It has a two-tone bronze finish which makes it an excellent addition for those who like decorative touches in their kitchen. The most important feature which sets this faucet apart from the others is the two-handle design and the matching sprayer it comes with.

The Premier Charlestown kitchen faucet might be an excellent choice for you if you like your kitchen to have a luxurious touch. It has cross-pieces and details giving it a Victorian look. However, asides from its elegant design, there is much more to be discovered about this faucet. Features-wise, it is made from high quality materials. For instance, all of the casing parts are made of metal. This makes it both sturdy and durable on the long run. The cartridge on the other hand, is made from ceramic which is another famous kitchen hardware durable material.

The Charlestown has a high-rise spout, which means that you will have a lot of space when you are using your sink. Coming at around 11 inches over the sink, this will give you that sense of freedom when you’re doing the dishes. If you are cooking for a family and have large cooking pots this faucet will come in quite handy.

Asides from allowing space, the Premier Charlestown is very powerful. It has a tremendous amount of power, at 2.2 GPM water flow rate. This means that when you are washing dishes, you will also save a lot of time using such powerful faucet. Besides this, this faucet is quite durable and if you do decide to get it, replacement parts aren’t likely to be necessary anytime soon. All in all, this is a faucet that looks and feels luxurious, while still managing to provide enough functionality for a busy kitchen.

Pros Cons
Lead-free according to VT and CA standards

Unique design

ADA compliant

Easy to use

Extremely powerful

Doesn’t have any modern tech

High water flow rate might be a problem for some people

Not water-efficient

7. Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

Kohler is another brand that has a world-wide known reputation for offering high quality faucets for their customers. The one we are talking about here is specifically interesting because it stands out from the crowd. Namely, this cheap Kohler faucet is a sight for sore eyes. Although other Kohler products are somewhat pricey, the Kohler K-560-VS is very cheap and still offers the premium quality like other Kohler products. If you are looking for a good hardware, you know that you must consider Kohler.

Design wise, this faucet can fit into any kind of kitchen setup. It has this classic look that simply doesn’t look too bulky, kitsch or boring. Interestingly, you can buy it choosing from three different colors. Still, it has a Gooseneck spout which you can rotate at full 360 degrees. This makes sure that you have full command of your sink and that washing dishes will be smooth and easy.

Additionally, it has a DockNetic technology which is a big plus. This technology uses specific magnets which lock the sprayer into place. You won’t have any issues or get wet while doing simple tasks like dish washing. In order to ease your life a bit more, they’ve designed this faucet with easy setup and installation modes. Namely, you can mount it using 1, 2, 3 or 4-hole installation settings – all of which should be clear from the manual. This Kohler faucet also has a flow restrictor which will ensure optimal water pressure is provided, and removing the handle is as simple as with any other faucet. Plenty of 5-star customer reviews can’t be wrong!

Pros Cons
Classic design

Available in oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome and vibrant stainless

Easy-cleaning and maintenance

Included escutcheon


Sprayer locks into place

Plastic buttons aren’t of high quality

8. Kraus KPF-1602

The Kraus KPF-1602 is an excellent choice for busy kitchens. If you have heavy duty needs and a busy household, or even a small restaurant, this is exactly the faucet for you. It has a commercial style too. So, this faucet is a perfect addition to your kitchen if you don’t want extreme luxury and neither boring faucets. After all, Kraus is a known brand for offering well-constructed faucets.

In fact, one of the greatest things about this faucet is its wonderful construction. It is made from lead-free brass. For you as a buyer, this means that this faucet is made to last. It is durable and it can last for a lot of years. In addition to this, the finish is rust-resistant. So, regardless of what type of water you have, you can stay rest-assured that this faucet will not face any damage from it. Also, it comes in two finishes: chrome and stainless steel.

Asides from being well-constructed, this Kraus kitchen faucet is very powerful too. It has a great pre-rinse spray. Even the ceramic cartridge was rated to last more than 500,000 cycles. Amazing, right? If you don’t have time or knowledge to mount a kitchen faucet, you should definitely consider this one. It comes with a completely mounting hardware. So, it is safe to say that this faucet is an excellent choice for those who want to get the job done without breaking a sweat for it.

Pros Cons
Excellent design

High-quality ceramic cartridge

Mounting hardware

Damage resistant

Can be used commercially for smaller restaurants

Only two finishes

Not very comfortable for longer usage

9. The Moen Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

A lot of Moen’s fame started back in the past in North America. However, nowadays, the brand spreads its reputation and high quality products throughout the world. You too will love the Moen Arbor kitchen faucet if you knew all the features it has at its price. After all, this faucet is made to ensure the premium experience of the user. With it, you will be able to say goodbye to all those times when you were tired from dish washing. With the Arbor, the dish-washing task will be a piece of cake, and it will be pleasurable too.

From a design perspective, this faucet is an excellent fit for contemporary and traditional kitchens. It has a single handle and a pull down spray head. A clean look for a job cleanly done. Although minimalistic, this faucet is an excellent addition to regular home kitchens. This faucet’s handle has a flair and a subtle curve on the spout. All in all, these details add a touch of transition which can fit most interior designs. Also, it comes in dimensions of 24.8 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches. This makes up for a tall arch which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It simply has the height you need to get the job done properly. Lastly, if you choose the Moen Arbor, you can choose from 4 color patterns: spot-resist stainless, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and matte black.

As we said before, the Moen Arbor kitchen faucet has a pull-down spray head system. This means that together with the incredible 68 inch hose, you can do practically anything. Regardless of how big your cookware is, you will get the job done in no time. Some Moen kitchen faucets we reviewed even come with motion sense sensors, if you need one.

Pros Cons
Power-clean technology for powerful water pressure

DuraLock Quick-Connect installation system

Single-hole mount

Transitional design

High arch

Four colors available

Spot resist stainless finish

68” pull-down hose

A bit pricey

Not very suitable for shorter-than-average people

10. Kohler K-596-CP

If you want to achieve perfect contemporary design in your kitchen, the Kohler K-596-CP is surely a way to go. It has to be on your shortlist for kitchen hardware because it offers so many amazing features in a package that is both functional and helpful. This one has an excellent quality construction which also has a good performance.  The faucet comes in dimensions of 9 x 2 x 16.6 inches. This makes it somewhat shorter than other Kohler faucet. However, this doesn’t have a negative effect on the performance.

Design wise, it comes in three colors you can choose from: polished chrome, vibrant stainless, and matte black. Still, the best thing about these finishes is that just like the other Kohler ones, they are resistant to tarnishing and rusting. All in all, this is a faucet which is made to last. Talking about the construction, you should know that this faucet is manufactured in America. It has ceramic disk valves which ensure durability and longevity of the faucet. Additionally, it has a single-handle integrated valve. This one ensures that the task of turning the water off and on is easy, simple and without issues. The handle also has a feature memorizing the temperature. So, if you turn it on after turning it off, water from the previous temperature will flow. This too saves you a lot of time.

It has an impressive water flow of 1.80 GPM. Although this ensures that the faucet I powerful, it still meets the requirements for being water-efficient. So, with this faucet you don’t stand down on any of your needs. You get everything a kitchen faucet should do, with incredible performance, and yet, you are water-efficient.

Pros Cons
Contemporary design which can be used in different kitchens

Easy access with pots and pans due to high arch

ProMotion technology

DockNetic technology

MasterClean Spray face withstands mineral buildup

Arch not as tall as other Kohler products

Some dripping might happen over time

11. Moen Wetherly

Are you tired of the mess in your kitchen each time you are washing dishes? Well, we have to suggest the Moen Wetherly kitchen faucet. This one features an incredibly helpful high-arc and it has a side spray too. All in all, the Moen Wetherly is a kitchen faucet you don’t overpay for, and yet, you get an incredible quality. If you want to get the best for your money, the Wetherly is the way to go.

Design-wise, this is a very elegant and luxuriously looking kitchen faucet. So, if you care about the aesthetical effect of your kitchen and you want to impress your guests, this faucet might just do the trick. However, this outside design is just the tip of the iceberg. The Moen Wetherly kitchen faucet features a good and strong construction which doesn’t get damaged easily. Additionally, it is made from brass with a brushed stainless or rubbed bronze finishing. In addition to this, it is lead-free and fully compliant to CA and VT standards. This also ensures the quality of the faucet and its longevity.

Although looking classic, the faucet can rotate not less than 360 degrees. Just like other modern fixtures, this faucet allows precise temperature. So, you can say goodbye to all those times when you’ve burned your hands because of issues like this one. The installation process on the other hand, is also very easy. Generally, it is a 2-hole setup. However, the design is quite convenient and you can use the second hole for the sprayer if you want to. In case you have a 3-hole sink, you don’t need to make adjustments. You can simply use the baseplate.

This faucet is very convenient too. Considering its size, it can be used for washing large pots, and you can even water your plants with it.

Pros Cons
Power of 1.5 GPM



Excellent design

Great accessibility for smaller sinks

Easy installation process

There are plastic components

Not very durable

Doesn’t allow full access to larger sinks

General Kitchen Faucet Information

Although it seems like a small thing to do, kitchen faucets are very important. For instance, they are things we use on a daily basis and their purchase should be careful. You use the faucet for many things, and it has a great effect on the overall hygiene in the home. So, we chose to share some general kitchen faucet information you should have in mind before you make your purchase.

The first thing that you should know is that the market is abundant with kitchen faucets. You can get one both online and offline and there are a lot to choose from. However, not all of them have the same features. You should be careful and get the kitchen faucet that has the features you need. For example, some are higher, some are taller. This can be of great meaning to the user on the long run. Why risk having back-pain from faucets if you can get one that actually satisfies your needs?

Additionally, there are different powers of kitchen sinks. Although it looks like the water pressure in your home comes from the pipes, this is not the case. It is the faucet that can make the difference. So, if you live in a busy household and you wash very dirty dishes, you need a powerful faucet too. This way, you save a lot of nerves and time too. In the long run, you also save a lot of money because of your water bill. So, when you upgrade your kitchen, we suggest to do it wisely and with a good kitchen faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Options – What Makes Sense

When you are looking at kitchen faucet options you might be confused. There are way too many types, styles and designs of faucets. However, we have information about how to recognize the kitchen faucet for your needs. Here is what you must look at:

Best Kitchen Faucet Features

Having a busy kitchen is one thing that determines your life. And a busy kitchen comes from having a busy house. So, if you have a few kids, and nobody to help you at home, you should make it as easy as you can for yourself. So, think about the features of the faucet you intend to buy. You should also take a look at the features you need. Think about how, why and when you use your faucet. This knowledge will give you the answer of the type of faucet you need. In the debate of dishwasher vs kitchen faucet, it might seem easier to choose mechanics. However, in most cases, you spend way too much power and thus, money for something that can be done manually.

There are faucets with numerous helpful features which can come in quite handy. For example, some have features allowing pausing water flow. Others have great power for filling pots and pans fast as well as for cleaning heavy spots. Also, some have two or one handle. It is up to you to make the decision of which one suits your needs best. Pull out designs have some benefits while pull down have other benefits.

Today’s faucets even go a further step. They have an incorporated technology for numerous tasks – self-cleaning, shutting off automatically and whatnot. Some even are touch-less kitchen faucets. Just think of your budget and get the best one that suits your needs.

Best Kitchen Faucet Design

Of course, color is just one aspect of the design. But when we talk about this subject in-depth, there is much more to cover. The choice of color is personal and individual and it can vary from one to another kitchen style. However, the more important thing about buying a kitchen faucet is the layout and the general design of it.

Again, choosing from so many designs can be quite confusing, so we are going to talk about this step-by-step.

Some faucet designs feature a separate spray. This can come in quite handy for those who like to have complete control of their activities in the kitchen. In this case, you can choose an integrated design or a side spray design. Still, don’t let this statement make a decision for you. When it comes to flexibility, a pull-out type of faucet is much more flexible than a side-spray one. So, again, you need to take a look at your own kitchen and your own needs and make a decision based on this. If you get a side spray, it is also important to note that an additional hole will be needed.

Another important thing regarding the design is the finish. We aren’t talking about color but about the finish of the color. A lot of the faucets today offer design related features which make the faucet spot resistant. You can even get a faucet which is resistant to fingerprints. All in all, this type of design can make it a lot easier to have a tidy kitchen. And this is especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning your kitchen to perfection.

Lastly, think about the swivel you need. If your sink is in the center of your kitchen, you might need a different type.

The Right Kitchen Faucet?

Some use the kitchen faucet only to wash their hands. However, some people really have a lot of work in the kitchen and this is why they tend to need a properly functioning kitchen faucet. In this part of our article, we’ll talk about the right kitchen faucet and how to get it.

Of course, getting the right kitchen faucet is incredibly important. It will bring benefits on the short and the long run for you and your household. Of course, one of the main benefits of getting a good kitchen faucet is the energy saving. For example, in most cases you are doing housework and dishes are one part of it. By getting a good kitchen faucet you save yourself from spending too much energy and ending up exhausted from dish-washing.

Another big benefit from getting a good kitchen faucet is the tidiness of your kitchen. The better the kitchen faucet is, the less mess it will make. So, in accordance to what we previously said, you won’t have to wipe the whole kitchen after washing a few dishes. Also, a good faucet will have good power. So, it will do the job effectively and efficiently. The dishes will be clean without you having to do more of the work.

Lastly, a good kitchen faucet will use water in a most rational manner. You won’t have to spend tons of water just to wash a single pot. With a powerful kitchen faucet, the water is used efficiently. On the long run, this will have a positive effect on your water bill. You will end up paying less to get more. So, all in all, the right faucet will be functional, efficient and effective. In the end, it is completely worth the investment.

Faucet Findings & Shopping Tips for Faucets

First of all, you must look for a faucet that has enough mounting holes as your sink. This is because most sinks come with pre-drilled faucet mounting holes. This also includes the other parts like soap dispensers or side sprays. So, if you want to keep the sink you already have but change the faucet, this is a very important thing to remember.

Make sure to note the styles and the shapes of the spout. It is a well-known fact that the straight spout faucets are cheap. However, in order to have one, you might need to move the faucet in order for it to fit the sink. On the other hand, other models like gooseneck have higher clearances. Still, if you have a shallow sink, they can be the reason for splashing. So, make sure that your faucet can actually reach the entire sink. Trust us, this will save you a lot of nerves.

Lastly, note the installation and the repair process of the faucet. It is known that whenever you replace both your sink and your faucet, you will have an excellent time. In order to get the best performance and be away from issues regarding the faucet, you must choose a faucet which is compatible with the sink. After all, a faucet is not just what you see, it also includes other parts that you don’t. So, if you don’t want to face dripping, leaking or other faucet problems, choose a proper faucet. The proper faucet will also have enough replacement parts. This is why you should strive to buy from a manufacturer which will supply you with enough replacement parts. All in all, just like other hardware, the faucets are often prone to damage. So, make sure that you have a plan B in case of this.

Faucet Types – Pull-out vs Pull-down Faucets

You can find several different types of sink faucets. However, when you choose a kitchen faucet for your needs, the most important difference you must make is pull-out vs pull-down faucets. These faucets are proven to be a perfect suit for the needs of users, if only they are chosen wisely. So, to avoid uncomfortable situations that manufacturers put you in by presuming everyone knows their lingo, we will talk about this issue.

Pull-Out Faucets

The greatest benefit of a pull-out faucet is the fact that you get a long hose. Combined with the spray head, it allows for an excellent convenience for the users. This feature is very important for those who want to fill large pots in a timely manner. In addition to this, it is also excellent for working from distance.

Moreover, these types of faucets are excellent for those who don’t have enough height and space above and around their sink. So, the pull-out faucets are recommended in this case because the spouts are rather shorter. And still, these faucets minimize the chances of having a splash-back. This is due to the fact that the spray head is very flexible.

On the other hand, these faucets can be troubling if you fill tall things like vases. In some cases, people reported that they’ve had issues because of having large hands. In order to prevent this from happening, try the grip and see if it can comfortably fit your hand.

Pull-Down Faucets

The best thing about the pull-down model of faucets is the fact that they have a large number of spray options, especially compared to pull-out faucets. In general, this makes them very easy to use for rinsing and filling pots and pans.

Another positive thing about them is that they have excellent ergonomics. This is because they only have one motion of the fluid and it is downwards. They are also less prone to damage and kinks in the hose. The reasoning behind this is that they don’t need maneuvering in other directions which is what makes them perfect for people who have deeper sinks in their kitchen.

However, amongst the negative things about them is the fact that they require having quite a lot of space in your kitchen, and especially around your sink. This is because the spout is high and if you live in an area with general low water pressure, your faucet will also feel it and will under-perform.

How Long Can I Expect My Kitchen Faucet to Last?

This is a question that you must be asking yourself, especially if you are considering a pricier kitchen faucet. Although there isn’t one simple answer to this question, we thought it would be wise to give you some info about it. Namely, you can actually predict the longevity and durability of any product, including a faucet. So, regarding faucet durability, here is what you need to know.

First of all, this depends on the materials and the construction. If you want to get a durable faucet that will last for years, make sure that it is made from high quality materials. These can include brass, stainless steel and other high-quality materials. Namely, the faucets made from brass are most often coated with finishes like chrome which are also stylish. Like we said before, make sure that your faucet is also resistant to damage, scratching and staining. This is why both the internal material and the finish are very important.

Secondly, note the manufacturer. You wouldn’t want to buy anything from a manufacturer that doesn’t test its products. So, the best manufacturers are known and got their fame because of some reason. In most cases, the reason for this were the satisfied clients. In order for a client like you to be satisfied, they must receive a high quality faucet. And we all know, a high quality faucet is one that will last as much as you paid for it. So, in order to make sure that you get the absolute best, make sure you are buying it from the best manufacturers. Although there are many manufacturers, it doesn’t take a lot of time to find out which ones offer best faucets. Just read a few reviews and get properly informed about your intended purchase before you actually make it.

Common Faucet Problems

There are a lot of problems which can occur in any household, even regarding kitchen hardware like faucets. The most common problems here are dripping and leaking. In order to prevent these from happening, you must be careful when you are buying your faucet. As we said before, make sure that your faucet is suitable for your sink. This way, you won’t have to worry about it later or overpay for this issue.

Another common faucet issue is damage due to water quality. If you live in an area where the water causes calcium build-up, make sure to address this problem. You can save yourself from the trouble of having issues like this in a fast manner. Just look for a faucet which has built-in technology preventing calcium build-up.


Getting the proper faucet for your needs is not an easy thing to do. However, if you do your faucet homework and read into it, you will surely save yourself from a lot of trouble.

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