A Bathroom Toilet Buying Guide

Updated November 15th, 2022

The right toilet can help to improve your overall comfort, help you to save on water, and lower the times you need to pull out the plunger. On the other hand, the wrong toilet can mean clogs, leaks, extra time cleaning, smells, and general discomfort. No doubt, you need a toilet that works effectively.

Because most houses are sold with toilets already installed, there is a chance that you may not know how to purchase a bathroom toilet. It’s crucial to know what to look for in a good toilet. This article is a bathroom toilet buying guide.

Types of toilets

There is a wide range of toilets that you can find on the market. There is a one-piece toilet which is easy to clean because it has few crevices you have to worry about. It’s also easy to install this toilet. You should note that a one-piece toilet is a large piece of solid ceramic, meaning that it tends to be heavy to carry and move, especially during the installation process.

Another type of toilet is a two-piece toilet that has a separate bowl and tank, which are placed and sealed together when installing it. This toilet has several surface crevices that you need to reach for proper cleaning, though it has the same shape as a one-piece toilet. The good thing about the two-piece style is that you can mix and match when it comes to the toilet design like tank shapes and bowl or height.

There is also a skirted toilet which you can find in one or two-piece styles. A skirted toilet can create a solid surface around the bowl and removes the visible lines of the trapway. It has few crevices and edges, making it easier to clean and doesn’t collect bacteria or dust easily. A skirted toilet is also a stylish addition to your bathroom design. You can outfit it with the usual toilet accessories, such as a standard toilet seat and a bidet seat.

Water efficiency

It’s also crucial to consider the water efficiency of your potential toilet. You can find a pressure-assisted toilet that used to be common in most commercial spaces. Today, they have become quite popular in homes, and they come with a compression tank that is within the water tank designed to offer extra force. This adds pressure to the siphon power to pull the water and waste down. This toilet gives a powerful toilet flush and tends to use less water.

There is also a dual-flush toilet which allows liquid waste to wash away with less water than what is required with solids. Remember that a dual-flush toilet gives you two options when it comes to flushing that is based on the level of need. There is the dual-flush drop valve that allows the float to lift just enough for a minimal amount of water.

Another option is the dual-flush toilet siphon that lets the tank fill up with water and then empties until it reaches the level of the tank siphon and breaks the seal in order to stop filling the bowl.

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