4 Tips to Choose the Right Shed Size for Your Yard

Updated September 2nd, 2021
Sheds for homes

When you’re going to buy a shed for your yard, size is one of the most important considerations. Of course, the size of the property will be the one thing that this decision will depend on, but you’d be surprised to know it’s not the only factor. There are other things that you should take into account in order to make an informed decision and let this investment be worthwhile.

This guide will walk you through the tips to consider when looking through shed sizes for your property.

The Size of Your Yard

You need to be practical when choosing a shed for your yard. Even if you want a large shed to hold all your possessions, that’s not what should dictate your ultimate decision. Instead, think of the size of your yard. Basically, consider how big is your yard?

As a general rule, a 12 foot by 12 foot shed will be suitable for a large yard, while an 8 foot by 10 foot shed will work for a medium-sized yard.

Purpose of the Shed

The next question you should ask yourself is, what will I use the shed for? While for most people, the answer is storage, the uses of a shed go beyond that. Do you need a shed for storage or do you need it to make a workshop? These things will help dictate the size of the shed you should choose.

When we speak of shed size, we don’t just mean length and width. You should also take into account the height of the shed, and whether it will be suitable for the purpose you require a shed in the first place.

Room for Future Improvement

One very important thing that people forget to take into consideration in the future. While it’s easy to determine the shed size you require right now, but what about the future?

Since a shed is an investment and you don’t want to go in and install another one a few years from now, do consider whether the shed you’re buying right now has room for growth in the future. For example, if you want to convert the existing shed that you’re using only for storage into a gym later on.

The Contents of the Shed

Here, you’ll ask yourself, what will this shed hold? This should comprise all the possessions that will go under the shed. Do you have any big equipment? Consider the height of the shed. But don’t forget that it’s often the little things that end up taking the most space.

Think of all the things that you’ll keep there and also factor in space to move around freely. Therefore, you shouldn’t skimp on space when choosing the right shed size for your purpose, whatever that may be.

Final Word

Choose the right shed size from the right service provider. You should look for a shed that is durable, attractive and useful for you. This guide will help you put things in perspective so you select a suitable shed size for your home.

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