5 Tips For House Buyers That Will Blow Your Mind

Updated July 11th, 2022
Tips For House Buyers

The property market re-opening after the first major lockdown had buyers and sellers around the world breathing a huge sigh of relief. It meant that the worst was over and we could all start the seemingly long and arduous recovery process – luckily, it hasn’t been so long or arduous, just different.

Soon after the re-opening, multiple new trends started to emerge and we soon realized that changes had to be made. Buyers these days have more demands and prefer to buy certain types of houses. If you’re in the market for a house, but you’re unsure of exactly what you want – below are five things you should look for in a new house:

1. Security

Home buyers need to look for upgrades to the security features in their new home. Keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance. No one wants to live behind bars, but some security features are essential.

Motion sensor lights are a practical and popular way to deter unwanted visitors. They also come in handy for lighting up the way when you get home late at night. They are energy-efficient and cost-effective too, which makes them an absolute no-brainer for your new home.

Some other security features to look for include smart home systems, CCTV cameras, and video doorbells.

2. Updated Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the first rooms a potential buyer checks out. Your kitchen is not only the space where you prepare meals – it is the perfect meeting point for families to come together after a long day and catch up on the day’s activities.

No one wants an outdated kitchen filled with creaky cabinets and peeling paint. When shopping for your next home, look for ones with modern kitchens that take your breath away and are fitted with exciting features.

3. Greener Homes

By 2022, we all know how vital eco-friendly homes are – after all, we only have one planet, so we need to let it rest and recover after the devastation of the last five decades.

Look for homes that are built sustainably, use renewable energy, filled with smart build decisions that reduce and reuse items. Our dependency on fossil fuels has got to change if we have any chance of leaving behind a world fit for our great-grandchildren.

Use the final walkthrough in real estate to ask questions about the build of the house, and what, if any, renewable energy solutions are included in the deal.

4. Maintenance Records

Homeowners and house buyers have strong opinions when it comes to the house that is for sale. The seller looks at the home with fond memories and an emotional attachment to the space, whereas the buyer looks for flaws first and imagines the future afterward.

Ask for the maintenance records for jobs done – especially for an older house. Those repairs can include plumbing fixes as well as roof repairs.

5. Curb Appeal

The last thing to look for when buying your new house is curb appeal. Curb appeal includes a fresh coat of exterior paint, garages with automated doors, and a new wall. What buyers should be looking for here is a low-maintenance garden, perfect for raising families.

Anything other than the tips mentioned above is just frosting on the cake of your new home.

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