Best Propane Smoker Reviews 2017

September 3rd, 2017

Welcome to our comprehensive guide of the best propane smoker reviews on the market.

Our Best Propane Smoker List

Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane SmokerA+$$$
Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36" Vertical LP Gas SmokerA$$$
Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG 2-Door Propane SmokerA$
Landmann USA Smokey Mountain Vertical Gas SmokerA$$

Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker

Right off the bat, this is one of our top picks from the list. After some small DIY modifications, this item made the most delectable smoked ribs we’ve ever tasted (and we’ve tried a lot of ribs!).

On arrival the box looked a little worn, but my smoker was generally intact. When installing, keep in mind the item needs to be aligned near perfectly with the ground, or else you may find the front door does not close correctly. It will take you around an hour to put together

Loved the push button ignition and a built-in temperature gauge – quickly on, quickly off. But it would be silly of me not to highlight one of the best features, the supreme amount of shelving space. You can fit plenty of meat in here compared to it’s rivals on the market. In fact there is 1, 307 Square inches of total cooking space.

When it came time to cook, that’s when the Masterbuilt Pro really stood out from the pack. Not only does it have your standard built in temperature gauge and cool touch handles on the outside for easy door opening. But it does a masterful job of locking in the heat. Just inside the door you will find an inner lining that is tightly fitted to keep all that good, smoky flavors inside. Reading the reviews of other propane smokers online, you will quickly find that many leak so horribly that you need install some type of insulator yourself to stop the heat from escaping.

We recommend investing in some small caster wheels from your local hardware store to ease the stress of moving the Masterbuilt Pro around. Also look to invest in some Weber drip pans (the 7.1″ x 11″ x 2″ size). Carefully slide them into where the current drip pans are placed. Thus increasing your ability to take water and reduces your clean up mess.

If you become super attached to your Masterbuilt Pro, there’s a handy little propane smoker cover you can purchase to cover for your smoker.

 Huge amounts of space

 Really locks in the heat

Great customer service

 Need to be perfectly aligned to ground

 Heavy to move around

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36″ Vertical LP Gas Smoker

The Dyna-Glo is a well designed, generously sized and manoeuvrable smoker, that looks the part to boot. It’s a stand out with their two door design, allowing you manage the chip box and water without disturbing the main cooking area.

This model comes in at a lower price range. Dyna-Glo saved on the type of materials used in the build, for example the quality of fabrication of the outter shell was not on par with the other items on the market. However, the smoker made up for this with a nice electronic push button igniter which gave fast heat right from the start. It also well compensated with the 784 Square inches of total cooking space supported by four adjustable steel wire racks.

We really enjoyed the compliments at our first debut barbecue with the Dyna-Glo, it’s a great looking and heat saving smoker. The porcelain enamelled steel wood chip box with handles and a lid looks top notch. The porcelain water bowl minimizes the heat loss due to evaporation.

Impressive was the constant heat no matter the weather. However, we did find that it will not go higher than around 225 degrees. For an non-insulated smoker, it does a reasonable job with it’s heat maintenance.

One thing to make note of is the customer service offered by Dyna-Glo. When our item arrived, it had a dent on the side (from looks like a shipping handling issue) and they immediately sent out a replacement shell. No questions asked, you beauty!

It’s recommended that you use big chain saw chips. To ensure that they do not burn up too fast, make sure you apply a minimal quantity of water, wine or beer to the chips. Try to avoid using chunks or logs with the water pan. Generally if you do this you will find there is more than enough space to cook almost anything.

 Great customer service

 Two door design is awesome

 Maintains heat very well

 Damage during shipping

 Lower cost materials in build

Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG 2-Door Propane Smoker

Welcome to the next level of smoking! The Smoke Hollow is a winner for many reasons, but some key characteristics make is stand out from the pack. Namely it’s huge capacity for both food and chips. You can fill it up with a variety of different sized wood chips and let the smoker do it’s thing for hours on end.

Out of (it’s giant) box, it’s fairly easy to set up and install, should not take you long than an hour. Again, this smoker has the two door system, meaning you are not losing that heat when refilling the wood and water trays. In terms of the space, you have a 38-inch capacity, basically a 3-course meal sorted with a 4 rack system.

Noticeable difference to the other models reviewed here is the good quality metal in the shell design. It’s not the thickest we have seen, but not weak or in any way loses excessive amounts of heat. On top of this, you can also adjust the shelves. This is a small but important point as it really allows you to cook any size meal you desire.

We have read reports that some smoke does leak out of some areas around the door. To solve this, you need to ass a oven gasket to seal the door tighter.

All up you will probably not find another propane smoker in this price range that simple has this much storage space. A great buy for a chef looking to cook up a storm.

 Massive capacity

 Easy set up and installation

 Good quality box design

 Smoke occasionally leaks

Landmann USA Smokey Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker

Landmann know how to make a top quality smoker and this USA Smokey Mountain is just a fine example of their work. Well built, well sized and very well packaged, the attention to detail on all fronts was very good.

There is 1576 Square Inches of cooking space, enough for plenty of gourmet meals. This would easily fit an entire brisket. When we had our first test cook, we could fit five full size brisket flats and one chicken all at the same time with ease. When cooking, we were also impressed how firm and sturdy the pan and fire box were. It was infact so sturdy, that the whole smoker kept standing all through the strong winds you face near where we live.

On arrival, the box was well packaged. We read about other customers receiving damaged goods. However, it seems Landmann and Amazon may have learnt from their mistakes and doubled down on packaging and shipment. It was very easy to put together, easier than the previous models we had tested.

The porcelain steel water tray and heavy duty steel wood tray with a lid seem well made and a noticeable difference to the other smokers is the adjustable top chimney and side vents with plastic tab guards. Moving down to the bottom of the item, you will also notice that water pan is very able to hold more than enough water and saved me much clean up after the cook.

We had some minor issues when testing. Firstly, the magnetic closures are very weak. This is frustrating because when you have the smoker up and running, the door will open. The solution that we used was to wrap some bungee cord around the door to ensure it stays sealed. This seemed to work a charm. Secondly, we found that the temperature control was a little too sensitive to changes. A minor movement of the gauge and the temperature jumps disproportionately to how much you moved it. The only solution for this issue was to practise until perfect.

All up a great smoker and well worth the investment of an extra few dollars for a top quality piece of equipment.

 Room glory for lots of food

 Sturdy pan and fire box

 Adjustable top chimney

 Magnetic closures were a little weak

 Temperature control was too sensitive to change

Why Use Gas?

gas flameIn this modern age, where most devices and appliances use electricity, why revert to the seemingly old fashioned method of gas cooking?

Gas has been around since early 1820’s but mostly on an experimental basis (how scary!). It was only around the 1880’s that gas stove’s rode into the retail world. As you can imagine they were rather cumbersome in those early days but soon, around 1910, the manufacturers started creating gas stove’s coated in enamel for easy cleaning.

smoker blackToday’s modern gas ovens and stovetops are quite sort after and they look damn good too. They generally have two types of ignitions, either pilot or electric. Pilot ignitions, being the most reliable as they do not require electricity. But what has that all got to do with the Best Propane Smoker? Well, a heck of a lot actually.

Take a look at the old Gas Stove from the 1900’s (above) and now take a look at a typical Propane Smoker. (right). See the similarities? While one is called an oven and the other a smoker, they run on the same principal, except a smoker can give your food that extra smoky something.

Granted, gas cookers have come along way and there are some firm reasons why cooking with gas is far better than electric cooking. And if you aren’t already cooking in your kitchen with gas, then you will definitely be considering it after this.

Top 10 Reasons to Cook With a Propane Smoker


When you turn on the gas, the heat is instantaneous. There is no waiting around for the cooker to heat up, no pre-heat time wasted like with electric or even coal burning smokers.


On the flipside, gas cookers cool down quicker. Easy on, easy off. That way you know when you’ve turned off the heat, your meat with stop cooking almost straight away. With other non-gas cookers, there is at least a 15-minute period after you’ve shut down where the meat will cook further. Nothing worse that overcooked, tough meat!


using-propane-smokerWhen you have a particular cut of meat that needs to be cooked at a particular temperature, you can be assured, with the propane smoker, of getting that perfectly on cue. Gas cooking is precise.


Marrying in with the preciseness of the temperature, you can adjust and control your gas temperature easier than with electric and most definitely easier than a wood or charcoal cooker.


On the same vein of saving cash, you will use less gas in relation to electricity when cooking. Due to its quicker startup, more direct, constant heat, you will be finished cooking your meal before you can say “Hey! I have the best propane smoker”.


Gas smokers are easier to clean than their counterparts. Just wipe with a damp cloth or give it a good, quick steam clean and you’re all set for the next cookout. See for yourself:


They have a history of low maintenance issues and if they do need a little TLC, the cost of labor and parts is much lower than the electric smokers.


Ever stood near an open fire or a wood-burning smoker? You will know that the heat that surrounds those suckers is quite unbearable, especially in the summer months. A Propane Smoker lets off much less heat as all of it is contained in the smoker itself, making for much cooler cooking in the hotter seasons.


When the power goes down, whether from a scheduled outage or a simple you ran out of electricity, you can still continue to cook with your gas smoker.


Gas is cheaper than electricity and while not cheaper than wood, you will use a lot less gas than wood when cooking. Something to seal it down why cooking with gas is king, check out why the top Chefs prefer gas.

In conclusion, we are sure, with all these fantastic reasons and products, you are itching to get your hands on the best propane smoker out there. Happy Shopping and Happy Cooking!

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